Return of Rohingya Muslim Refugees to Myanmar Suspended

The gradual return of Rohingya Muslim refugees to Myanmar from Bangladesh has been suspended.

Originally repatriation will begin on Tuesday (23/1). It is unclear when the process will start.

Myanmar and neighboring Bangladesh recently completed an agreement to repatriate hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims who fled from Myanmar to avoid brutal repression by the military.

Abdul Kalam, Rehabilitation and Relief Commissioner Bangladesh refugees, told the Associated Press, "The main thing is the evacuation process should be voluntary."

Relief workers and Rohingyas are concerned that refugees will be forced to return to the place from which they fled a few months ago.

David Mathieson, a human rights researcher who has worked for many years to tackle Rohingya's problems, says the governments of both countries are fantasizing. He said, "now we expect them back, as if they welcomed him with great joy after what the government did against them?"

Many of the refugees are unhappy with the possibility of returning to Myanmar.

All Rohingya villages in Myanmar have burned down. In addition, Rohingya refugees informed human rights workers about the atrocities committed by Myanmar's security forces, including blind shootings, rape and the complete destruction of their homes and villages. [gp]

Filipino Muslim Rebel Group Spreads New War

The Philippines, still recovering from last year's fight against a group of anti-government Muslim rebels and inspired by ISIS, face increasing violence by other rebel groups from the same region and with similar ideologies.

This new conflict will extending a decades-old battle between Muslim separatists and the Philippine government.

Muslim militants in Mindanao, the island of the Southern Philippines, believe that the Catholic-majority country is unfair in taking resources even though five centuries of Muslims have settled there. Insurgent-related violence has killed about 120,000 people in Mindanao since the 1960s.

Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF), has killed 10 to 25 people since early December in shocking attacks and bomb attacks, the media said. 19659002] Eleven people, including nine rebels, have been killed in various incidents since December 25, a spokesman for the local infantry unit said Friday, and about 300 families living in emergency places to escape the rebels.

The spokesman, Captain Arvin Encinas, said the rebel group has enough members to launch atrocities in the region. That is why the authorities are strengthening efforts to ensure safety and security in the Mindanao region, he added. [uh]

This Muslim Women Berhijab This Challenge Putin in Russian Elections

 Vladimir Putin has a new rival candidate in the 2018 presidential election. His opponent is Aina Gamzatova, a decorated Muslim from Dagestan.

Gamzatova (46) has declared himself to advance in the Russian presidential election in March 2018. Gamzatova is a native of Dagestan which is a region with a Muslim majority.

The declaration is very simple indeed, only through Facebook. However, the declaration was greeted by hundreds of supporters in Makhachkala, the capital of Dagestan. His supporters gathered in the streets of the city to celebrate.

Reported by Aljazeera, Gamzatova has the capital to advance in the presidential election. He is the head of Russia's largest Muslim media group, The group's business line consists of TV, radio, newspapers, publishers of Islamic books. The group also has regular social activities.

Gamzatova's husband, Akhmad Abdulaev, a mufti in Dagestan. Abdulaev is the second husband of Gamzatova. As for his first husband Said Muhammad Abubakarov, died in 1998 in a car bomb explosion in Dagestan.

Can Can Be Defeated Putin?

How is the Gamzatova opportunity? To defeat Putin is convinced it is very difficult. Putin, who has been a top official in Russia since the late 90s, has a mass base in various parts of Russia.

Zakir Magomedov, a popular blogger in Dagestan, calls Gamzatova's chance of winning in 2018 presidential election into an impossible category. "It's too silly to discuss it seriously," he said. However, according to Magomedov, Gamzatova will reap significant votes in Dagestan and the North Caucasus.
(fjp / fjp)

Indian Parliament Approves Bill that Prohibits Muslim Fast Divorce

The influential House of Representatives of the Indian parliament has approved a bill that makes the practice of a rapid divorce or 'triple divorce', illegal among the local Muslim population, and an offending husband may be punished up to three years in jail.

The bill is filed several months after the Indian Supreme Court, ruled that a Muslim man's customs could divorce his wife as unconstitutional. Most of the 170 million Muslims in India are Sunnis who are subject to Muslim Personal Laws for family issues and disputes.

The law includes allowing men to divorce their wives by dropping "divorce" or divorce, three times – and not necessarily in order, but at any time, through any media, including telephone, text messaging or social media post. Opposition parties have criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government for not discussing the bill before they announce it in Parliament on Thursday (28/12).

The approved bill will now be submitted to the upper house of the Indian parliament for approval before it becomes law.

More than 20 Muslim countries, including neighboring India; Pakistan and Bangladesh banned the practice. But in India, the practice continues with legal protection that allows Muslim, Christian and Hindu communities to follow religious laws regarding marriage, divorce, inheritance and adoption. [my/al]

ISIS Attacks on Muslim Cultural Center in Kabul Kills 41 People

A brutal attack on the two-story Muslim Center in the Afghan capital Kabul on Thursday claimed the ISIS group killed at least 41 people and wounded 84 others.

Many injured victims suffered severe burns .

The ISIS-linked Aamaq news agency said three bombs were used in the heinous assault and a suicide bomber who blew himself up inside the Cultural Center where dozens of people were gathering to commemorate the invasion of the former Soviet Union to Afghanistan in 1979.

The claim confirms an eyewitness account that said a bomber sneaked into the cultural center and blew up his device. Another explosion took place outside the building, which also became the location of the pro-Iran news agency "Voice of Afghanistan" and may also be the target of the attack.

This two-story cultural center is located in a poor neighborhood in the dominated Dasht-e-Barchi neighborhood Shiite Muslims in the western part of the capital. This cultural center is a simple structure, surrounded by clay houses where some of Kabul's poorest people live.

The local ISIS affiliate group has carried out several attacks targeting Shiites in Afghanistan. [my/al]