NDDL: Operation of the gendarmerie to clear the roads

A fist operation to clear the roads combined with a judicial police operation in connection with the "exactions" of previous days began Friday at 06:00 on the ZAD of Notre-Dame-des-Landes, has The operation concentrates on the D81, one of the two main roads crossing the ZAD, where an ambush took place Thursday, according to the gendarmes, causing 10 wounded in their ranks. [19659002] "No expulsion is planned today," said the gendarmerie, but "a maneuver clearance axes on the area and a judicial police operation" in the context of "violence against the forces of the order. "

According to a source close to the file, Thursday some 500 opponents, zadistes and their supporters from France and Europe, were present on the ZAD where the airport project was abandoned in January by the government who had promised, however, to expel er the illegal occupants.

The expulsion operation of those who have not submitted any individual agricultural project to the prefecture since January began on Monday, with 2,500 gendarmes, bailiffs and construction equipment, and 29 squats were destroyed in three days

On Thursday, the clearing operations continued under the protection of the gendarmes. But the opponents, irritated to see destroying places of life but also others where they had agricultural projects, call all their support to mobilize since Tuesday evening.

Notre-Dame-des-Landes: clashes during the eviction operation

At dawn in Notre-Dame-des-Landes (Loire Atlantique), security forces launched a massive operation to expel illegal occupants from the ZAD, which resulted in clashes. announces more "complicated" the next days.

"The more it will go, the more it will be complicated", judged the prefect of the Pays de la Loire Nicole Klein. "We made the simplest," she added after the first day of an intervention that mobilized 2,500 gendarmes.

Operations, interrupted at 18:00 according to her, will resume Tuesday at 06H00 , according to the gendarmerie. The gendarmes fired tear gas canisters, according to an AFP journalist.

"The afternoon ends in a grove asphyxiated by tear gas after already long hours of resistance to the destruction of ZAD habitats and farms, "lamented the occupation movement.

" At least nine collective living spaces have perished, with their various special habitats broken, their workshops crumbled, their gardens trampled ", according to his own balance sheet

– "To obstruct" –

The zadistes intend to "prevent" the police from continuing their intervention and "take root" on the spot. They call "all those who can go on the spot from dawn" Tuesday "to obstruct them."

The intervention that began at 06:00, focused on the surroundings of the D281, the ex-route "baffles."

The accesses had been blocked by the mobile gendarmes from 03H00. Images provided by the military show a squadron gendarmerie clearing the road littered with burnt tires, wrecked cars and topped with barricades on fire.

Clashes erupted half an hour after the start of the operation between zadistes and mobile gendarmes at a place called "The black pits", southwest of the D281. A dozen "watchful" tractors barred the road, as well as haystacks and electric poles.

In the middle of the morning, construction machines arrived on the D281. The mirador and the tent of the "Angry Lama" were destroyed by two diggers.

A little later, it is the squat of the "100 names" whose residents have been expelled. The gendarmes had to dislodge dozens of zadistes come to oppose peacefully with the destruction of the place, found the AFP.

"the 100 names did not deposit an agricultural project", declared the prefect, also ensuring that only the precarious facilities would be destroyed and "nothing that is hard."

The destruction of this place is "useless", replied a group of elected anti-airport. It "may be fraught with consequences."

The Acipa, the main association of opponents of the former airport project, and rather moderate, spoke of "red line crossed" after the destruction of " 100 names ", place of life which" carried a real agricultural project, a solid and perennial project ". They called their supporters to "come in numbers" protest Tuesday on the ZAD.

13 squats dismantled –

At 15:30, 13 squats were "treated" and ten people were expelled according to a report of the Ministry of the Interior. Interior. Seven people were arrested and placed in police custody. One policeman was slightly wounded.

Six of the seven persons arrested were in the same vehicle, in possession of narcotics and firecrackers. The seventh is a minor arrested as early as 5:30 am in particular for the throw of a pavement.

The prefect explained that the objective of dismantling a "quarantine squats" out of 97 was "almost reached". Nine ushers are on site, she said.

The aerial flight of the area was banned until next Friday.

Demonstrations were taking place Monday night in Nantes, Rennes and other cities from France to protest the intervention on the ZAD.

The large-scale operation launched on Monday morning plans to expel anyone who has not regularized its situation by declaring new individual agricultural projects.

Almost all of the estimated 250 local zadis do not have it in fact, preferring collective management of the territory and the possibility of carrying out non-agricultural projects.

On January 17, by putting an end to the airport project, Prime Minister Édouard Philippe promised to eradicate the "no right zone" "

The evacuation operation started on Monday is the first of magnitude since the" Operation César "in the fall of 2012, which had turned into a fiasco despite the mobilization of more than a thousand gendarmes and police officers. .

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NDDL: massive and imminent operation to expel illegal occupants

The countdown has begun: a large number of police forces are now on the ZAD of Notre-Dame-des-Landes (Loire-Atlantique), in order to expel them illegal occupants, almost three months after the abandonment of the airport project.

The operation, scheduled "next week", should last at least a week, and mobilize twenty-five squadrons mobile gendarmerie, or about 2,500 soldiers, according to a source close to the file.

