Some US Government Operations Resumed

Starting Thursday (8/2) midnight local time, part of the American government's operations were again stopped. The Senate recessed until 12.01 pm without passing the bill.

The Senate plans to vote Friday (9/2) on a bill that will allocate billions of dollars for the military and programs within the country. But the fate of the bill is unclear in the House of Representatives because conservative groups refuse to add the billions of dollars to state debt, while liberals are demanding steps to protect nearly two million young immigrants their parents took while illegally trying not to be deported.

Some leaders in the House have advised their partners to "prepare to vote at midnight or tomorrow morning."

Earlier White House Office of Management and Budget spokesman John Czwartacky said late Thursday that "government agencies has been called to review and prepare for the pause "after midnight. [em]

If Congress Is Not Agree, US Government Operations Stop Thursday Midnight

US Senate leaders on Wednesday approved a bipartisan agreement that will fund the federal government for two years, but left the immigration topic at issue unresolved.

Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said, No one thinks this is perfect, but we have worked hard to find common ground and remain focused on serving the American people.the first and foremost, this bipartisan agreement will free us from the various cuts that have harmed the armed forces and endangered our national security. "

But seeking full agreement in the House is more difficult. Minority Leader of the House, Nancy Pelosi spoke at the Congress for eight hours on Wednesday and the contents of the protest and in the end she announced that she would not support the funding agreement until Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan allowed a vote that would respond to the demands of the participants the DACA program, a program that protects young immigrants whose children were illegally brought by their parents to the United States.

Nancy Pelosi, Democratic Minority Leader said, "There is nothing partisan or political in the effort to protect the Dreamers or young immigrants children are brought into the US by their parents illegally.If a DREAM Act is brought to a congressional plenary session, it will get away with strong bipartisan support and I applaud the Republican colleagues who dare speak up about this, but the young immigrants we are now drowned in fear and uncertainty, and cowardice on the part of the Republic must be avoided hiri. "

It is unclear whether a suitable bipartisan funding agreement can be reached in the House before the deadline of Thursday night, so that government operations can continue.

Trump President has signaled support for the Senate deal, which includes an increase in defense spending, after he seemed to threaten to allow the closure of government operations to take place.

Democrats blocked an emergency shopping bill in January, triggering the closure of a three-day federal government operation aimed at protesting Congressional inaction response to DACA, an Obama-created program that would ended March 5th. [ps/jm]

Trump Welcomes Prospect of Closing Some Government Operations

US President Donald Trump welcomes the prospect of closing part of government operations if Congress does not support his immigration reform plan.

His statement was issued on Tuesday (6/2), when he held a meeting with members of a law enforcement community focused on the Mara Salvatrucha gang, commonly called MS-13.

Trump has repeatedly mentioned the crimes committed by the immigrants while emphasizing the need for immigration reform, which he says should include improving border security, stopping family-based serial immigration programs, replacing the green card lottery program with a performance-based system.

"If we do not alter the legislation, if we do not remove the cracks which allows the killers to come in and act, as do the MS-13 gang members, just shut down some of the government's operations, "Trump said.

The president's statement came while the current short-term funding plan will expire midnight Thursday (8/2).

A number of Democratic Party leaders condemned Trump's statement u. Senator Mark Warner said no one should want the closure of government operations, let alone the president of the United States. Democratic lawmaker Steny Hoyer said Trump's remarks in favor of closing government operations were careless and irresponsible. [ab/uh]

Trump Ready to Face Closing Government Operations

Turkey Holds 573 People for Protesting Military Operations in Syria

Turkish authorities have arrested 573 people for opposing Turkish military operations in Syria. Those arrested include Turkish citizens who participated in protest and posted their criticism in social media.

By Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, those who criticize military operations in Syria are referred to as "traitors".

Last month, Turkey started air and ground attacks against Kurdish militia, YPG in the northwestern region of Afrin. The Turkish authorities have repeatedly reminded that the authorities will prosecute those who oppose, criticize or misrepresent military operations named "Operation Olive Branch".

"Since the start of Operation Olive Branch, 449 people have been detained for spreading terrorist propaganda on social media and 124 people arrested for participating in protests, "the Turkish Interior Ministry said in a statement.

The military operation was heavily supported by Turkish pro-government media and by most political parties, except for the pro-Kurdish opposition party.

Last week, the prosecutor ordered the detention of 11 senior members of the Turkish Medical Association, including its chairman , after the organization criticized military operations in Syria, stating: "Not for war, peace soon". The arrest order was later issued to 13 other people who supported the medical organization.

"There are laws that prohibit the glorification of terrorism, support for terrorism through propaganda and the media," said Erdogan spokesman Ibrahim Kalin to the journalists in Istanbul.

The Turkish government considers YPG supported by the United States as a terrorist group and an extension of the Kurdish Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) movement which has been waging an uprising in Turkey since 1984. The YPG group controls the territory of Afrin.

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