Former CIA Officer Arrested For Storing Confidential Information

A former CIA officer has been arrested and charged for illegally storing national defense information, the US Attorney said Tuesday.

Jerry Chun Shing Lee, or Zhen Cheng Li, 53, was arrested Monday (15/1), when arriving at John F. Kennedy Airport, New York. Lee, an American citizen, currently resident in Hong Kong, and began working as a CIA officer since 1994.

He was brought to trial in New York on Tuesday, but will be charged in northern Virginia where the headquarters of the CIA have an office. He was accused of illegally storing national defense information and facing the threat of a 10-year sentence if found guilty.

Prosecutors say in 2012, FBI agents who searched Lee's hotel room while he traveled to Virginia and Hawaii, found two notebooks containing secret information, including names and phone numbers from CIA agents, notes from meetings, locations operational meeting, location of a secret facility.

According to a report compiled by FBI agents, Lee has been interviewed by the FBI five times in 2013 and never disclosed the ownership of the notebook. He also met his former colleagues at the CIA without returning the materials to the government, the Attorney General's office said in a statement. [ps/jm]

Online Interview for New Generation Intelligence Officer Recruitment in Australia

"Hello, you've arrived. Welcome to the most interesting job interview." Similarly the computer greets applicants who are ready to conduct online interviews.

The Australian foreign intelligence service says applicants must be highly motivated, have strong curiosity, and love to travel.

Online exams are designed to see if applicants have observation skills and a high analysis that could make intelligence officials impressed.

They tested their ability to pay attention to small details, interact with strangers and assess the reliability of information.

"Today's interview is for intelligence officers, careers interesting and challenging that requires a specific skill set.Now, I'll show you a series of questions designed to evaluate whether you're the right person to hire.As a warm-up, here's the first question: when you get out of the elevator, there's a clock on the wall at behind you.You notice the clock shows what time is it? "

That is the excerpt of an online interview conducted. Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop leads this recruitment effort. He wanted only those who were bleeding adventurers who proposed.

"Not many people know much about the Australian Foreign Intelligence Service, and perhaps not many people realize that he can be the ideal intelligence officer, this work involves assignment in another country, and it takes people who are resilient, intelligent, committed to Australia's national interests and ready to work in a difficult environment. "

So Minister Bishop. This recruitment campaign is very different from the tradition of Australian foreign intelligence services that are always confidential. ASIS was founded in 1952 but its existence was only openly recognized 25 years later. Its official mission is to "protect and advance Australia's vital interests."

The selection process of the new ASIS employee takes about 7 months. [ds]

California Damkar Officer Killed When Extinguished Forest Fires

A firefighter was killed on Thursday when he extinguished a major fire in northern Los Angeles, California.

California Fire Department chief Ken Pimlott declined to provide any information about the tragedy, other than to say the victim is an engineer from San Diego.

The firefighters were killed while trying to extinguish the "Fires of Thomas", which blazed since December 4. The fires have destroyed nearly 98,000 acres of land and destroyed 730 homes in the Ventura and Santa Barbara region, Los Angeles.

Officials say the Thomas Fires are the fourth largest fire in California history.

Until Thursday, Thomas's fire was only 30 percent overcame. But the firefighters managed to overcome a number of other large fires in and around Los Angeles.

With so many great fires near San Francisco and Los Angeles, 2017 has been one of the worst fires in California.

Experts blame Earth's warming, dry weather extraordinarily recently, and the dry, hard winds that blow from the California mountains each fall.

California Governor Jerry Brown has warned residents that such fires will be a state of affairs in the state. [sp/ii]