IOC leaders will travel to North Korea

International Olympic Leader Thomas Bach will visit North Korea after the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, the International Olympic Committee or the IOC said in a statement Monday.

IOC spokesman Mark Adams said Bach had been invited by North Korea in talks between the two IOC-brokered Koreans, as the North confirmed its participation in the Games.

The visit was approved as part of an agreement for North Korea to participate in the Olympics, Adams said, although the date has not been set.

, Bach denied concerns that North Korea had attempted to "hijack" the Winter Olympics for political purposes.

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When speaking to reporters on Monday (12/2), Bach said he views the participation of North Korea purely in the field of sports and I OC has affirmed it, despite the ongoing and intense diplomacy between the two Koreas in the opening days of the Olympics.

US Vice President Mike Pence says North Korea is trying to hijack the message and image of the Olympics

South Korean President Moon Jae -in entertains two men from the highest officials of North Korea at the opening ceremony, including the younger sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Through her sister, Kim Jong-un invites Moon for talks in Pyongyang, which paved the way for the first meeting of Korean leaders in over 10 years. [gp]

US Senate Leaders Announce Budget Agreement

One day before the US government threatened to close, Senate leaders on Wednesday (7/2) reached a bipartisan agreement that would fund the federal government for two years but postponed the topic of immigration.

"I am happy to announce that bipartisan negotiations, our bicameral defense budget and other priorities have resulted in a significant deal, "said Majority Faction Chairman Mitch McConnell, Republican senator from Kentucky, in the Senate room.

" Together we reached an excellent agreement for the American people, " said Chuck Schumer of New York's Democratic Minority Faction.

The package will increase the US government's budget for a national defense and national program by $ 300 billion over a two-year period, ending the mandatory budget limit that the Republicans say is weakening the American military while the Democrats are said to be harming the needy. [1 9659002] "The compromise we achieve will ensure that, for the first time in years, our military will have more resources needed to keep America safe," said McConnell.

"This will help us serve veterans which has boldly served us, and this will ensure funding for key efforts such as disaster relief, infrastructure and combat opioid abuse, "he added.

Senate leaders race against time, with federal funds due to expire at midnight Thursday. If the budgetary authority is not renewed, the US government will experience the cessation of both parts of government activity within a few months.

To become a law, the bill must pass in Congress and be signed by President Donald Trump. The bill is expected to stand opposition from a highly-conservative fiscal observer from the Republican Party and was rejected earlier by some Democrats demanding congressional action to prevent hundreds of thousands of illegal young immigrants being taken to America when children were deported. [my/jm]

US Enter Hamas Leaders to a Global Terrorist List

Less than a week after threatening to cut aid to Palestine if it does not seek peace with Israel, the Americans impose sanctions on Hamas political leaders, the terrorist organization that controls the Gaza Strip.

The US State Department announced on Tuesday (30/1) Ismail Haniyeh, head of the Hamas political bureau, is on his terrorist list as Specially Designated Global Terrorist, AnGRT.

The United States has listed Hamas as a terrorist organization, and the State Department says Haniyeh has close ties to the military wing of the organization and is reportedly involved in the attacks against the citizens of Israel.

Harakat al-Sabireen, Iran-backed group and mainly operating outside Gaza and the West Bank are also included on the list. According to officials, Harakat al-Sabireen planned and carried out attacks on Israel and fired rockets at Israeli targets.

The two Egyptian organizations, Liwa al-Thawra, and Harakat Sawa'd Misr, were also added to the terrorist list the. The two have previously been linked to the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood branch. [ka/ds]

Republican Leaders Support the Investigation of Russian Mixtures

Republican figures on Sunday expressed strong support for special investigator Robert Mueller in dealing with an investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, but are divided over whether Congress needs to agree on rules to block President Donald Trump's efforts fired Mueller.

Senators from the state of South Carolina Lindsey Graham and Senators from the state of Maine Susan Collins – both Republican – have a different view with some of their partners in Congress, and separately in two Sunday news programs they support a rule agreed by most Democratic congressmen, requiring legal review if Trump attempts to fire Mueller.

Two Republicans in the House of Representatives – Kevin McCarthy from the state of California and Trey Gowdy from the state of South Carolina – approved Mueller's performance in the investigation se dang progresses. But McCarthy said he considered it unnecessary to issue rules to protect Mueller, who had served as Director of the FBI.

New York Times Report Trump Wants to Knell Mueller Last June

Mueller's fate became a debate after several media reported that Trump last June ordered White House legal counsel Don McGahn to fire Mueller, but retreated after McGahn threatened to resign.

Trump – on several recent occasions – denied that he ever wanted to fire Mueller and called his first report was published by the New York Times as "fake news", his favorite criticism for reports he did not like.

Lindsey Graham said he would gladly pass the rules to protect Trump from firing Mueller, who is now is in negotiations with lawmakers of Trump about possible conditions nan Trump testified on the basis of Russian interference in American elections, and whether Trump interrupted the investigation by dismissing FBI Director James Comey, who was then leading the law enforcement agency to investigate the Russian question, before it was taken over by Mueller. [19659002] But Graham said there was a rule of thumb, "I do not see evidence that President Trump wants to fire Mueller now. It's pretty clear to me that everyone in the White House knows it will be the end of Trump's presidency if he fires Mueller. "

Trey Gowdy says he supports Mueller's way of handling the investigation" 100 percent, especially if he is given time, resources and independence to do his job. "

Trump: No Collusion with Russia to Win the 2016 Presidential Election

Trump last week underlined his longstanding stance that" there is no collusion "between him and Russian interests to help him beating his Democrat challenger, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Trump also said "do not disturb" the course of the investigation. He attributes his actions to restricting the investigation as "fighting."

Trump says he hopes to testify before Mueller and will do so under oath. But his lawyer then said he was still discussing with Mueller's team about the terms of asking for information from Trump and what topics would be discussed.

In Front of Congress, Comey Confessed to Stop the Investigation of Flynn

James Comey – in a note he made of several meetings with Trump – said the president called on him to end the investigation against former national security advisor Michael Flynn, who was fired Trump less than a month after taking office for lying to Vice President Mike Pence about his contacts with Ambassador Russia For America then – Sergey Kilsyak, in the weeks leading up to Trump's inauguration. Trump has denied Comey's statement about the talks they are doing.

Trump who failed to ask for Comey's willingness, fired him in May. A day later Trump told Russian officials at a White House meeting that he had let go of "heavy pressure" and described Comey as "a real nut job." A few days later Trump told NBC News reporter Lester Holt that he fired Comey for " "

White House Legislative Affairs Director Marc Short told Fox News that he knew Trump was" frustrated "with the investigation, saying that the investigation was a" hoax "expelled by the Democrats to explain their defeat in the last presidential election. , and that "millions of dollars have been spent and there is no evidence of collusion." [em/al]

Trump Praises African Leaders After White House Dispute

President Donald Trump tried to improve relations with an important African leader after his controversial remarks about African countries.

He praised the American partnership with Rwanda in meeting with the country's president in the World Economic Forum in Switzerland

Trump's meeting with Rwandan President Paul Kagame took place after Trump incurred widespread criticism because he was accused of calling African countries "poor and dirty" by using vulgar words, as he reject bipartisan immigration proposals. The statement of Trump's remarks was put forward by those who attended the White House meeting.

Trump has denied using such words, while others who attended the White House affirmed he said so.

extraordinary "with Kagame, who started a one year term as chairman of the African Union. The 55-member African Organization denounced Trump's statements at the White House.

Trump and Kagame did not mention the dispute in their brief statement to reporters. [uh]