Former Playboy Model Admits Ever Be a Trump Affair

Washington DC
President of the United States (USA) Donald Trump again hit by news of infidelity. A former model of Playboy magazine claimed he had a relationship with Trump, after Trump married Melania. As reported by CNN on Saturday (17/2/2018), Karen McDougal, now 46 years old, became the model of Playboy magazine in the 90s and has become Playmate of the Year in 1998. He revealed his illicit relationship with Trump through an eight-page handwritten document obtained by US media The New Yorker.

The document was obtained The New Yorker from one of McDougal's friends. To The New Yorker McDougal admits the document was handwritten by him. The New Yorker published the story of McDougal on Friday (16/2) local time.

In the document, McDougal explained that his love affair with Trump was intertwined for nine months, between June 2006 and April 2007. At that time, Trump's marriage to Melania was only two years old. Their son, Barron, was only a few months old.

McDougal recounts the way Trump had a relationship with her then. Starting from Trump paying dinner at a private bungalow at the Beverly Hills Hotel, then offering money to McDougal after the two had sex for the first time and Trump always replaced McDougal's travel expenses when the two met.

"There is no trace of paper for him," wrote McDougal in the document, as quoted The New Yorker . McDougal refers to Trump who always hides his relationship and how Trump covers himself who pays for McDougal's activities.

McDougal admits he was in a conscious relationship with Trump. Their relationship ended after 9 months, because McDougal felt guilty. A number of sources and friends of McDougal said there was a Trump comment that made McDougal offended. One of them when Trump mentions McDougal's mother who does not approve of their relationship, as ' old hag ' (the name for ugly old ladies).

After ending his relationship with Trump, McDougal signed an exclusive right-of-life title contract with American Media Inc. (AMI) in August 2016. AMI is a media publisher National Enquirer who often releases articles that support Trump. McDougal sold his romance with Trump to AMI for US $ 150 thousand.

But in practice, AMI never published the story of McDougal. According to The New Yorker the owner of AMI, David Pecker, who is a friend of Trump, allegedly deliberately bought McDougal's story right to cover it from the public and other media. AMI said it did not publish McDougal's story because it was not credible. This mode is thought to be the way Trump and his people to silence McDougal.

To The New Yorker McDougal claimed regret ever signing the contract. "It's grabbing my rights right now I feel I can not talk about anything without triggering problems, because I do not know what I can talk about, I'm even afraid to mention his name," McDougal said.

Now, McDougal hopes with himself open voice will convince other women to avoid a similar contract. The New Yorker mentions McDougal refusing to speak before the presidential election was held in November 2016. He claimed not to influence the outcome of the election.

Responding to this report, the White House immediately expressed its denial. "This is an old story that is nothing more than fake news.The president says he has never had a relationship with McDougal," the White House spokesman said in a statement.

The story of McDougal comes after a crowded media preach a porn actress named Stephanie Clifford aka Stormy Daniels who also claimed to have an affair with Trump, before he served as President of the United States. Most recently, Trump's private lawyer, Michael Cohen, admitted to paying $ 130,000 from his own pocket, to Clifford not to reveal the affair to the public. Payments made before the US presidential election was held in 2016.

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New Facts! Beautiful Model Ivana Killed Before Falling into the Balcony

The mystery of the death of a beautiful model from the Dutch, Ivana Smit, began to unfold. Ivana was allegedly killed before falling into the balcony of the apartment.

This was conveyed pathologist Frank van de Goot after reconstructing the model's body. Quoted from quoting Dutch media, De Telegraaf, Saturday (10/2/2018), one of the findings reinforces that because at least the blood in the location where Ivana found the fall.

Van de Goot previously showed that Ivana experienced injuries before falling from a height on 7 December. The preparation of the current report enters the final phase. Ivana was visiting an American couple in a hotel room. Police regard Ivana's death as an incident, but his family suspects Ivana as a murder victim.

Van de Goot's findings also fit the investigation of British private detective Mark Williams-Thomas, hired by the Ivana family. After traveling to Malaysia for an investigation, Williams-Thomas said the model's death 'is certainly not a tragic accident'.

"I have no doubt, with the evidence available, after collecting evidence for this week, and forensic information , we believe that if this case is handled in the UK this case will be followed up as an investigation of the murder, "William said during an interview with Belgian TV Limburg this week.

The private detective also alleges that the police are corrupt and hide the truth. "I think one of the big problems in Malaysia is mega corruption," he said.

"We also found that clubs and individuals had to pay police for protection," he said.

"There is a real fear among people we met, but what we experienced is a real desire of people who want to talk, so what we do is offer confidentiality in terms of identity, "he continued.

William-Thomas says it will release a report of its findings to Ivana's family and Malaysian authorities. "Ivana needs justice," he insisted.

Meanwhile, a newly released CCTV record shows Johnson (45) taking Ivana up to the lift at Club 9 in Bangsar Kuala Lumpur neighborhood hours before he died.

In the video first released, Ivana was seen wearing a short skirt and high boots, swinging her legs happily into Johnson's arms as his wife looked up. Ivana, who has lived in Malaysia for 13 years, is reportedly drinking with a Johnson partner the night before he dies.

Ivana was found to fall naked from a 20th floor balcony in an apartment. His body was found on the sixth-floor balcony of the apartment on Thursday, December 7 at noon.

In the evening, the girl was known to return to the apartment with the couple from a party. To the police, the two claimed to be asleep when Ivana fell and in the morning they escorted their children to school without realizing Ivana's death.

From the results of the test, the blood of Ivana and the American couple contained alcohol, ecstasy and amphetamine. The Malaysian authorities have concluded that Ivana's death was an accident and there was no criminal element in it.

