A number of North Korean officials cancel meeting with US vice president

US officials said Vice President Mike Pence had earlier been scheduled to meet with officials from North Korea earlier this month but North Korea canceled the meeting at the last minute.

The meeting was scheduled for February 10, during a visit by the Pence to South Korea to attend the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang held a day earlier.

North Korea Unexpectedly Cancels the Meeting with the US Vice President

Pence was originally scheduled to held talks with Kim Yo-jong, sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, and Kim Yong-nam, head of North Korean regime's government. Both North Korean figures led the North Korean delegation to the opening ceremony. According to The Washington Post, the meeting is scheduled to take place in the Blue House, the residence of the president of South Korea.

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Ministry spokesman US Foreign Secretary Heather Nauert said Pence was ready to use the opportunity to urge North Korea to abandon its ballistic and nuclear missile programs. However, Nauert said North Korean government officials canceled the meeting ahead of its implementation.

The administration of President Donald Trump initially denied any meeting between Pence and some North Korean officials ahead of the Pence trip. But The Washington Post, based on information from a White House official, said the meeting was scheduled after the CIA was informed that North Korea wants to meet the US vice-president during a visit to the Korean Peninsula. [ab/uh]

North Korea suddenly cancel meeting with US vice president

United States Vice President Mike Pence is set to hold a historic meeting with North Korean officials on the sidelines of the Winter Olympics in South Korea, but Kim Jong Un's administration canceled its meeting at the last moment, the Trump Administration said on Tuesday (19/2) Associated Press reported.

The possibility of a meeting between Pence and North Korea was highly anticipated in the vice president's visit to Pyeongchang, South Korea, where he led a US delegation to the opening ceremony. Ahead of Pence's visit, Trump officials confirmed that they had not requested a meeting with North Korea, but opened up the possibility.

No indication of the meeting had been planned, and then canceled unexpectedly, until Tuesday, more than a week after Pence returned to the United States. The Foreign Office said that Pence was "ready to take this opportunity" to urge Pyongyang to abandon its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile program. [as/al]

Bangladesh-Myanmar to Hold Meeting Meeting on Refugee Returns

Representatives of the Bangladesh authorities plan to meet with Myanmar authorities soon to discuss the return of Rohingya refugees. Known, since October 2016 thousands of Rohingya refugees are in the border area between Bangladesh and Myanmar.

Reported by Reuters, the meeting was planned today (20/2). However, until now there has been no confirmation about the representative of Myanmar authorities who will meet Bangladesh.

"The meeting will discuss how to bring the refugees back to Myanmar," said Commissioner of Relief and Refugee Repatriation Bangladesh, Abul Kalam, Monday / 2/2018).

Though this repatriation effort was attempted as soon as possible, Kalam said it would not give a time limit for the refugees to return to Myanmar. He wanted the refugees to voluntarily return to his country.

Therefore, Kalam also asked Myanmar to create a conducive situation to welcome the return of its citizens.

"We can not force them to repatriate," he said.

that, the Myanmar authorities have declared only Rohingya refugees with national verification cards to be accepted back. In fact, the idea of ​​this card previously been rejected by the community leaders Rohingya. According to him, Myanmar seems to regard its citizens as immigrants.

One of the Rohingya community leaders, Dil Mohamed, called Myanmar should open with open arms all citizens who want to go home. In fact, the Myanmar government is obliged to compensate for any loss and damage caused by the conflict in Rakhine.

He also mentioned that the Myanmar government must ensure Rohingya refugees can return to their respective homes safely and fulfill all their basic rights as

"We want to return home safely, we need security and all our rights as citizens, including citizenship status," said Dil.

The return of Rohingya refugees received great attention from the Council UN Security for Refugees (UNHCR). The head of the UNHCR Public Information Center at the Rohingya camp, Cox's Bazar, believes Rakhine is not yet safe to return to the refugees' return.

"We encourage both countries to ensure their return is done with the consent of the refugees and done safely and honorably," he said. .

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South Korean President Reluctant to Discuss Meeting With North Korea

South Korean President Moon Jae-in said on Saturday he hoped his efforts to establish relations with North Korea in the Olympics would also help for better relations between North Korea and the United States and begin negotiations on the destruction of the program (19459007) about what must happen before he receives North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un's invitation to hold a summit. He previously said "do not go too far" about high-level meetings.

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Moon has not received a North Korean offer, delivered on Feb. 10 by Kim's sister Kim Yo Jong. Moon only said that the two Koreas had to "create conditions" for the negotiations.

There is one reason why Moon is very cautious: The United States.

Moon is likely to want to negotiate with North Korea as well as to improve relations between North Korea and United States, so as not to distance the most important South Korean ally. The United States maintains the presence of 28,500 troops in South Korea to counter the North Korean invasion. [vm/ii]

NATO, US and Afghan commanders set off meeting in Kabul

Military commanders of neighboring countries of Afghanistan, along with NATO and US commanders, held a meeting in Kabul on Tuesday to discuss cooperation in combating drug trafficking and terrorism.

Afghan Defense Ministry spokesman Dawlat Waziri said the meeting it seeks to find ways of dealing with security challenges together.

Officials say the delegation in the full-day meeting decided to continue cooperation for peace and stability in the region.

Pakistani army commander General Qamar Javed Bajwa also attended the meeting . American and Afghan officials have previously accused Bajwa troops of hiding Taliban personnel in Pakistan and have pressured the country to take action against them.

'Pakistan has eliminated all hideouts of terrorists in the region,' 'Bajwa said at the meeting as quoted by his spokesman. But Bajwa says Pakistani troops are now tracking and targeting '' remaining terrorists who exploit the existence of 2.7 million Afghan refugees and the absence of effective security coordination at the border. ''

Bajwa underlines that Pakistani territory can not be used against any country and it expects '' the same reciprocity '' and called for a "collaborative and assertive approach" to respond to the challenges facing the region.

The Afghan Army Chief, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan also attended the meeting. Similarly, the head of US CENTCOM General Joseph Votel and General John Nicholson, who heads the NATO Supporting Mission in Afghanistan. [em/jm]