The Beautiful Model Family Killed The Critics of Investigation Malaysia

 The beautiful model family Ivana Smit criticized the Malaysian authorities' investigation of her death. The Smit family lawyer even blatantly accused the Malaysian authorities of not investigating Smit's mysterious death.

"The cause of Ivana's death is still unknown, and a thorough investigation does not seem to have been linked to this incident: The family now lives in a nightmare," wrote the lawyer. the Smit family, Sebas Diekstra, in his protest letter to the Malaysian authorities, as quoted from US media, The Daily Beast on Thursday (28/12/2017).

Diekstra is a very famous criminal lawyer in the Netherlands. He is known for helping many families who are victims of suspicious and mysterious death cases. The Smit family hired Diekstra to deal with the death of the 18-year-old model.

In a recent television show in the Netherlands, as quoted by Malaysian media, Free Malaysia Today Diekstra calls the investigation of Malaysian authorities extremely dilapidated and filled with many defects.

According to Diekstra, an initial investigation into the death of Smit looks like the case of ' open-and-shut ', a case of easy-to-prove law because the facts are clear. However, Diekstra added, the case suddenly seemed to be 'ordered as an incident' by the Malaysian Police.

In addition to hiring Diekstra, the Smit family also hired a renowned Dutch forensic pathologist, Frank van de Goot, to adopt Smit's body has been repatriated by Malaysian authorities last week. Van de Goot's autopsy results indicate that the injuries to Smit's body are inconsistent with the injuries that a person should have fallen from the 20th floor.

Diekstra and Van de Goot appeared on the Dutch television show, RTL 4 week then to specifically discuss Smit's death. Uncle Smit, Melvin, was also present on the television show. "I told them on the television show that the facts of the case were closed in a day, has become evidence that the investigation of Malaysian authorities is very bad," Diekstra said in an interview. with Dutch media, FMT . "And sadly, the Dutch government does not dare to interfere with Malaysian investigations," he added.

The Smit family has asked the Dutch public prosecutor to investigate Smit's death. This was conveyed after the autopsy result of Smit's body was revealed. A further autopsy is still under way to find out more about the cause of Smit's death.

Malaysian authorities have concluded Smit's death is an accident and there is no criminal element in it. But the Smith family did not believe it. Smit's father, Marcel, even openly expressed his suspicion that his daughter was murdered. He suspects the couple, Alexander Johnson (44) and Luna (30), who took Smit home to his apartment hours before he died.

There has been no response from the Malaysian authorities regarding the criticism of the Smit family.

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Taxable Case Case in Malaysia, This Grandmother Escaped from Hanging Punishment

Kuala Lumpur
An Australian grandmother escaped from a gallows in Malaysia after being found not guilty of charges of drug smuggling. This grandmother admits she was trapped to bring drugs to the territory of Malaysia by a figure she knows online.

As reported by Reuters and AFP Wednesday (27/12/2017), Maria Elvira Pinto Exposto (54) was arrested by police during a transit at Kuala Lumpur Airport, Malaysia in December 2014. He was caught carrying 1.1 kilograms of a crystal methamphetamine type of drug or ' ice '. The drug was found in a backpack that was brought by Exposto at the time. At that time, Exposto was flying home from Shanghai, China to Melbourne, Australia.

To the authorities, Exposto admitted he went to China to meet someone called ' Captain Daniel Smith ' which he knew online. The figure claims to be a US soldier who served in Afghanistan.

Exposto's lawyer, Muhammad Shafee Abdullah, calls his client a victim of fraud under the guise of online romance. According to the lawyer, Exposto was fooled by someone for carrying a bag that apparently contained drugs. Exposto at that time did not know the contents of the bag he was carrying.

As per the rule of law applicable in Malaysia, anyone caught carrying a type of crystal methamphetamine drug is at least 50 grams, considered a drug smuggler. They also face death penalty if found guilty.

In his ruling at the Shah Alam High Court this week, judge Ghazali Cha accepted an exposto attorney's argument calling his client not knowing that the bag he was carrying contained drugs. Judge Ghazali expressed his innocence.

"I agree with the defendant's lawyer who said that the defendant did not know about the drugs," said judge Ghazali while exposing innocent Exposto. "I believe at the time, the affection of the accused (Exposto-red) against Captain Daniel Smith ] 'overcomes everything, including her husband, her family and her future.'

The judge indicated Exposto would be deported to Australia . But prosecutors indicated they would appeal the verdict. That means Exposto can not go back to Australia until the case is over.

But the conviction of this kind of verdict is rare in Malaysia, as hundreds of other defendants have been sentenced to death on drug charges in recent years. Three other Australians have been executed in Malaysia over drugs cases in 1986 and 1993.

"I am happy now because I am free," said Exposto responding to the verdict he received. He was immediately embraced by his son who was present at the hearing.

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General of Russia Suspected Related to the Fall of Malaysia MH17

A respected international investigative group says it has identified a senior Russian general as a "figure of interest" in the crash of a Malaysian passenger plane in eastern Ukraine in 2014.

The Bellingcat investigation group, which uses sophisticated digital techniques to analyze audio data and visually, issued a report Friday that a man identified as Delfin in tapped communication was General Nikolai Tkachyov, who now serves as chief inspector of the Russian Central Military District.

The JIT-led Joint Investigation Team , which investigated the crash of the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 flight in eastern Ukraine and reported its findings in September 2016, releasing five audio recording communications intercepted between people identified with the names Delfin and Orion.

MH17 shot down in conflict areas in Ukraine dated July 17, 2001, menewaska n 298 people in it. JIT concluded that the plane was shot from a Russian-backed separatist territory with Buk's air defense system brought to Ukraine from Russia, and returned to Russia shortly after the shooting.

The Russian government and the Ukrainian separatists deny involvement. In July 2015, Russia vetoed UN Security Council resolutions to establish an international tribunal to prosecute those responsible for the shootings. [ds]