Impact of Closure of US Government Operations Against Ministries and Agencies

The United States Federal Government closes partial government operations. But if the closure of the operation takes place for a long time, the impact will be felt.

The United States Army will remain in charge on assignment and letters will still be delivered. But nearly half of the 2 million federal civil servants are banned from performing their duties, if the closure of operations continues until Monday (19/1).

Here's how the impact of the closure of operations on the operation of a number of key institutions of the United States federal government.

Directorate of Taxes (IRS)

According to the planned closure of operations uploaded on the website of the US Treasury, about 44 percent of 80,565 employees of the Directorate of Taxes or Internal Revenue Service (IRS), during the closure of the operation. That is, nearly 45,500 IRS employees will be dismissed as the agency is preparing for the start of the tax reporting period and seeks to understand the major changes to the new tax law.

The designers of the Republican tax law have promised millions of American workers will receive larger salaries next month, and fewer incomes held by employers, in anticipation of lower income tax payments.

But Marcus Owens, who has 10 years in charge of the IRS division dealing with charities and political organizations, says "definitely" most of the salary will be delayed, if the closure of government operations continues.

Ministry of Health and Human Services (HHS)

More than half of the 80 thousand employees will be laid off. The main programs will go as they go because the funding approval of the programs continues and does not depend on annual approval by Congress. But disturbances can occur in large HHS jurisdictional programs, including seasonal flu management programs.

Medicare, which provides insurance coverage for 59 million seniors and disabled people, will continue. Similarly, Medicaid, which protects 74 million disabled and disable people, including residents of nursing homes.

The states will continue to receive payments for the Child Health Insurance Program, which guarantees insurance for 9 million children. However, long-term funding for the program will soon be exhausted, unless Congress renews funding.

Entry into a severe flu season, the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) will not be able to support the government's annual seasonal flu program. And the CDC's ability to respond to outbreaks of disease will diminish.

Department of Justice

Many of the nearly 115 thousand Justice Department employees are responsible for maintaining national security and public safety so they can keep working during operation closure. Special investigation team Robert Mueller, who investigated Russia's involvement in the 2016 presidential election, is also still working. Mueller's office received funding for an indefinite period.

Over 95,000 "excluded" employees include most employees of the national security division, US prosecutors, and most officials of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Narcotics Eradication Agency (DEA) , Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, US Marshals Service or law enforcement under the Department of Justice, and federal prison employees. Trials of criminal cases continue to proceed, but trials of civil cases are suspended as long as they do not interfere with public safety. Most law enforcement training was canceled in accordance with the department contingency plan.

Department of Foreign Affairs

Many operations of the Department of Foreign Affairs continue to be closed. Passport and visa services, which are largely self-funded from fees paid by consumers, will not be closed. The Department of Foreign Affairs' headquarters in Washington, in consultation with nearly 300 embassies, consulates and other diplomatic missions around the world, will list the employees who occupy nonessential posts.

State Department Operations will continue until the weekend and staff are ordered to go to work as usual on Monday (22/1), to find out whether they have been laid off or not.

Department of Defense

The American military will continue to fight and continue missions around the world, including in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. And the military members will keep working, although they will not be paid until Congress approves the budget.

But Defense Secretary Jim Mattis warned Friday that closure of operations would have far-reaching effects.

"Our maintenance activities will be closed," said Mattis, in a speech at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. "We do a lot of intelligence operations around the world and these activities need money, the activity, of course, will stop and I will tell you that training for almost all the reserves will be stopped."

And, while ships remain in the ocean and air strikes against enemy troops continue, the National Guard troops who will carry out weekend training duties across the country will arrive at the armory and will be ordered to return home. [19659002] US Intelligence Services

Employment in 17 American intelligence services Serika will be reduced in large numbers, said a source on contingency procedures.

The official, who has no authority to discuss matters publicly speaking without disclosing his identity, telling employees.

