US Post Office Publish Lunar New Year Stamps

The US Post Office publishes a special stamp to celebrate the Lunar New Year on February 16, launched in January in Hawaii. Stamps with Dog images in the Chinese year, designed by Chinese American artist Kam Mak and highlighting Lunar New Year cultural traditions.

While lion dancers entertained many people, the US Post Office Bureau launched a dog year stamp in Honolulu. Designed by a Chinese painter, Kam Mak who lives in New York, the stamp depicts three bamboo stalks that symbolize luck.

"In the Chinese tradition, the first three lucky bamboo symbolizes blessings and fortune, second, long life, and third is wealth, I also inserted the character of Fu and that means blessing and luck, "Kam Mak said.

Hawaiian artist, the late Clarence Lee designed the first series of Chinese Lunar New Year stamps, featuring animals in the Chinese zodiac. In 2008, Kam Mak began designing the second series, which highlighted some of the Lunar customs and traditions of all time. The dog year stamp also includes a sketch of the original dog Lee in the upper left corner.

The post office published the first stamp of the Chinese New Year in 1992. Among the stamps designed by Mak, his favorite is from 2010, the year of the Tiger. The stamps feature lilies.

The Mak family immigrated from Hong Kong to America in 1971, when he was 10 years old. His parents worked hard with low salaries as a dishwasher at a Chinese restaurant to support his family, and his mother worked at a convenience store in Pechinan.

Mak struggling to learn English, he grew up as Chinese alleys rampant in the PeChinan area of ​​New city York. Fortunately, Mak can join a City Art Workshop or Art Workshop in the city, which encourages teenagers in the city to explore the arts. It was then that he found his interest.

Now in his 50s, Mak lives in Brooklyn, and teaches painting at Fashion Institute of Technology New York. He has also made illustrations for many books and composed a picture book entitled "My Chinatown: One Year In Poems".

Through an organization called Behind the Book, Mak guides the youth and sharing experiences of his time growing up in Pechinan or Chinatown.

"And many of these children are mostly Hispanic and African descendants of New York City, I lecture in Brooklyn and in Harlem, so in addition to reading they are books, I take them to PeChinan so they feel all the things I experience when I grew up.This is very interesting for these kids, because everything they see is new to them I just want to arouse their imagination and want them to learn about other cultures, in addition to what they know from their own environment, "Mak continued.

Every time he speaks at community events, Kam Mak men say he hopes to inspire people, to be proud of who they are, and not to feel ashamed of themselves differently. [ps/jm]

3 Killed in Terrorist Attack on Save the Children Office in Afghanistan

Armed men Wednesday raided the offices of the international charity organization "Save the Children" in Jalalabad, eastern Afghanistan, killing at least three people and injuring more than 20 others.

Attullah Khogyani, a spokesman for the Nangarhar province government, said gunmen raided the compound after suicide attackers detonated a car bomb at the entrance. The security forces were involved in a long firefight with the assailant before the shoot-out stopped. Khogyani said security forces surrounded the office complex immediately after the attack.

ISIS claims responsibility for the attack.

Eyewitness Sayed Ahmad claims to see the new Toyota Corolla car approaching the gate of the Save the Children office complex. Soon after, he saw an explosion and three or four security uniformed attackers entered the building.

Another eyewitness revealed seeing at least two bodies inside the compound. The fire that started from the Save the Children complex spread to the adjacent building, the office of another charity, the Swedish Commission for Afghanistan. Eyewitnesses said they saw the building in flames.

Save the Children on Wednesday released a statement on Twitter, saying the organization was "devastated" on the news of the attack. "Our main concern is the safety and security of our staff," the charity said.

US State Department spokesman Heather Nauert on Twitter wrote, "We condemn the attack and offer condolences to the victims and their families. [ka/ii]

US Special Investigator's Office Asks Attorney General

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been questioned by the Office of Special Investigator Robert Mueller in connection with an investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, a Justice Department spokesman said Tuesday.

New York The Times reported that Sessions was questioned for several hours as part of a broader investigation by Mueller and whether President Donald Trump had blocked the course of his investigation since taking office in January 2017.

Justice Department spokesman Ian Prior confirmed the report to the VOA but refused further commented.

The step to inquire this Sessions is Mueller's first statement to a Trump cabinet member since his investigation into Russian intervention in May, shortly after Trump fired the FBI Director – then – James Comey. [19659002] Last June Comey told the committee Congress that Trump had asked him to end the investigation of former national security advisor Michael Flynn, raising the question of whether Trump had blocked the course of the investigation.

Mueller's office is believed to be reviewing the possibility of the offense, though not widely acknowledged.

Jeff Sessions , a former senator and advisor to the Trump campaign team, freed an investigation into the Russian case last March following the disclosure of information that he had previously

held two meetings with former Russian Ambassador To America – then – Sergey Kislyak.

That self, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed Robert Mueller as a special investigator and overseeing his performance. [em/al]

White House Restricts Use of Personal Mobile Phones from the President's Office

The use of personal phones in the White House executive's office will be banned, according to White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders Thursday. "

" The security and integrity of the technology system at the White House is a top priority for the Trump government and therefore starting next week the use of all personal devices for guests and staff will no longer be allowed in the West Wing, "Sanders said.

In a statement Sanders said" Staff can do their job with government-provided equipment and keep working hard on behalf of the American people. "

His decision was related to security," not because of leaks, "Sanders said. The Associated Press quoted Sanders as saying White House staff and guests could store their phones at the entrance of the West Wing.

The ban was imposed by White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, who also mentioned security issues but also prioritized security measures against information leakage. 19659002] Since taking office nearly a year ago, President Donald Trump has repeatedly criticized media leaks from his team, but the Trump government helpers say the ban is unrelated to the leak.

Thursday's announcement came a day after a heated dispute between Trump and former chief strategist of the White House Steve Bannon, who reportedly made disparaging remarks and made allegations against some members of the Trump family in a book to be published and written by Michael Wolff.

Wolff spends much of his time in the White House interviewing Bannon and Deputy Chief Staff Katie Walsh to publish the book. According to the Axios news agency, Wolff has recorded the interview. It is unknown if the interview was recorded with a personal cell phone.

The ban was issued despite concerns among White House employees that they would not be able to use their personal mobile phones to communicate with family members when needed.

The National Security Agency also warned The White House in a secret briefing that improper use of personal mobile phones may cause staff members to be vulnerable to hacking by China, Russia and other countries. [my/jm]