Make Caricature of PM Najib So Clown, Malaysian Artist Dibui

Kuala Lumpur
 A Malaysian artist was sentenced to one month in prison for publicizing the caricature of Prime Minister Najib Razak who was described as a bad clown. This verdict raises concerns about the restriction of freedom of speech and speech in Malaysia.

As reported by Reuters Tuesday (20/2/2018), an artist named Fahmi Reza was found guilty of violating the Communications Law for spreading online content, which is considered inappropriate and offensive to others

Fahmi was found guilty of spreading online content that is considered obscene, indecent, engineering, threatening or offensive with the intention to harass, abuse, threaten or harass others.

In addition to being sentenced to one month's imprisonment, Fahmi was also fined 30,000 ringgit (Rp 104 million).

Fahmi's lawyer, Syahredzan Johan, stated the judge did not provide any basis for the verdict.

"We appeal against the verdict," Syahredzan said, declaring it would pay the 10,000 ringgit guarantee to release Fahmi during the appeal process. It is known that Fahmi was also charged with similar charges in different courts.

Fahmi was one of a number of opposition leaders and anti-government activists who were dragged to justice after protesting against PM Najib over a corruption scandal involving state-owned 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB). PM Najib has denied all accusations related to 1MDB

The Malaysian government has blocked a number of critical news sites and portals reviewing 1MDB and PM Najib, although on the other hand the government has vowed not to censor the internet.

In recent times, Malaysia announced plans to amend legislation to counter false news. This is the latest step in expanding the prosecution of online posting or content that is perceived to endanger public order and security.

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Malaysian Women Killed Tighten After Rushing the Traffic Flow

Kuala Lumpur
A woman in Malaysia died after a desperate drive his car against the flow of traffic. The car driven by this woman collided with another car.

Reported by the Malaysian news agency, Named as reported by Channel News Asia Monday (12/2/2018), an accident occurred when a woman named Sim Lee Peng (36) drove his car , Proton Wira, on the street linking Kota Tinggi with Johor Baru.

He drives his car on an unnecessary line or against the current. Shortly thereafter, the woman's car collided with another car that drove from the opposite direction.

Sim Lee Peng suffered severe and nahas wounds, he eventually died at the scene. The incident occurred on Saturday (10/2) at around 08:45 local time.

Photo from the scene posted Named shows a charred car after being burned in the middle of the street, while one other car in reverse condition and badly wrecked in the front also the roof.

Chief of Kota Kota District High Police , Inspector Ahsmon Bajah called other car drivers colliding with Sim Lee Peng car now undergoing hospital treatment. The driver identified as Fred Son Edin was reportedly seriously injured.

The accident was being investigated further by the local police.

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Malaysian and Japanese Maritime Patrol Boats Hold Joint Exercise

Malaysian maritime bodies and coast guards have been conducting joint exercises for a week, mainly exercises of resistance to piracy at sea and search and rescue operations or SAR.

Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency says Japan Coast Guard sent his patrol boat Tsugaru and over 50 crew for training at Kuantan Harbor, northeastern Malaysia. The agency said KM Pekan, one of two patrol boats supplied to Malaysia by Japan, would participate in the exercise.

The Malaysian maritime agency said in a statement Monday that this is the third such exercise five years to help increase capacity because "maritime piracy and cross-border maritime crime remain a significant threat" in Malaysia's maritime zone. [gp]

US Companies Start Searching for Missing Malaysian Aircraft

Malaysia has agreed to allow American companies to continue searching for Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 missing in March 2014.

Malaysian Transportation Minister Liow Tiong Lai said Saturday that Ocean Infinity, a seafloor exploration company, made a search by payment on the basis of the invention which meant the American company would not be paid if it did not find the plane sought.

The minister said "we are obliged to find the answer and the plane."

The Boeing 777 is missing on flights from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 people in it, giving rise to a huge mystery of flight.

The Malaysian, Chinese and Australian governments have stopped searching for the plane in January of 2017.

Ocean Infinity said in a statement that the company had deployed a search ship, this from the South African port of Durban to taking advantage of good weather in "around the possibility of a search zone." [gp]

US Companies Continue Searching for Missing Malaysian Aircraft

An American marine exploration company has sent a ship to continue searching for an aircraft belonging to the Malaysian Airlines airline with flight number MH370, which was lost three years ago.

The plane carrying 239 people, lost on its way from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

A plane that suddenly changes direction over the South China Sea and loses radio contact, is one of the greatest mysteries in modern flight. The plane was last seen by radar near the northern tip of Sumatra and probably crashed in an area some 1,500 kilometers west of Australia, according to information from communications satellites.

Exploration company Ocean Infinity said Wednesday a ship was heading to a search area suspected to be the crash site, and hopes the Malaysian government will sign him to continue the search in the coming days.

Malaysian authorities said they had been negotiating with Ocean Infinity since October to complete the contract. According to the contract, the company will only be paid for finding the plane.

"We are in the final stages of the negotiations," said Deputy Minister of Transportation of Malaysia Aziz Kaprawi, who said he was unaware of the movement of the ship.

The ship departs from South Africa and is due to arrive in search area by mid-January. The ship was carrying several independent submarines that could reach the seabed to search for the aircraft.

Investigators believe someone might have deliberately shut off the Boeing 777 transponder before directing it to the Indian Ocean.

Only three fragments of the plane have been confirmed found, all from the coast of the Indian Ocean. [sp/ii]