Thai Student Sindir Orang Number 2 Junta Militer

Thai students with big banners and critics on Saturday gave a new allusion to the number two man in the military ruling council, dubbed "General Rolex" for his unofficial collection of luxury watches.

Scandal hours it has increased the disillusionment of military rule in the kingdom and led to a series of creative protests that challenged restrictions by the military ruling council against criticism.

On Saturday, students leading ceremonies before a football match in Bangkok showed several large ornamental vehicles circling the field including some vehicles that make fun of the number two junta of the military, Prawit Wongsuwan.

The 72-year-old general has been subjected to general resentment since the release of his December photograph showing him raising his hand to protect his eyes against the sun and showing a single ring in diamonds and an expensive Richard Mille watch.

Since then, online activists have revealed photographs of high-ranking junta officials wearing about 25 luxury watches that reportedly were not included in the list when he reported his assets. [gp]