Lion to Bear in Syria Moved to Jordan Zoo

Saeed is a two year old lion who was moved to Jordan. He is one of several animals rescued from Magic World, an amusement park in the eastern suburb of Aleppo, Syria.

This park previously housed more than 300 animals. But the park was abandoned after the war took place in the city.

Trapped in the park, these animals get little water and food. Many animals died of starvation.

 Two hyenas are transferred Two hyenas are transferred (Photo: Syrian zoo rescue mission via CNN)

While several others have been killed by air bombs destroying the bustling city, buildings are also damaged into debris.

By 2017, only 13 animals are found living in the park. They were rescued by the Four Paws international animal welfare organization.

"With our mission, we want to spread the message that humanity's value is not divisible and that these afflicted animals are worth listening to and seeing," said the vet and head of the rescue mission FOUR PAWS, Amir Khalil.

Saeed, along with four other lions, two tigers, two hyenas, two wolf dogs, and two black bears were evacuated from the park in July.

They were transported by truck to the Syrian- . Now they are in the Al Ma'wa reserve in Jordan, which is their new home.

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US Senator Urges US Military Family Moved from South Korea

Senior Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said Sunday that it is time to move the families of US military personnel out of South Korea.

"With the provocation of North Korea, it seems unreasonable to sending spouses and children to South Korea, "Graham told CBS TV. "And I think it's time to start moving American family members out of South Korea."

Last week, North Korea launched an intercontinental ballistic missile that some observers say shows the country's ability to attack the United States. It was the strongest North Korean weapons test so far.

Graham's comments came following the comments of national security adviser H.R. McMaster said Saturday that the possibility of a US war with North Korea "grows every day." [vm]