Japanese man wins custody of 13 Thai children from surrogate mother

The Thai court ruled in favor of a Japanese journalist's request for "sole custody" of 13 of her children born to some Thai surrogate mothers, AFP reported Tuesday (20/2). Thus, the Japanese man could bring the children to Japan

Mitsutoki Shigeta, 28, to be in the spotlight in the scandal of "child factory" in 2014, after Thai police found a DNA link between him and nine babies found in the care of some babysitters 24 hours, in a luxury apartment in Bangkok

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The children are estimated aged between 2 weeks and two years at the time. Since found, they are placed under state care. He also later considered a biological father for four other children.

This discovery highlights the 'wretched-rent' industry in Thailand, which at that time has not been regulated, prompting authorities in 2015 to ban foreigners from paying Thai women into surrogate mothers .

Shigeta, reportedly the son of an industrial technology tycoon in Japan, left Thailand at the time the scandal arose and never directly explained why he has many children.

He then sued the Ministry of Social Development and Humanity to court to get the right (19459007):

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Bangkok Court grants custody to Shigeta on the grounds he has a lot of money to take care of the children and has set up nurses and nannies, in a dormitory "For the happiness and opportunity that will be received by all 13 children from their biological fathers, who have no history of bad behavior, the court decides they become legitimate children of plaintiffs," the Central Youth Tribunal said in a statement. statement. The statement did not name Shigeta for reasons of secrecy.

Shigeta, who did not attend the trial, was considered the "single parent" of the children, after surrogate moms from Thailand abandoned their rights, the court added. [19659002] Shigeta's attorney said he would contact the Social Welfare Ministry to discuss the transfer of the children from state parenting. He added that the timing of custody transfers would depend on the "readiness" of the children, who are on average four years old.

"The possibility of state-owned shelter officers is also needed to stay with them to avoid sudden changes," Kong said. Suriyamontol, Shigeta's lawyer, told reporters outside the courthouse

The Ministry of Social Welfare could not immediately be reached for comment. [fw/au]

A Mother in Tokyo Cekik Her Daughter Till Death

 Etsuko Shimizu was arrested by Akishima Police, Tokyo, Japan, over murder case. The 63-year-old mother admitted she had strangled her daughter, Moe, to death.

Reported from Japan Today, Sunday (11/2/2018), Shimizu strangle moe to death with a tie. The location of the killing is in their own residence.

Police say, as quoted from Fuji TV, the incident occurred on Saturday (10/2) early morning at around 02:00 local time. Moe was taken to the hospital but his life was not helped.

Shortly after the incident, Shimizu called an organization where the organization then called 110 (emergency services).

The police came shortly thereafter to the scene. Shimizu has admitted all his deeds even though he has not revealed his motives.

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For the sake of a sick child, this mother sells her milk at Rp 21 thousand per minute

A mother in China sells her Milk Milk (ASI) on the sidewalk with her newborn twin baby. That he did to pay for the treatment of his other twin daughters in the hospital.

Reported by the BBC on Monday (5/2/2018), the mother's action is located in China. The action video was filmed at a Shenzhen children's park in Guangdong Province, China.

The mother said to sell milk to get money quickly. The boy is still being treated intensively in Bao'an District Hospital, Shenzhen.

Carrying the baby boy, the mother and her husband displayed banners to raise money through breastfeeding sales. To squeeze breast milk per minute, the mother set the price of 10 Yuan or about Rp 21 thousand.

The husband says they owe at the hospital 100,000 yuan or about Rp 214.6 million for the treatment of their daughter.

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Tragic! Mother and 2 Her Child Killed in Death Shooting at Christmas

 The tragic tragic death shooting occurred on Christmas Day in an apartment complex in Phoenix, United States (US). A mother and two children, one of whom was 10 months old, were killed in the shootings. As reported by CNN Wednesday (27/12/2017), in the incident that occurred on December 25 this local time, the perpetrators of the shooting is known to be the former lover of the woman who died. The identity of the perpetrator was not released to the public.

Spokesman spokesman Sgt. Jonathan Howard said that the perpetrator was eventually arrested after being surrounded by police personnel for 6 hours. Both children who became victims were known to be held hostage by the perpetrator.

Howard said that the police initially found the body of a woman lying on the shooting site at the Highland Apartments complex in Phoenix on Monday afternoon (25/12) local time. The woman's identity was not released to the public.

One of the neighbors in the compound mentioned a man holding two children hostage in one of the apartments. The police then tried to negotiate with the man. When the talks took place, the man suddenly indicated that he had killed two children who were hostages. The man also threatened the police who surrounded him.

Around six hours of siege was carried out, the police saw a lifeless baby figure in the apartment where the perpetrator was hiding. Moments later, the perpetrator began firing a shot at the police. Gunfire was inevitable.

One policeman was injured in the shootout. But the police are now in stable condition at a local hospital.

When police personnel got into the apartment and arrested the perpetrators, they found a boy also lifeless. Howard said the two children killed in the incident were 11 and 10 months old. It is not known exactly when the children were killed. The medical examiner will perform an autopsy to find out about it.

Howard added that the perpetrators and the dead women were the parents of both children who were also victims. The shooting in the apartment was allegedly caused by a domestic commotion, but it was not known exactly the trigger for the commotion.
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Manal Tamimi, Super Mother of Palestine


The Israeli army seems to treat all Palestinians as monster. They do not know the age and sex. Anyone suspected would be brushed without compassion. That's how it happened to Mohamed Abu Aliya, 12, who was playing in his yard on Thursday (21/12/2017).

Abu's arrest is likely to be a continuation of the arrest of a a female activist, Ahed Tamimi. Not only Ahed, the mother, Nariman who came to visit the 16-year-old activist was later detained for no apparent reason.

The fact reminds the public of the figure Manal Tamimi. He once revealed that being a mother in Palestine meant also being an activist. These two roles are almost difficult to separate. Mothers must always watch over and protect their children from the atrocities of Israeli soldiers.

"I can say that 90 percent of Palestinian mothers must have cared for their wounded child or attempted to free a child detained by the Israeli authorities," Manal told Al-Jazeera .

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He is not dramatizing the situation in Palestine. The concrete example is the eldest, Osama. For two months Manal had to take care of his almost blind son by being hit by teargas. His second son, Hamada, was also twice wounded. One of them was a caliber bullet 22 that pierced his leg.

Manal along with her husband, Bilal, lives in Saleh Village with a population of 600 inhabitants. The village is about 20 kilometers northwest of Ramallah. Both are active in a local media. Bilal used to document in the form of films and photos of every demonstration in his village, then Manal uploaded it on twitter .

"We want the world to see every day what the Israeli military does on the ground us, "Manal said.

He calls this nekad action for the future of the children and the young Palestinian generation in defending and fighting for their rights from the unease of Israel.

Being a mother in the occupied territories also makes mothers in Palestine difficult to explain to their children who are toddlers about what really happened. Most of them were accustomed to seeing friends or members of their kelurranya beaten, detained, even killed Israeli soldiers.

Manal claims to have once been arrested and shot by Israel. That fact made one of his daughters traumatic. For the time being he decided to stop demonstrating. In addition to reassuring his daughter, it also recovered the wound on his body.

Now, Manal becomes host to journalists and activists who come to Prophet Saleh. He used to prepare his own dishes for the protesters even though his body was tired of being on duty on the road all day. "Fighting can not be done in one way," said Mannal.

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