While they can still be on duty, federal employees will not be paid for the days they work during the closure of the operation. In the past, salary payments usually apply retroactively, even if they are ordered to stay at home.

Department of Homeland Security

A spokesman for the Department of Homeland Security says nearly 90 percent of employees are held (19659002) This means that most employees of the Customs and Border Protection and Transportation Security Agency will continue to work, according to the plan for closing the department's operations, dated Friday, January 19.

A total of 78 percent or more than 15 thousand employees of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency will continue to work. The Security Forces of the President or Secret Service, which is under the Department of Homeland Security, will still employ 5,700 employees during the closing of operations.

Department of Internal Affairs

The Ministry of Internal Affairs says national parks and land -products will still be accessible. This decision is a change from the closing of the previous operation, when most of the parks are closed and become dysfunction symbols.

Spokesman Heather Swift says the American community, especially veterans coming to the nation's capital, monuments war memorials and gardens, open to the visitors. Swift says many national parks and wildlife sanctuaries across the country will also be open with limited access, if possible.

He said public streets that have been opened will continue to operate, even though some services that require employees and maintenance, such as campsites, rest rooms and concessions, will not operate. The remote areas and sensitive locations are likely to be limited or closed, he said.

Department of Transportation

More than half or 34,600 of Transport Ministry employees, totaling 55,100 people, will remain in service during the close of operations. Most will remain on duty to the Federal Aviation Administration, which operates the American air traffic system.

Flight inspectors and inspectors of aviation, pipelines and railways, are some officers who will continue to work.

But the process of certifying new aircraft will be limited and airport permits, training of new inspectors, , the development and rise of modernization of air traffic control and the issuing of new pilot licenses and health certificates shall be terminated.

For the National Highway Traffic Safety Agency, the investigation of defects in driving safety equipment will be delayed, incoming information on possible damage from producers and consumers, will not be reviewed. Vehicle and equipment compliance tests will be delayed.

The Federal Highway Administration and Federal Motor Racing Safety Authority, mostly paid from the Federal Highway Trust Fund, will continue to work as usual. The agency's revenue comes from federal taxes on gas and diesel usage, which will continue to be collected. But the activities of publishing the new rules will be stopped for the whole body and nine other institutions.

National Institutes of Health

Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of communicable diseases at the agency, said the closure of government operations would disrupt research and morals at the National Institutes of Health, but would have no adverse impact on patients already enrolled in medical studies.

"We will keep taking care of them," he said, referring to NIH patients, but other types of research would be severely disadvantaged, "Fauci said.

Closing operations could disrupt research that has been running for years, Fauci said. NIH is the main body of government responsible for conducting biomedical research and public health research in 27 institutions and research centers. Research carried out from cancer to trial and vaccine creation

"You can not squeeze the 'stop' button on an experiment," he said.

Environmental Protection Agency [19659002] The head of the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA, Scott Pruitt, has ordered workers to go to work, even though government operations are closed. In an email to all EPA employees on Friday (19/1), said the EPA has "enough resources to keep open for a limited time." He said further instructions would be issued, the closing of operations continued for more than a week.

Instructions from Pruitt differ from the agency's operating policies at the close of past government operations and EPA-uploaded contingency plans on the website. An EPA spokesman said earlier on Friday that the December 2017 plan, is no longer valid. [fw]

Partial Closure of US Government Operations Has Started

US government operations closed partly on Friday midnight US time after the Senate failed to reach a federal budget agreement.

Some Republican senators refused to approve the emergency shopping bill following the steps of all the Democratic senators who rejected the bill. The Senate failed to reach agreement with 50 votes over 49. The new budget bill could be passed if it got at least 60 votes from 100 Senate members.

These results sparked a fierce discussion in the senate and they sought to reach a bipartisan agreement for the government to return to operation. [19659003] The White House issued a statement after a failed deal was reached, and blamed the Democrats, calling the closure of this government operation "Schumer Shutdown," and accused legislators of putting more importance on illegal immigrants than law-abiding US citizens. In a statement the White House said, "If Democrats pay the military, we will open the path of negotiations on immigration reform."