On January 17, in putting an end to this fifty-year-old project, Prime Minister Philippe Philippe set an ultimatum for the occupants of the former "deferred development zone", renamed "zone to defend", their giving until the spring to regulate or leave of themselves, under penalty of being expelled.

On Sunday, the day after the end of the winter break for expulsions, this letter of formal notice has expired. And few are the "zadistes" – some 250 currently – to have left the site of 1,650 hectares or to have put themselves in situation of "legality", by declaring for example new individual agricultural projects.

The cancellation of a trip by Édouard Philippe to Mali this weekend, because of a "topical news in France" on the social front, is not foreign to this intervention, according to government sources as the executive prepares his eviction scenario.

 Face-to-face tense between police and zadistes, on November 24, 2012, during a previous attempt to evacuate the ZAD (

Face to face between security forces and zadistes , on November 24, 2012, during a previous attempt to evacuate the ZAD ("Operation César") (AFP / Archives – JEAN-SEBASTIEN EVRARD)

This is the first major operation since the fall of 2012 and a massive evacuation attempt giving rise to violent clashes, called "Operation César", it had turned into a fiasco despite the deployment of more than a thousand gendarmes and policemen.

Five years and half after, the project of transfer of the Nantes airport is not any more. "One will not do again Caesar, that's for sure," warned in March the prefect of Loire-Atlantique, Nicole Klein.

She renewed Wednesday and until the evening of April 12 five prefectural orders, taken after the abandonment of the project and to contain the possible influx of "several hundred radicalized militants". In particular, they prohibit the transportation of fuel, hazardous materials and weapons items in and around the ZAD.

– "Physical Resistance and Determined" –

 Rally in Nantes of former opponents of the Notre-Dame-des-Landes airport project, March 19, 2018 (AFP / Archives - LOIC VENANCE)

Rally in Nantes of former opponents of the Notre-Dame-des-Landes airport project, March 19, 2018 (AFP / Archives – LOIC VENANCE)

Since 9 April as evacuation date has been fleeing into the media Monday night, the "zadistes" have reiterated their calls to come oppose evictions on the site, to rebuild any squat destroyed but also to gather before the prefectures, including Nantes and Rennes.

"As in 2012, we will not let it go: the resistance will be physical and determined", warns the movement of occupation, invoking a "hybrid force" made of "barricades, blockages human or with tractors, sabotage, projectiles , perched huts "or" various harassment ".

External support has already arrived on the ZAD this week to help "fifteen projects", scheduled to last until Sunday, said an occupant to AFP. "It does not count in the thousands but there are people," she added.

The occupiers also promise in case of intervention of the police to block the roads, including the departmental 281. The rehabilitation work of this ex-"road chicanes", protected daily by 200 mobile police officers , ended last week, but the department's decree prohibiting traffic has still not been lifted.

Erected by the state as a symbol of the "return to the rule of law" on the site, RD281 is a point of tension within the very heterogeneous anti-airport movement, because of the presence in its immediate surroundings of a minority refusing any regularization.

 On February 5, 2018, gendarmes protect restoration work on RD281, ex-

On February 5, 2018, gendarmes protect rehabilitation work on RD281, ex- "route des chicanes" ". (AFP / Archives – DAMIEN MEYER)

Some associations, including the main one, Acipa, said as early as January that they would not come "to defend this road which must become circulating". "We may protect places, but if they are the subject of agricultural or para-agricultural projects," says Julien Durand, spokesman for the Acipa.

The massive influx of forces of the 'order' is likely to set fire to the territory tomorrow ", fears Vincent Delabouglise, member of the group of agricultural organizations Buddy 44." Nothing justifies an emergency expulsion ", he estimates, while a" The vast majority of "Zadists" seek to "be in common law" and bring to the state its wish for a convention of temporary and collective occupation of land.

Budget Impasse Returns to Stop Government Operation Cessation

The US Congress on Tuesday (6/2) overshadowed the deadlock of the talks on the government budget, two days before the possibility of halting some government operations, in which members of the Republican and Democratic factions had not reached agreement on how long it would take to extend the related domestic spending budget national defense.

Members of the Republican faction in the House are expected to use their majority vote to pass an expenditure budget that will fund Pentagon operations until the rest of this fiscal year, but funding domestic programs for only six weeks.

"DPR will send to the Senate a bill to fund our entire military during the year, while we work to complete the budget agreement, "said House Speaker Paul Ryan; and added that the Democratic faction should choose to "supply the resources needed to the military."

The Democratic Faction hinted at their intention to block the bill proposed by the House in the Senate, where Democratic factions could request three-fifths (60 percent) The bill could go forward.

"The Democratic Faction has made our position in these talks very clear: we support an increase in the budget for the military and the middle class," said Senate minority leader Chuck Schummer. He added, "the two are not mutually exclusive. We do not want to do one and leave the other. "

The US government budget has been extended four times since late last year and will end at midnight Thursday (8/2). The leaders of both political parties in the Senate have worked together to reach a two-year agreement on all federal operations, but have been forced to consider emergency measures until such an agreement is over. [em/jm]