Trump's proposed Military Parade Will Cost Up to $ 30 Million

Director of the United States government budget, Mick Mulvaney estimates that the military parade wanted by Donald Trump will cost taxpayers up to 30 million dollars.

"I've seen estimates of costs between 10 and 30 million dollars depending on the size of the parade," Mulvaney said. The Budget Committee of the House of Representatives on Wednesday (14/2).

The US government is reportedly considering a parade on Veterans Day.

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Mulvaney told lawmakers the event fund was not included in the 2019 budget that Trump had proposed because the parade plan had just been delivered recently. Mulvaney said the Trump administration should cooperate with Congress "if we decide to carry out" the parade.

Last week, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis told reporters the Pentagon is still in the early stages of planning and is still considering options. Trump proposed holding a parade in Washington after seeing a military march on Bastille Day warning in Paris last July.

There was a bipartisan opposition to the proposal in Congress, most of the MPs saying such a parade would be regarded by the whole world as a symbol of dictatorship .

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham says it will approve a parade that honors members of the armed forces, but a "Soviet-style" parade featuring large military weapons will be a sign of "weakness."

Senator John Kennedy, also Republican, reporters said last week, "I think an unconfident person will be out loud." Kennedy added: "America is the most powerful country in human history, and we do not have to show it off." [my/ii]

Erdogan refuses to talk with Assad 'Assassin' 1 Million Citizens

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan strongly rejected Turkey's main opposition leader's call for contact and talks with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to resolve the conflict in Syria.

"He said: 'Sit together with Assad and talk about this issue,' said Erdogan referring to Kemal Kilicdaroglu's statement, head of the Republican People's Party (CHP), the main opposition party in Turkey.

" What will we talk about a murderer who has killed 1 million people, "Erdogan said at the presidential compound in Ankara as reported by the Turkish news agency, Anadolu Agency, Friday (9/2/2018).

"You can join hands with terrorists if necessary … But we have so far not walked with those who took that way with the permission of terror organizations, and we will not go together in the future," added Erdogan.

Earlier on Tuesday in a speech to members of his party, Kemal Kilicdaroglu, head of the opposition Turkish Republican People's Party (CHP), called on the Erdogan government to open ties with Assad's regime to rescue amid conflicts in Syria.

Regarding the Turkish military operation in Afrin, northern Syria, Erdogan said that the military operation would pave the way for Syrian refugees who are now in Turkey, to return to their homeland

"We will solve the problem Afrin and Idlib.We want our refugee brothers to return to their homes and homes.Of course, we will not accommodate 3.5 million Syrians here (in Turkey) forever.However, they want to return to their land itself as quickly as possible, "Erdogan said.
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Since 20 January, Turkey launched a military operation to clean up Kurdish PYD / PKK militia and ISIS militants from Afrin, northwestern Syria. The Turkish military said, since the operation named 'Operation Olive Branch' was started, as many as 1028 members of PYD / PKK and ISIS have been killed or surrendered.

Afrin has been a major hiding place for PYD / PKK since July 2012 when Assad regime forces left the area and let it be under the control of PYD / PKK without any resistance. The Ankara government regards the Kurdish group PYD / PKK as a terror organization.

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US Court Sets $ 25 Million Lawsuit against Trump University

According to a federal appeals court ruling, Tuesday (6/2), students are in America. who was deceived by the now defunct University of Trump, can now regain most of their money.

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco establishes a March 2017 agreement requiring Trump to pay 25 million dollars to settle a lawsuit alleging the university committed a fraud after failing to fulfill a promise to teach them to succeed in the real estate sector.

By so deciding, the court dismissed Sherri Simpson's lawsuit to be excluded from the deal and demanded Trump 19 thousand dollars for tuition and guidance program he (19659002) Simpson, a Florida bankruptcy lawyer, did not initially quit the deal and said it was entitled to file a lawsuit before the 2017 decision was realized.

The Court disagreed, saying notice to students and the judicial process did not give Simpson a chance ked ua to opt out. Simpson's lawyer insisted on notices sent to thousands of previous students in the case promising the right to withdraw from the lawsuit or after each proposed settlement was filed.

"Reading the notice in its entirety and in context, we concluded that the notification promised only one a chance to vote out, "Judge Jacqueline Nguyen wrote for the panel of three judges.

The court also said US District Judge Gonzalo Curiel had good reason to approve the deal in March. Trump sparked controversy by repeatedly saying Mexican background, judge Curiel made Curiel bias against him.

Trump is determined not to make a deal. But after winning the 2016 election, he says he has no time for trial.

Trump claims he has not made any mistakes in the terms of the settlement. Trump's lawyer did not immediately respond to a request to comment. [my/jm]

North Korea Earn $ 200 Million from Trading by Violating Sanctions

North Korea generated about $ 200 million in just nine months last year by exporting crops that violate UN sanctions.

The UN expert council reports to the Security Council on Friday (2/2) that expose North Korean indifference to sanctions by exporting oil, coal, iron, steel and other crops.

The report also details evidence of ongoing North Korean military cooperation with Syria and Myanmar to develop ballistic missiles and chemical weapons programs.

North Korea uses "The combination of several evasion techniques, routes and tactics for coal delivery to China, Malaysia, South Korea, Russia and Vietnam," the report said.

The report says North Korea can still access international financial governance through " weakness in the implementation of financial sanctions. "

And experts say North Korea is still holding a" press "

Besides the United Nations, the United States and the European Union have imposed sanctions against Pyongyang on its nuclear and ballistic missile programs.

Seven ships that diverted the cargo of coal and oil have been banned stop at ports all over the world for violating UN sanctions, the report says, but much more needs to be done to counter "this much-banned activity." [gp]

The number of "Unwanted" Girls in India Reaches 21 Million People

The Indian government on Monday said there were 21 million "undesirable" girls across the country, as many families across social and economic groups preferred boys to girls.

In its annual economic survey report, the Indian government blamed an illegal gender-based abortion in which 940 girls were aborted in each of the births of 1,000 boys, according to the latest census data.

"Families with boys tend not to have children again compared to families with girls. This shows parents who used the formula "just stopped having children after the birth of a boy," the report excerpts.

The pressure on spouses – especially girls – to have boys over girls is very strong, especially in society rural areas where girls are often only lowly educated and married at an early age

. But the report shows that gender preferences are also seen in some rich families, who often prefer boys to take over family business or inherit property, even though girls legally able to do so.

That preference has led to the existence of 21 million "undesirable" girls in India, many of whom have fewer food and education than their brothers. [em/ii]