Action Shootings Near US National Security Service Building, 3 Injured

Three people were shot and wounded on Wednesday near the US National Security Service (NSA) building outside Washington DC

US media reports said a suspect was arrested and seen handcuffed and surrounded by police near the door the entrance gate of the building at Fort Meade, in the suburbs of Maryland.

Nearby, a black SUV was seen near a barrier obstacle. A number of bullet holes were visible in the car that seemed to hit the barrier. Traffic on the road leading to the NSA was blocked.

 Atmosphere at shooting location outside NSA building, outside Washington DC (14/2).

Atmosphere at shooting location outside NSA building, outside Washington DC (14/2).

No further details continued on the incident. The intelligence service is responsible for US global electronic wiretapping actions in an effort to combat terrorist threats.

US President Donald Trump has been notified of the incident. [ab/uh]

Afghanistan Says Sunday as the National Day of Mourning

Afghanistan held a national day of mourning Sunday, a day after rebels used an explosive-filled ambulance to conduct a powerful blast outside a government building in Kabul.

Officials said Sunday the number of fatalities has risen to 103 people, while 235 others were injured in attacks in the capital. The Taliban have claimed responsibility for the attack.

Home Minister Wais Ahmad Barmak, while issuing the latest casualty figures at a press conference in Kabul, said many police were among the dead. But he gave no figures and said 30 policemen were also among the wounded.

Massom Stanekzai, head of Afghanistan's intelligence agency, told reporters authorities had arrested five people in connection with Saturday's bombing and an ongoing investigation. 19659002] He denies criticism of his National Security Directorate or NDS and other security agencies for their failure to prevent militant attacks repeatedly in Kabul and elsewhere in the country

"We have prevented many such incidents but some such incidents may pass , "Stanekzai said. He blamed again the neighboring country of Pakistan where he accused the big cities of being rebel bases. [gp]

Trump Emphasizes Economic Competitiveness in National Security Strategies

In an annual report required by the American Congress, President Donald Trump discloses a national security strategy that unfolds his vision of America's position in the world. VOA Correspondent at the White House Peter Heinlein reported that the plan emphasized economic competitiveness, identifying China and Russia as major American rivals in having a global influence.

President Donald Trump discloses the strategy at the Ronald Reagan Building. The strategy is similar to a theme echoed by former Reagan presidents of "peace through strength", reviving American economic and military power in line with the theme of Trump's policy of putting American interests first.

"Our strategy is to advance America's influence in the world, but it must start by building wealth and power within the country, America will lead again, we do not want to try to apply our way to anyone but we firmly defend it," Trump.

Trump identifies Russia and China as competitors who seek to restructure the world order in ways that contradict American interests

"Like it or not we are engaged in a new era of competition We accept that military, economic and economic competition strong politics are taking place all over the world, we face regimes threatening the United States and our allies We are facing terrorist organizations, networks of transnational crime and others that spread violence and crime around the world. facing opposing forces, Russia and China who want to challenge influence, values ​​and "Trump said.

Trump puts North Korea and Iran in the category of a rogue regime, and claims his strategy of isolating and stemming the Pyongyang government begins to fruition.

" We have united our allies in an unprecedented effort earlier to oust North Korea. However, there are many more tasks to be done. America and its allies will take all necessary steps to achieve denuclearization and ensure this regime can not threaten the world, "Trump continued.

Without mentioning his predecessor, Trump said security strategies in the past failed to consider economic security as national security.

"Our leaders diverge from American principles. They have lost sight of the fate of America and they do not believe in America's greatness. As a result, our people are missing something too. People lose confidence in their government and ultimately lose confidence in their future. But last year it began to change, "he said.

David Adesnik of the Foundation for Democracies, said the statement of the Trump strategy was a sharp change as well as implying criticism of previous security strategies that depended on diplomatic breakthroughs.

I am a weakness in the past, simply hoping that if we become more involved in diplomacy, the two sides will begin to understand each other more effectively. This is a long-term hope and democratic countries are more likely to approach that. But in my opinion in many ways this is not effective so a change should be welcomed, "explains David Adesnik.

The Trump strategy has been criticized for pushing aside Barack Obama's explanation in 2015 that calls climate change a threat to American national security. Trump's aides said the document identifies environmental monitoring as a challenge. [uh/ab]

Trump Unveils New National Security Strategy

US President Donald Trump warned on Monday that America's glory was being challenged by rival nations, but he promised to use "all tools" to spark America's rise.

While explaining the new security strategy in his speech in Washington, Trump appointed Russia and China, the two countries he called "trying to challenge American values, influence and wealth."

But Trump promised that America under his leadership would not retreat.

"Like it or not, we're living in a competitive era," Trump said. But he also warned that "American success is not something that will just happen."

"We declare that we will participate in this competition, and America will win," Trump said.

Trump said the national security strategy , which he described as execution of the ideals of the founding fathers of America, will be the roadmap to triumph.

"The balance of global power has shifted and harmed American interests," a government official said. "This strategy is a plan of how America will be able to regain momentum to reverse the situation."

Trump again criticized American leaders in the past. "They have lost the purpose of how to make America prosper, and they surrender our sovereignty to foreign bureaucrats living abroad."

Particularly Trump blames the previous American administration for not wanting to confront North Korea and its nuclear ambitions, "when it still much easier to solve. "

Trump also repeated his criticism of President Barack Obama for having a" catastrophic "nuclear deal with Iran. [ii]

US Focus on "Competitive Engagement" As New National Security Strategy

The United States will unveil a new national security strategy on December 18th to preserve the world order forged after World War II, despite attempts by Russia and China to undermine it.

White House National Security Adviser, General H.R. McMaster, said the new strategy would depend on the "peace through strength" formula to drive American interests abroad. He promised an alliance with traditional American allies would play an important role in Washington's approach.

"We must work harder than ever to ensure that countries uphold the rule of law, respect the sovereignty of their neighbors, and support peace, post-World War II stability, and post-Cold War security, "McMaster said on Tuesday (12/12). He was speaking accompanied by his British counterpart in a speech in Washington.

Government officials of the Trump President have devised a national security strategy for months. McMaster said that the completed document was centered on four key principles, namely protecting the American homeland, advancing prosperity and economic security America, a stronger and more capable military, and strengthening American influence. [sp/ii]