NDDL: on the Zad, thousands of demonstrators determined to "rebuild" and maintain "utopia"

"If we persevere to rebuild, they will not spend months to destroy": the Zad of Notre-Dame-des-Landes, thousands of people gathered Sunday in support of the evicted occupants affirmed their determination to rebuild the destroyed habitats and especially to maintain "utopia".

Far from being defeated by the mobilization of the police since Monday and the destruction of 29 squats built by the zadistes, the defenders of their way of life were said Sunday more determined than ever to support them and to come recreate their places of life, as they did in 2012 after the operation César.

 A protestor dressed as a monk on the site of the Zad of Notre-Dame-des-Landes, theater of clashes with the forces of the Order, April 15, 2018 (AFP - CHARLY TRIBALLEAU)

A protestor dressed as a monk on the site of the Zad of Notre-Dame-des-Landes, theater of clashes with the police, the April 15, 2018 (AFP – CHARLY TRIBALLEAU)

"There is an indisputable thing: people are absolutely keen that we do not make a clean sweep of utopia, of the dream that has been created here," says Marcel Thébault, a "historic" farmer in Notre-Dame-des-Landes, who salutes the "formidable mobilization despite of all blockages ".

As a first symbol of this reconstruction, the demonstrators transported on the muddy roads the frame of the future "Gourbi", one of the squats dismantled since Monday. This "emblematic and collective place" for the zadistes has already destroyed four times according to them

Jérémy, 37 years old, restaurateur, is there for three days. He came from Rouen to take part in the reconstruction operations and "defend the Zad at all costs". "They will spend months and months destroying what we are going to rebuild," he says.

Like him, thousands of people of all generations, including families, converged on the site Sunday to assert their solidarity. There, they unearthed the thousands of sticks that had been planted during a previous mobilization, in October 2016, with the promise to come and look for them in case of expulsions.

 Clashes between protesters and police on the site of the Zad of Notre-Dame-des-Landes, April 15, 2018

Clashes between protesters and police on the site of the Zad of Notre-Dame-des-Landes, April 15, 2018

"Macron did not understand, we won, everybody gets together, the convergence of struggles is here, there is an even stronger solidarity that is in "To be created" on the Zad, says Christine, flowered boots on the feet and gas mask around the neck.

All around the Bellevue farm, dozens of families or groups of friends enjoy a lull for picnics, tractors or logs, while some improvise a piece of harp or bagpipes.

– "They have not finished with the Zad" –

 A protester holds a sign against the police on the site of the Zad of Notre-Dame-des-Landes, April 15 2018
 (AFP - Damien MEYER)

A protester holds a sign against police on the site of the Zad of Notre-Dame-des-Landes, April 15, 2018
 (AFP – Damien MEYER)

Jean-Marc, 53, an arborist in Saint-Brieuc, is now "engaged on the long term" alongside the zadistes to "let young people dream." There, we removed the possibility to do things differently ".

In the fall of 2012, a previous demonstration of reoccupation after evictions, during the last big attempt to evacuate the Zad, called Operation Caesar, "the gendarmes were not there. ", says Marcel Thébault. "Today, we reach a level of tension and confusion unequaled," he continues.

Some protesters also note a "very wide acceptance" to defend "hothouse" all the huts, unlike 2012.

 Demonstrators dance on the site of the Zad of Notre-Dame-des-Landes, the April 15, 2018
 (AFP - Damien MEYER)

Protesters dance on the site of the Zad of Notre-Dame-des-Landes, April 15, 2018
 (AFP – Damien MEYER)

"We know the life that was formed here, we had the opportunity to go hiking, parties here, it became a part of the local life and, all in suddenly, we end up with a military invasion, in a state of war ", regrets Sedi, 41-year-old engineer, who lives in the Nantes region.

"No offense to the government, we will get there.They have not finished with the Zad," promises Michel, one of the occupants expelled from the fold of the "100 Names".

While the helicopter of the gendarmerie continued late in the afternoon to fly over the area, the demonstrators began to set up the "new Gourbi", in a field, a few steps from a face-to-face. -face stretched between zadistes and police.

Hidalgo will take a "permanent" decree to maintain pedestrian ways on riverbank

The mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo will take a "permanent" order to maintain pedestrian ways on the banks of the right bank, a measure that was annulled by the courts at the end of February, she said in an interview with Liberation.

"Starting this week, with the support of the State that accompanies this process, I will take a decree, mobilizing the police powers of the mayor, to maintain the pedestrianization of this path," said the alderman socialist, stating that it would be a "permanent" decree.

"My conviction is that the conquest of this space by pedestrians and soft traffic was useful and necessary. motorists are now limited, "she added. "In one year, carry-over traffic dropped by 28.8% on the high left bank, 11.2% on the right bank and 5.4% on Saint-Germain Boulevard. so temporary, "said the mayor of Paris.

The Administrative Court of Paris had canceled on 21 February the pedestrianization of lanes on riverbank in the center of the capital, flagship measure of the mayor to fight against the pollution of

In Libération, Mrs. Hidalgo repeated that she appealed this judicial decision, which is not suspensive, that is to say that does not suspend the decision pending the outcome of the proceedings.

The decree "takes into account the recommendations of the administrative court," said the mayor, who said, however, that there is "a problem in the way environmental law is interpreted in our country". So that the new decree will be based "on a new legal base, another ground, relating to the defense of the inheritance and the tourist interest".

The edile indicated to work with the Elysée and the prefect According to her, "convinced that the banks should not be reopened to traffic."

She considered that the regional and Parisian right, at the origin of the judicial remedy, had " misled "and ruled her" irresponsible attitude "because she" does not assume "that the court's decision may lead to the reopening of an expressway.

More than 10,000 people had signed a petition to claim the maintenance of these pedestrian routes and call to demonstrate on March 10 to support this measure.

Moreover, on the failures of new Vélib 'of Smovengo, which took the continuation of the group JCDecaux, Mrs. Hidalgo affirmed that "no" they are not linked to "any incompetence elected officials or the administration ". "We simply respected the law," she pleaded.

However, "progress is too slow", but she hoped "that by April we will have a service almost restored." [19659012]

Chairman of the US Central Bank will Maintain Progress of Banking Regulations

The new Federal Reserve or Bank of America head Jerome Powell pledged on Tuesday to maintain important progress made in banking regulations since the global financial crisis and continue to raise interest rates gradually.

Powell, who took over the leadership position of the Central Bank on February 5, when Wall Street tumbled, also said the central bank will continue to reduce its bond holdings by more than 4.5 trillion dollars.

"We are in the process of gradually normalizing the interest rate policy and balance sheet with the intention of extending the recovery and achieving our goals, "Powell said in his address to the inauguration ceremony.

He formally took control of the Central Bank last week, replacing Janet Yellen, the only woman who ever led the central bank in 100 years of Bank history Central.

Powell praises Yellen and his predecessor Ben Bernanke for having made a policy of m oneter by supporting recovery and employment while "strengthening and securing" Powell's financial system is widely seen as more reliable for the deregulation agenda of President Donald Trump, but Powell insists he prefers a balance between oversight and regulation while preventing new risk buildup. [19659002] The central bank will "maintain a significant milestone in financial regulation while ensuring our policies are as efficient as possible," Powell said and adding, "We will remain vigilant of the growing risks to financial stability." [my/jm]