NDDL: the ministers in Matignon, the zadistes in plantation

Truck picking milk, planting turnips in a collective garden: on the ZAD of Notre-Dame-des-Landes, "the life continues" for its occupants in the process of regularization, in the expectation Wednesday of a government arbitration on the resumption or not of the expulsion operations

"We are suspended from the decision, we wait inevitably But if we had to stop every time there is a threat of expulsion, we would never do anything here, "says Tyfanie, her rake removing straw in the collective garden of" Rouge et Noir ". Located near the former "Chicane Road", the field supplies vegetables to the "non-market" of the ZAD, where everything is freely priced.

Like every Wednesday, a collective building site is open to anyone wishing to give a hand, and it is not the summit meeting in Matignon, to take stock of "the process of returning to the State of right "in Notre-Dame-des-Landes around the Prime Minister Édouard Philippe, who will upset the field work.

"Finally, we only missed one week, at the beginning of the eviction operations, it was a bit of a hassle lately, we had to water one evening with the gas masks, and this weekend we had end it took us 12 hours to bring two trailers of manure because the cops blocked the road, "said one of the members of the collective garden, one of the agricultural projects filed in the prefecture and under investigation by the State services .

"I'm not very positive, I have the impression that in the government, they do not agree with each other and get confused as much as we," said the young woman. "Until they decide, we plant turnips, we continue as we have always done, we do not have much choice, we do not want to leave the field in ruins, even if there is no longer the week next, "she adds.

– "Sailing on Sight" –

At the western end of the ZAD, in Saint-Jean-du-Tertre, a smell of toast greets the truck of the slag. "Prevented" from passing twice since the beginning of gendarmerie operations, he now knows the "secret way" to access this squatted farm since April 2014 to hinder its destruction.

"We had to throw 750 liters of milk into the hay and I hope that in the coming days we will not have barricades on the roads again," says Willem Doedens, 30, son of farmer and one of the first zadistes to have joined the agricultural social mutual (MSA), in January 2016.

The agricultural project of this organic dairy farmer may be "a reality" and seems to have caught the attention authorities, he has "no guarantee" of being able to sustain his activity.

"We are told to deposit viable projects, but we can not build viable projects in precariousness.We sail by sight, we do not know what we will have as parcellaire, what we can identify as income, "sighs the young man, cap screwed on his head and boots on his feet.

Squatting 36 hectares of land, he hopes to eventually have the double, to work in rotation with a peasant-baker of the ZAD, and "make live three people". "But we are in conflict on the majority of plots with farmers who have been compensated and who sign precarious occupancy agreements, so it is not resolved at all," says Willem.

The same question arises as to the house he occupies without right or title with his partner and his eighteen-month-old son, from which he can not imagine leaving. "Since the time they (the gendarmes) are there, at the price that it costs, the State would have had the means to pay us all farms outside to make us leave if that was the will" slips the dairy farmer, smiling.

Like many zadists, he claims to the government "time". "Regularization means being able to work calmly, to train, to acquire technical and economic bases, it's not done in a fortnight," says Willem.

NDDL: Philippe receives the prefect, the boss of the gendarmerie and 5 ministers

Édouard Philippe must receive this Wednesday at 17H00 the prefect of Loire-Atlantique, the director general of the national gendarmerie and several ministers, including Gérard Collomb, to "make a point on the process of return to the rule of law "to Notre-Dame-des-Landes, said Matignon.

The meeting comes two weeks after the start of operations on the site of 1,650 hectares, which mobilize 2,500 mobile gendarmes and led in the first days to the destruction of 29 squats out of 97 habitats identified by the authorities.

Nicolas Hulot, Minister for Ecological Transition, Stéphane Travert, Minister of Agriculture, Christophe Castaner, Secretary of State for Relations with Parliament, Sébastien Lecornu, Secretary of State to Mr. Hulot, must participate at the meeting, along with the Minister of the Interior, Préfet Nicole Klein and Richard Lizurey, Director General of the National Gendarmerie

This is "to take stock of the installation projects submitted and the continuation of the process of return to the rule of law in Notre-Dame-des-Landes, "said Matignon.

On Tuesday, the State formalized the regularization of four" historic "farmers, through the signature of precarious leases, "new advance towards the return to the rule of law", estimated the prefect of Loire-Atlantique.

The meeting must notably address the follow-up to be given to the operations of expulsions of the zadistes not wishing to regularize . [19659002] "I will be asked how I see things, but it is the government that will decide," said the representative of the State Tuesday, recalling the "commitment" made to "put an end to illegal occupation".

