US Vice President in Pyeongchang Attends the Opening of the Winter Olympics

US Vice President Mike Pence has arrived in Pyeongchang, South Korea, to attend the opening ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Earlier Friday morning (9/2), Pence visited the 2nd South Korean Fleet Command in Pyeongtaek , 70 kilometers south of Seoul, to visit the memorial memorial for the South Korean Cheonan warship, which was drowned in a blast by North Korea. The explosion killed nearly 50 Cheonan crew

"Our goal here now is to stand together with our allies. But this is also to uphold the truth. And to understand that whatever image may come with strong Olympic background and ideals, North Korea must accept change, "Pence told reporters at a South Korean naval base before heading to the Olympic site.

North Korea must abandon its nuclear ambitions they ended the days of provocation and threat, and seriously ended his dire human rights record, Pence continued.

The Vice President of Pence also met with a number of North Korean defectors while in Pyeongtaek.


US officials do not rule out the possibility of Pence meeting a North Korean official at this Olympics. North Korea's government media on Thursday said there was no intention on their part to hold such talks.

Pence says his team did not ask for a meeting, but if this happens, he will continue his message that North Korea should completely abandon its nuclear and ballistic missile programs, and will continue to press until the country does so. [uh]

North Korean Delegation Arrives to Attend Olympic Opening

Younger sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has arrived in South Korea.

Kim Yo-jong was the first of the old North Korean ruling families to visit South Korea since the end of the 1950-1953 Korean War. He and his entourage, including North Korean ceremonial head Kim Yong Nam, landed at Incheon International Airport on Friday

Kim Yo-jong, senior member of the ruling Workers Party in North Korea and a key adviser to his brother.

The United Nations permits high-level North Korean delegates to visit South Korea for the Olympics, excluding them from sanctions against the repressive regime.

The exception has an immediate effect on Choe Hwei, the senior leader of the North Korean Workers Party, which has been listed on UN sanctions since 2 June 2017, and subject to travel restrictions and frozen assets.

South Korea's mission to the UN informs the Security Council committee that the 22-member delegation from North Korea is expected to attend the opening ceremony on Friday and stay until Sunday.

Exception by the UN it also allows North Korean delegates to take home the luxury goods whose imports are prohibited. [1 9659002] South Korea proposed the exemption by notifying the UN committee in a letter that the visit "would be a timely opportunity to ease tensions on the Korean peninsula and beyond."

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Kim Yo-jong is blacklisted by the US Treasury, but not a UN blacklist.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in will have lunch with the delegation Saturday (19659002) The lunch will be the culmination of a series of diplomatic efforts between the two fierce rival countries, which began when President Moon approved North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's offer to send his country's athletes to the Pyeongchang Olympics. The offer was presented by Kim in a New Year speech. [uh]

North Korea holds a Military Parade ahead of the opening of the Winter Olympics in South Korea

North Korea hosts a military parade in Pyongyang on Thursday (8/2), one day before the opening of the Winter Olympics in South Korea.

Government sources in Seoul say tens of thousands of people participated or attended the parade and gathered in Kim Il-sung Square to commemorate 70 years of military in the isolated country.

North Korea usually commemorates April 25 as the day of the first revolutionary army in the country by the regime's founder Kim Il Sung, who is also the leader's grandfather. right now, Kim Jong-un. But the government last month announced that it was due to advance on February 8, apparently in an effort to attract international attention before turning to the Olympic opening ceremony in the city of Pyeongchang on Friday.

North Korean military rallies usually feature a line of troops and a new line of weapons in their arsenal , but it is unclear whether the weapon will also be part of this Thursday's parade.

Kim Jong-un sent a large delegation to South Korea to take part in the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, including his sister, a senior member of the Workers Party ruled in North Korea, as well as 22 athletes who will march alongside their South Korean counterparts under common banner. Kim's surprise bid to send a delegate in his New Year speech was greeted vigorously by South Korean President Moon Jae-in. [uh]

US Stock Market Fluctuated Sharply on Tuesday's Opening Morning

The value of US stocks fluctuated sharply Tuesday morning after rising following sharp declines in Asian and European stock markets.

This shock continued a day after the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell sharply in one day, the most negative correction in history for over 120 years.

The Dow fell 530 points when the market opened Tuesday morning, while the Standard & Poors 500 slumped 1.3 percent. Shares in the Nasdaq Composite Index plunged 1.1 percent.

Early Tuesday, the main stock market indexes in Asia also fell sharply, when a massive sell-off on Wall Street on Monday (5/2) rolled into worldwide.

Japan's Nikkei index lost a negative seven percent in one of its trading sessions, before closing at 21,610 points, or down almost five percent. Hong Kong's Hang Seng also fell more than five percent, making Tuesday's trade the worst since August 2015.

The benchmark index in Australia and South Korea also suffered a serious loss.

Initial trading on the FTSE 100 London also fell 3.4 percent at 7,081 points.

Trading in Asian stock markets on Tuesday was impacted by a decline in the Dow Jones close in Monday, a 1.175 point freefall or the biggest decline in US history. Standard & Poor's 500 also suffered a bad day with a drop of more than four percent at 2,648 points.

The stock market lost about one trillion US dollars since Friday when the Dow Jones lost 666 points. The decline came after a solid employment report, which showed that the US economy added 200,000 new jobs and the fastest wage increase in ten years. The increasingly fierce labor market and wage increases are fueling investor concerns about the potential for higher inflation and the possibility of the Federal Reserve raising interest rates faster and higher than in recent years. [em]

North Korea will hold a military parade a day before the opening of the South Korean Olympics

To underscore his defiance of international pressure, North Korea is expected to hold a massive military parade on Thursday, the day before the opening ceremony of the Olympics.

38 North, a North Korean monitoring group, analyzing photos of Pyongyang on Wednesday stated that 12,000 soldiers and 110 artillery devices, tanks and armored vehicles were training parades. There is also speculation that North Korea will deploy newly developed intercontinental intercontinental ballistic missiles this year and was tested last year as a show of strength.

South Korea's Unification Ministry declared that such a North Korean military parade would not affect the game. [uh]