A Massive Fraud in India Related Celebrity Jewelry Makers

The disclosure of one of the biggest scams in Indian state-owned banks has rocked the country's financial sector and highlighted Nirav Modi's jewelery billionaire, whose subscriptions include Hollywood stars.

The nearly $ 1.8 billion fraud reported in the largest government bank the second in India is a blow to government efforts to revive the sovereign debt-ridden banking sector.

Nirav Modi, whose jewelry boutiques are in Hong Kong, London to New York and whose diamonds have been worn by Hollywood stars including Dakota Johnson and Kate Winslet is being investigated for making a fraudulent transaction. Its brand ambassador is Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra, who is also well known in the United States.

The scam, which officials say has taken place from a branch of the Punjab National Bank in Mumbai, was undetectable since 2011. Called it "cancer," the bank's chief executive Sunil Mehta said at a press conference earlier this week that the fraud had been eradicated. "We will handle it and we will honor all our commitments." [as/al]

Trump Launches Massive Infrastructure Development Plan

President Donald Trump on Monday (12/2) disclosed a long-awaited plan to tackle damaged infrastructure, and he met with state and local officials to discuss the program.

The plan will use $ 200 billion federal funds and other $ 1.3 to $ 1.5 trillion state and enterprise investments in a 10-year plan to repair roads, bridges, railways and other infrastructure in America.

In a cuwitan on Twitter, Trump said, This is a great week for infrastructure and after stupidly spending $ 7 trillion dollars in the Middle East, it's time to start investing in our own country! "

Trump told a White House meeting with officials from across the country that US military spending in the Middle East has made things worse than 17 years ago when our military went in there. "

Teta pi he says, the investment returns (from new infrastructure expenditures) to the states will be overwhelming.

"We will build, we will defend it," Trump said. "Our roads are in bad shape, we will build them more modern."

He promised, the permitting process for development will be accelerated "from 10 years to two years or maybe a year. Washington will be your partner. "

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A $ 200 billion federal fund in the next ten years will comes from cuts to existing programs, the amount Trump calls "is not a huge amount." Of these, half will be spent on incentive programs to offset state and local government funds. [ps/ii]

US Congress Report Reveals Massive Russian Effort Spreads Influence

A US congressional report issued Wednesday accused Russia of carrying out attacks on democracy in the US and abroad. The report also urged a long-term strategy to coincide with him that started with the president's leadership, something that the report did not support Donald Trump.

Prepared by the Democratic Party staff of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, the report also received the VOA, the regime of Russian President Vladimir Putin used various means to expand his influence abroad and apparently intended to use all possible means to undermine democratic institutions and transatlantic alliances.

Based on research and information exchange with foreign governments targeted by the Kremlin, the 206-page report documented a series of Russian-held ways abroad.

The method Putin uses, according to the report, ranges from a combination of conventional military assaults, murders, information campaigns and Internet attacks in Ukraine, ta in Montenegro, to internet attacks in Germany, France, the United Kingdom and other countries.

The report also documents the years of Putin's years of oppression and violence in his own country against those whom he perceives as enemies the criterion. [ab/uh]

US, South Korea Starts Massive Air Force Practice

The United States and South Korea have embarked on the largest combined air force exercise by deploying hundreds of fighters, including dozens of jets.

South Korea's defense ministry said Monday that the five-day exercise called Vigilant Ace, increased their ability during the war.

The US Air Force's 7th deployed major strategic military assets, including six F-22s and 18 F-35 jets for regular exercise on the Korean peninsula. Approximately 12,000 US military personnel participated in the joint exercise.

The exercise was held a week after North Korea tested its most powerful intercontinental ballistic missile, reaching the American mainland.

On Sunday (3/12), the American Senator Lindsey Graham said it was time for members of the American military family in South Korea to leave the country because of the conflict with North Korea getting closer. [vm]