"The line, it is constant, those who have an agricultural project, who respected the Republican state, who have integrated into the framework that the state has proposed (…), those have their instead, the others have no place and they will be evacuated, "said Tuesday morning the spokesman of the government, Benjamin Griveaux.

With the signing of Precarious Occupation Agreements (COPs) for the four "historic" farmers running until the end of 2018 and covering an area of ​​about 300 hectares, more than 900 hectares of land are now under of an exploitation in a legal framework, 600 others already being the object of a COP with peasants not living in the ZAD.

Remain 270 hectares of parcels to be allocated. It is within this perimeter that the Zadists have submitted projects.

The police "will stay on the spot the necessary time," said the prefect, to prevent any reconstruction of destroyed homes and ensure traffic on roads through the area, still not reopened.

NDDL: calm on the ZAD after the government ultimatum

The night was calm on the ZAD of Notre-Dame-des-Landes (Loire-Atlantique) after the expiry Monday at midnight of the delay granted by the government to the zadistes to regularize their situation, was it learned Tuesday morning near the gendarmerie.

"It remains calm for the moment," said the gendarmerie, speaking of "some barricades" installed on secondary roads of the ZAD.

There has been no clashes between opponents and gendarmes during the night, said the same source.

The occupants of the ZAD, opposed to the abandoned airport project, had until Monday at midnight to file a file listing the agricultural project that they intend to implement.

Questioned by AFP, the prefecture indicated that a balance of the number of projects deposited would be carried out after their examination by the departmental direction of the territories and the sea (DDTM), without specifying the duration of this examination.

"These pro they will be examined here this week to see the viability, "said government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux on CNews Tuesday morning.

" The line is constant, those who have an agricultural project, who have respected the Republican State, who have integrated into the framework that the state has proposed (…) those have their place, the others have no place and they will be evacuated, "said M Griveaux

Last week, a delegation of occupants of the ZAD had filed about forty nominative projects in the prefecture of Loire-Atlantique, as required by the government. They stressed that their projects were interdependent and that it was a "collective approach" for the territory.

 The prefect of the Pays de la Loire Nicole Klein (left) speaks with opponents at the airport of Notre-Dame-des-Landes on the

The prefect of the Pays de la Loire Nicole Klein (left) speaks with opponents at the airport of Notre-Dame-des-Landes on the "road of barricades" crossing the ZAD January 26, 2018 (POOL / AFP / Archives – Franck Dubray)

If the prefect of the Pays de la Loire Nicole Klein stressed the "heavy work" of the zadistes, the decision to continue or not the expulsions returns to the chief

On Monday, the occupiers of the ZAD asked the government to make "a gesture of appeasement" after the filing of these regularization files.

Expulsions of the ZAD, started there at two weeks, mobilized 2,500 gendarmes and led to the destruction of 29 "squ "On 97 habitats identified by the government

Unlike the first days of the operation, the departmental road 81, which crosses the area from north to south, is now accessible and is no longer littered with barricades. Tuesday morning, all vehicles could borrow and gendarmes were only visible at the crossroads, found AFP day.

Finally, "sign that the future of agricultural land in Notre-Dame-des-Landes is emerging ", as written by the prefecture of Loire-Atlantique in a statement," four historic farmers of Notre-Dame-des-Landes, who had refused expropriations and compensation, found (Tuesday) a legal operating framework by signing precarious occupation conventions (COP). "

Prefect Nicole Klein goes in person, late Tuesday morning, to Notre-Dame-des-Landes for" this official signature with these four farmers "who will take place in a municipal hall, says the prefecture in its communiqué.

NDDL: "a step back to normal" for "historic" farmers

"A primer to return to normal": four farmers in the ZAD of Notre-Dame-des-Landes who fought against the airport project by opposing their expropriation said they were "relieved" Tuesday to sign precarious occupancy agreements, and are now waiting to regain their full rights.

"It's a relief, it's better than having the usher like we've had it many times a week, we can not wish that to anyone. when you are told that the next day you have to clear, "says Joel Bizeul, 55-year-old dairy farmer, who took over the family farm in the locality" Les Rochettes "in 1992.

He is one of the four "historic" farmers to have been expropriated, then expelled to allow the realization of the new airport of Nantes, but he never left the site where he was born.

On these lands which these farmers exploited before the declaration of utility In 2008, the public refused to sign any agreements with the infrastructure concessionaire, a subsidiary of the Vinci construction group, and had not received the proposed compensation check.

