Majority of US Voters Trump Value Is Not an Example for Children

The majority of American voters believe that President Donald Trump is not an acceptable example of children, according to the latest Quinnipiac University poll.

Although 90 percent of respondents rate it is important for a president to be a good example, Trump's position in the eyes of the voters is 67 percent (which judge Trump is not a good example) versus 29 percent.

Trump's value is low in the eyes of every age group, education, gender, race and political party, except in Republicans where Trump is a member.

Seventy-two percent of Republicans say Trump is a good example for children, while 22% feel the opposite.

Fifty-four percent of white voters who do not pass the university – the main base of Trump voters – say the president is not be a good role model for children, while 41% feel the opposite.

This Trump rating is almost as bad as questions about leadership morale. Sixty-three percent of voters believe Trump does not provide guidance, compared to 33 percent who feel otherwise.

The exception is the Republican voters who feel he is a good moral leader. Non-college white voters are equally divided on this question.

With a margin of 58 to 36 percent, voters do not approve of Trump's performance, which in 12 consecutive months shows a negative value. But 86% of Republicans rated Trump's performance good, and only 9% rated otherwise. The white voters who do not have higher education and support Trump's performance reach 50%, while 42% vice versa.

"Stagnant number of voters who support Trump's performance, low values ​​for most characters and the fact that if parents look for exemplary figures "It's just 27% of American voters who say they are proud of Trump, while 53% say they are embarrassed, or mean two to one," says Assistant Director of Quinnipiac University.

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UN Resolution Indicates the Majority of the World is Not Afraid of Trump Threats

 The United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution rejecting a US decision recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. This resolution is seen as showing the majority of the world opposed to US President Donald Trump's policy.

"The UN General Assembly has spoken of the announcement of US President Donald Trump and has lost legitimacy over the announcement to move his Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem," said Professor of Law International UI, Professor Hikmahanto in talks, Saturday (23/12/2017).

Through its policy of recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Trump is said to have transformed the democratic US military into an authoritarian state. Trump also poses a threat to countries in the United Nations to disagree with the UN General Assembly resolution.

"The US leadership of the world will be questioned even to be mocked by the world The majority of the world's countries are no longer afraid of the US threat," Hikmahanto .

"No longer is the term Strong is True (Mighty is Right) because the world is able to oppose Trump's will to use his presidency," he added.

According to Hikmahanto, the world now needs to formulate what further action will be on the US and Israel after there is UN General Assembly Resolution. "Firstly, various leaders and world leaders are calling for the United States to submit to United Nations Resolutions because of the majority of the world.As a champion of democracy it is only natural that the US wants to hear a majority," said Hikmahanto .

"Secondly, on the basis of world peace, leaders and world leaders appeal to US politicians, including former US Presidents to remind Trump of United Nations United Nations Resolution's influence on US leadership in the world," he continued.

Hikmahanto mentions, it is time for US citizens, politicians and elites in Uncle Sam's country to speak up and take constitutional action against Trump. This is so that the US does not fall more deeply on the maneuvers. Trump's various maneuvers are valued instead of making America Great Again, but rather 'Make America Worst'.

UN General Assembly Resolutions are not binding as UN Security Council Resolutions. But the participation of international countries could be a political pressure for the US on Jerusalem

"If the United Nations General is not usually accompanied by sanctions and can not be enforced, this is different from the UNSC Resolution which can be accompanied by sanctions and can be upheld especially against "Although the UN United Nations Resolution is not under the same spell as the UN Security Council Resolution but United Nations United Nations Resolution shows the majority of the world opposes Trump's action," he added.

As is known, the United Nations General Assembly Resolutions approved by 128 countries out of a total of 193 member states. In addition to rejecting Trump's decision on Jerusalem, the UN General Assembly resolution also stipulates that the final status of Jerusalem must be resolved through direct negotiations between Palestine and Israel, and any decisions made outside the framework should be lifted.

Voting in the UN General Assembly was held after the United States on Monday (18/12) then used his veto power to thwart the draft UN Security Council resolution, which called on the country to cancel the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The day before the vote was held, President Trump threatened to cut aid funds for UN member states who voted against the United States.

In a vote on Thursday (128/12), 128 countries, including Indonesia, supported the General Assembly resolution This UN. The 9 nations refused and 35 countries voted abstained and 21 other countries were not present to vote in the voting.
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