Arca LOVE Back to Philadelphia Park

The statue of "LOVE" will be back in Philadelphia, just on Valentine's Day.

The statue of Robert Indiana in 1976 is back where it came from Tuesday (13/2) – and will stop at a number of venues in a parade (19659002) The statue was moved temporarily near City Hall in 2016 when its original location in the park downtown, is being renovated.

The statue is not visible for a year as it requires repair before the park it is reopened to the public.

Love statues that annually become a tourist attraction that will look somewhat different when repatriated to the place of origin. The statue has been repainted according to the original color of red, green and purple which was originally used by the sculptor. At some point after decades, the purple color has been repainted in blue.

The basic design of the rectangular statue is also new, in order to match the manner in which Robert Indiana's works are exhibited. [mg/is]