– "Projects frozen for ten years "-

The signing of a convention of oc precarious cup (COP) with the State, promised after the abandonment of the airport project, "legalizes our occupation of the land until the end of 2018, which remains precarious", delays Sylvie Thébault, installed with her husband Marcel since 1999 in the Limimbout hamlet.

"I can not yet jump with joy, it will be a return to normal when we will have long term leases on our plots, the police will be gone and Notre-Dame-des -Landes will be forgotten by all, "says the farmer, who" hopes to develop projects frozen for ten years ".

Joël Bizeul also calls for "a return to calm, serenity, sometimes we wonder what we're going to talk so much that we have eaten life anyway".

"When my parents repaired the house in 1968, the ZAD was not put in place but we were already pressurized by telling us + it is better that you leave + It was the same when I took over the farm, we had a huge pressure and always (this project) above the head, "recalls the dairy farmer, referring to decisions sometimes" heavy to wear ".

"Today, it is clearer, if there is work to be done, we will not have to ask the question when we risk leaving, it's behind us," continues Mr. Bizeul.

"This is the culmination of 50 years of struggle," greets the dairy farmer. "The purpose of our signatures today is to get other people to do the same thing," he says.

In the area, "we must make room for as many people who have fought against the project, it seems normal to me," says the farmer.

"It is necessary that the movement of occupation can also sign COPs like us.For the moment, no agricultural project submitted (by the zadistes) has been rejected and I hope that it will continue in this direction ", also underlines Sylvie Thébault.

Farmers should not be allowed to retrocede property they owned before the end of the year.

NDDL: the ZAD between agricultural works and barricades

Between field work for some and construction of barricades for others, the zadistes of Notre-Dame-des-Landes (Loire-Atlantique) remained on the alert Tuesday, two weeks after the start of evictions. 19659002] On the road to the Black Fosses, scene of violent clashes a fortnight ago, some hooded youth piled up branches on a makeshift barricade, while another digs a trench with a pickaxe. "It's been a long time since we heard grenades," jokes a bearded young man.

At a hundred meters, gendarmes watch them without moving next to an armored vehicle. The day before, as almost every day, the police cleared the barricades and closed the ditches, in a revisited version of the myth of Sisyphus.

Near the field along the road, a banner announces: "Because other worlds are possible, they destroy, we will rebuild. " Lucas, 29, brewer at Les Fosses Noirs, shifts the mill with his tractor between the young trees of the orchard, to sow cereals. A little earlier, "Camille", a young Swiss zadist, did the same in the neighboring field.

"Planting despite the threat of expulsion is also a political gesture", explains the young man, a member of the group "onion" of the ZAD.

A little further on, a young woman picks up tear gas grenades scattered among tall grass. Some 11,000 grenades, including 10,000 teargas, have been fired since the beginning of the operation.

"All our meadows have been drowned with lachrymos," says Romain, 38, whose herd of 25 ewes grazes a few hundred meters away. "We're going to make hay for our animals, I'm going to have a hard time eating my own meat this year," he says.

"We can not ask ourselves to mount agricultural projects on paper and prevent them from exercising them in the field," adds this ZAD resident.

– "On our guard" –

occupants of the ZAD had until Monday at midnight to file a name card presenting their agricultural project, in order to get a regularization of their activity.

A meeting must be held Wednesday afternoon in Matignon on the file and should decide on the possible continuation of evictions. The prefect of the Pays de la Loire, Nicole Klein, greeted Tuesday in the filing last Friday of forty nominative files by the zadistes "a great step towards appeasement."

"The government wants traditional projects, in the standards , a hyper individualized and productive thing.All that will not be like that, they would like to free it ", considers" Camille ".

Like many zadistes, he fears new expulsions after the examination of agricultural projects. "They want us to pay our arrogance to have lived stateless for ten years," says a former resident of the Farm Hundred Names, destroyed on the first day of the expulsion operation that mobilizes 2,500 gendarmes.

"We are on our guard", also tells Baptiste, artisan crepe maker on the ZAD. "We are still under the influence of anger, healing our wounds."

Tuesday, the departmental road 81 was exceptionally open to traffic, devoid of any barricade. But ditches and imposing barricades, on which chickens run, appeared on the roads and side roads of the bocage nantais.

For Basil, a young zadist with curly black hair, "the best way to lift the barricades, c to lift the threat of imminent expulsion! "