But the Smith family did not believe it. Ivana's father, Marcel, even openly expressed his suspicion that his daughter was murdered. He suspects the couple, Alexander Johnson (44) and Luna (30), who brought his daughter home to his apartment hours before he died.

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Accelerate Computer Model Process with Artificial Intelligence

Scientists are now building computer models to understand how complicated systems such as traffic, weather or cancer progression. Simulating this real-world situation usually requires dozens of scientists working for months. But a new approach to building such a model, along with new advances in artificial intelligence, might speed up this process significantly.

Scientists at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency – or better known as DARPA – try to answer the question of impact in people around the world, namely: Which molecular process leads to the development of cancer cells?

Creating a computer model of the process is needed to know and populate the knowledge collected on 300 thousand medical papers. The research team took decades to do this, so scientists are now developing a computer program to do it.

Paul Cohen, a computer science expert at the University of Pittsburg says, "People are able to build machines that can read sentences in literature biology of cancer, transforming it into linguistic, semantic and biological representations, producing simulators and simulating actual biology, diverting it from English into biological simulations without human intervention. "

The experience gained in a number of DARPA projects encourages authorized authorities at the University of Pittsburg to unlock a new department with a radical interdisciplinary approach to teaching computer science.

The School of Computing and Information is now teaching students to become polymaths, scientists who can read similarities in various factors that are related to just one problem.

For example meranc a school bus network that involves thinking about energy costs, how a route will help students get to school, and how it affects restoration and many other factors.

"Whenever you try to build a complex model, a real-world process, he tends to involve people from different disciplines. It seems like it's a good focus for school, so the school's mission is to model and set up complex interaction systems, "Cohen continued.

Paul Cohen said the graduate school should be able to recognize the similarities of different fields. With advances in artificial intelligence, this new approach can significantly accelerate the development of computer models of such complex interaction systems. [em/al]

The Singapore Origin Model Killed After Karaoke with Friends

Singaporean model Karen Stella Wong (28) died after singing at a karaoke place with her friends. He suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and was lying comatose for three days.

Reported by Straits Times on Monday (1/1/2018), Stella reportedly left with his friends karaoke on December 12 last. He suddenly complained of his head so sick and one side of his body numb.

Stella then immediately taken to the hospital General Hospital. After experiencing a coma for three days, he passed away. Stella, the only child of a puppet, was cremated on December 20.

 Stella was alive. Stella was alive. Photo: Instagram luvhatestell

Stella's father, Laurence Wong (60) reveals, doctors call Stella died of acute intracerebral bleeding. "No one in our family has a history of intracerebral haemorrhage, and he (Stella) looks like a normal headache." The doctor also said a common headache could be to be a symptom, "Wong said.

 Stella during his lifetime. Stella was alive. Photo: Instagram luvhatestell

Another fact that makes Wong and wife objection is when donating the daughter's kidney and liver. Both of them finally agreed that the organs could be donated to the appropriate and needy.

Under the Human Organ Transplant Act, all Singaporean citizens who died at the age of 21 years or older were required to donate their organs to the hospital.

Organ the donated body of the kidneys, liver, cornea. Organs will be expelled after death if died in the hospital for transplantation

"I heard they successfully transplanted. (Stella's death) is very difficult for me I cried for two days I said to myself to be strong for my wife and my mother, I still remember the last moment Stella left the house for the last time and was still joking with my mother and maid, "Wong said.

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Associated with the Kick of Beautiful Model, Luna Comes from Indonesia?

Kuala Lumpur
 Husband and wife suspected related death of beautiful model Ivana Smit known originated from the United States (US). But the wife who is known named Luna mentioned originated from Indonesia.

The identity of the couple's apartment owners in Dang Wai, a suburb of Kuala Lumpur, which became the site of Smit's death on December 7, has been heavily reviewed by foreign media. The husband is certain to be named Alexander Amado Johnson (44) who is a US citizen.

While the wife named Luna is not clear the status of citizenship and the origin. British media such as Daily Mail and The Sun mentioned Luna originated from Indonesia. Media of Australia, also mentions Luna originating from Indonesia.

But Malaysian media such as New Straits Times Free Malaysia Today and called Luna a Kazakh citizen. US media, The Daily Beast also mentions Luna whose full name is Luna Almaz is a citizen of Kazakhstan.

Not much information is gained regarding Luna, who is referred to as the mother of one child. British media, Daily Mail as quoted on Thursday (28/12/2017), calls Luna and Johnson have a 4-year-old daughter.

One information mentioned Luna had worked as a model. Luna is called acquainted with Smit because of their equally modeled work. Smit who lived in Malaysia with his grandfather, Hendrik, since 13 years ago is known career as a model since teenagers. In 2014, Smit won third prize in a contest model named Malaysia Supermodel Search.

The name Luna and her husband, Johnson, dragged the case of Smit's death after the couple was caught carrying Smit home to their apartment on December 7th at dawn, at around 0500 local time. A number of Dutch media also friends and family Smit called Luna and her husband, Johnson as adherents of 'swinger', ie people who live freely and sometimes have sex with many people in at the same time.

Johnson is the founder of Everus Technologies, a cryptocurrency (digital currency) company based in Kuala Lumpur. Johnson, who moved to Kuala Lumpur since 2011, previously worked for Asea Capital in Kuala Lumpur from July 2012 to March this year. Long before that, Johnson worked at American Allied Mortgage, the Wachovia Securities Financial Network, and other financial companies in Atlanta, USA.

A number of friends and family of Smit mention Luna and Johnson are in detention of Malaysian police. But both are charged with drug charges after a blood test says both are positive drugs. They are not charged with the charges related to Smit's death.

AFP has attempted to contact the Foreign Ministry to confirm the matter of Luna, but to date has not received an answer.

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