Wolf: the state wants to "bend the curve" of the number of sheep killed

The State wants to reverse the curve of the number of ewes killed by the wolf, assured the coordinating prefect of the new plan Wolf, auditioned Tuesday by the Committee on Planning and Sustainable Development of the Senate.

"I want to change the curve of losses and ensure that this year we have less than 12,000 ewes killed," explained Tuesday Stéphane Bouillon, prefect of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and as such in charge of the application of the last Wolf plan, presented by the government in February.

"On the simple and reinforced firing of fire and the firing of samples, we have to focus where there is the most loss", he added, citing four departments: Alpes-Maritimes, Aveyron, Savoy and Var.

Because, 60% of the attacks take place on 15% of the territories and 3% of the breeders undergo 30% of the attacks, he recalled

"Conversely, kill a wolf who, in quotes, do not you e some sheep has no interest "ecological and economic, he added.

Protected species, the wolf, which had disappeared in France in the 1930s, returned to Italy from 1992 It is now present in the Alps and Provence, in the south of the Massif Central and in the eastern Pyrenees and its attacks have multiplied, from 1,400 ewes in 2000 to nearly 10,000 in 2016, and 12,000 in 2017. [19659002] The wolf plan 2018-2023, which has failed to satisfy either pastoralists or conservationists, provides for an annual culling ceiling based on scientific recommendations that do not degrade more than 10 to 12% of the population to ensure the viability of the species.

In 2018, the year of transition, the initial ceiling is set at 40 wolves, but this number will be updated at the end of April once the precise figures of the population are known in the spring, said Mr. Bouillon.

France counts about 360 wolves (divided into 52 packs) and the government's plan targets a population of 500 specimens by 2023.

Regarding the "cost" of the wolf: in 2017 some 26.5 million euros were spent for the prevention and protection of farms, and 3.5 million for the compensation of breeders, are partly borne by the European Union. For 2018, the prefect estimates that the same envelope will be needed.

India: Increased number of Asian lions threatened

Efforts to protect the endangered species of Asian lions, which now only survive in a forest in northwestern India, have paid off: over 600 of these animals have been recorded recently, compared to some 500 in 2015, said Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani.

These lions, formerly widespread throughout southwestern Asia, are no longer present in the wild except in Gir National Park in the northwestern state of Gujarat.

by the end of the 1960s, the number was estimated at only 180. It then increased from 400 to more than 500 individuals between 2010 and 2015, leading to placing the species in "danger of extinction" instead of "endangered". Criticism of Extinction. "

According to Rupani, an unofficial count recently counted more than 600 lions in the area, up from 523 in the 2015 count.

" Our efforts to protect lions with support The number of lions in Gujarat has now reached the 600 mark, "he said.

Currently, the growth rate of the Asian lion population is estimated at about 2% per year, according to AP Singh, a local forest and species conservation officer. auvages.

Asian lions are cousins ​​of African lions – both subspecies would have existed for 100,000 years – but slightly smaller and endowed with a characteristic skin pocket under the belly. They became a tourist attraction in Gujarat where they were previously preyed upon by poachers.

A member of the Office of Wildlife Protection in Gujarat, Priyavrat Gadhvi, welcomed the established programs, with staff and well-trained veterinarians and support from farmers.

"The support of the local population is huge in Gujarat, it is tolerant of lions despite the attacks on herds," Gadhvi told reporters. AFP expects a "steady growth" in the number of Asian lions by the next census scheduled for 2020.

Experts also suggest relocating some of these lions to another sanctuary to reduce conflict with and risks from natural diseases or disasters

A number of North Korean officials cancel meeting with US vice president

US officials said Vice President Mike Pence had earlier been scheduled to meet with officials from North Korea earlier this month but North Korea canceled the meeting at the last minute.

The meeting was scheduled for February 10, during a visit by the Pence to South Korea to attend the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang held a day earlier.

North Korea Unexpectedly Cancels the Meeting with the US Vice President

Pence was originally scheduled to held talks with Kim Yo-jong, sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, and Kim Yong-nam, head of North Korean regime's government. Both North Korean figures led the North Korean delegation to the opening ceremony. According to The Washington Post, the meeting is scheduled to take place in the Blue House, the residence of the president of South Korea.

Baa also: America Indicates Willingness to Speak with North Korea

Ministry spokesman US Foreign Secretary Heather Nauert said Pence was ready to use the opportunity to urge North Korea to abandon its ballistic and nuclear missile programs. However, Nauert said North Korean government officials canceled the meeting ahead of its implementation.

The administration of President Donald Trump initially denied any meeting between Pence and some North Korean officials ahead of the Pence trip. But The Washington Post, based on information from a White House official, said the meeting was scheduled after the CIA was informed that North Korea wants to meet the US vice-president during a visit to the Korean Peninsula. [ab/uh]

The Number of Civilians in Afghanistan Down 9 Percent

The UN noted a 9 per cent drop in civilian casualties in Afghanistan by 2017, but cautioned that this year the danger faced by civilians is likely to increase as warring parties become more hostile.

Armed conflict and then caused civilian casualties of up to 10,543, including 3,438 deaths, according to UNAMA's annual UN Assistance Mission report on Afghanistan (UNAMA) released Thursday (15/2).

UNAMA Chairman Tadamichi Yamamoto, at a press conference in Kabul, he feared this year the danger faced by civilians increases unless all parties take the necessary steps to prevent civilian casualties.

By 2016, the number of civilian casualties due to armed conflict in Afghanistan reaches 11,434, including 3,510 deaths.

UN human rights official Danielle Bell on Thursday, in the same press conference, described a decline of 9 p urgent number of civilian casualties last year as an important step to reduce the danger faced by Afghans who are not involved in the fighting.

"But I must affirm that 2017 is the fourth consecutive year in which UNAMA records the number of civilian casualties of more than 10,000 people annually," Bell said.

The report also revealed that suicide attacks with homemade bombs accounted for 40 percent the number of UNAMA-registered civilian casualties. [ab/lt]

The number of death toll rises to 6 as a result of the earthquake in Taiwan

SAR teams in Taiwan, Wednesday (7/2), are still searching for victims in the rubble following the earthquake on Tuesday (6/2). [6] Six people were reportedly killed and at least 225 others injured after an earthquake measuring 6.4 on the Richter Scale rocked the coastal city of Hualien, almost before midnight Tuesday.

Hualien is a coastal city visited by many tourists. The city on the east coast of Taiwan has a population of about 100,000 people.

The quake split the streets, and made about 40,000 homes without water supplies and about 2,000 houses without power.

SAR teams look for at least 145 people which is still declared missing from a partially collapsed apartment complex and currently in a sloping position.

According to the official website of his Facebook, Taiwan President Tsai Ingwen was in Hualien to evaluate rescue efforts.

Taiwan is located at the junction of two tectonic plates and is often hit by an earthquake.

Tuesday's earthquake coincides with a warning two years of magnitude 6.4 earthquake that killed 117 people. More than 2,000 people were killed by the 7.6 magnitude earthquake that rocked Taiwan in 1999. [ab/uh]