'Hunted' Media, Cheerleader North Korea Rush Leave South Korea Beach

The North Korean cheerleader team expressed his disappointment. They just wanted to enjoy the beach in South Korea after the Pyeongchang winter olympics but failed.

Cheerleader dressed in a red uniform and a red-and-white hat visited Gyeongpo Beach, Gangneung, South Korea. As soon as they arrived, many journalists were waiting to cover them.

The cheerleaders walked quickly away from reporters and returned to the bus. One member of the North Korean cheerleader expressed his disappointment.

"We have not been able to see the beach yet," said one member.

Previously, the North Korean cheerleading team was also in the spotlight when they performed at Ojukheon House, the oldest traditional house in South Korea.

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Threat of Taliban Forced Dozens of Families Leave Farah Province

Taliban-induced riots, forcing dozens of families in Farah province in western Afghanistan, fled to neighboring areas

The internally displaced families have accused the Taliban of taking over Afghan security posts and killing soldiers every day , and says the province is on the verge of collapse.

"When the battle rages, many citizens, including wounded children," said Noorullah, a resident who fled to Herat province in the western part.

In the province Farah, hundreds of people demonstrated on the streets last week and requested that local officials and security officials be dismissed.

The provincial council member accused police of firing on demonstrators and wounding seven civilians on January 24. Security officials denied the allegations

The recent riots and demonstrations in Farah prompted the provincial governor – Mohammad Arif Shah Jahan – to resign on 25 January. He declared his resignation in order to preserve "unity among the inhabitants of the province." [em/al]