Republican House Representatives also gave a similar statement to the White House.

Democratic Party Steny Hoyer responded to Republican criticism: "They know they need our help, but Republicans continue to insist on partisan process and after failing to fulfill their duties as a government party, and blame the Democrats who refuse to be blackmailed for a short-term extension."

Legislators from both parties blame each other , as well as President Donald Trump, who warned of the impact of the closure of government operations and reasoned that the Democrats refused to approve the budget bill for political reasons to distract from the economic achievements of President Trump.

Democrat Kaine's team denied saying none of his caucuses "wants pe ordering to stop operating, "and quoted Trump's last year's culpability that America" ​​needs closure of government operations. "

Employees are housed, discussions continue

Government agencies are preparing to lay off their employees and stopped some of its operations.

All government operations ceased except for law enforcement / security officers, checkpoints at airports / ports, patrols, embassies, federal hospitals, post offices and federal court systems.

Over 700 thousand employees federal government will be directly affected by "termination" or known as furlough .

"Government shutdown" or a partial closing of this government operation coincides with the one-year anniversary of President Trump's term. The closure of some of the last government operations took place at the time of President Obama, which was on 1-17 October 2013 and resulted in economic losses worth 24 billion dollars.

Negotiations to restore government operations will continue on Saturday and involve Party leaders Republic and Democrats as well as the White House. [dw]

Trump and Democrats Fail to Reach Agreement, Threatening Closure of Government Operations

A meeting between President Trump and Democrats in the Senate on Friday failed to produce a deal that could prevent the closure of government operations after the deadline of midnight Friday, when the authority of the federal budget expires.

" We had a long and detailed meeting, "said minority leader Chuck Schumer in a statement after leaving the White House.

"We are making progress, but there are still a number of things where there are differences. This discussion will continue. "

The Democratic Caucus will block an emergency spending bill that will fund the federal government until mid-February. The House of Representatives passed the bill on Thursday but only with the support of the Republic.

In the Senate, where three-fifths of the majority are required to pass a bill, the Democrats refuse to provide support unless there is a solution to immigration and other specific spending priorities. [19659002] The Republicans accuse the Democrats of prioritizing wrong priorities.

Trump and his Republican counterparts in Congress have repeatedly argued that Democrats will bear the brunt of their guilt when government operations are halted, an accusation the Democrats deny

" If you look at the spectrum of the three branches of government – the Republicans are in control, "said Senator Dick Durbin, a Democrat from Illinois.

While the threat of closing government operations is getting closer, President Trump has canceled plans for a weekend trip to Florida, pending approval of the Senate over a temporary shopping bill. [19659002] Trump is scheduled to attend a dinner to raise funds on Saturday to commemorate his one-year presidency, but as the senate approval of the House's passing bill has yet to be resolved, White House officials say the president will remain in Washington until the issue

"This vote should be easy, but the Democrat leader has convinced his members to thwart any funding bill that does not contain legislation for people who enter the United States illegally," said Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (19659002) "If we look at the spectrum of all three branches of government – the Republicans in control," said Senator Dick Durbin , Democrat from Illinois on Friday.

Dire the head of the Office of Management and Budget Mick Mulvaney said Friday, the chances for the closure of operations to increase after hopes of reaching enough support for Democrats seem to fade. [ps/jm]

Congressional Fight Against, Though US Government Operations Threatened

Despite the threat of closure of government operations overshadowing, Republican members of Congress and Democrats clashed around their respective priorities, ranging from immigration to defense spending. This dispute could result in a failure to extend federal funding.

As the deadline for government spending closer ends, Friday midnight, Congress is still debating about proposals to protect some 700,000 young immigrants who come to America as children.

The larger democrats united to demand that the protection clause for immigrants on the DACA program list be included in short-term government expenditure budgets.

"I will not vote for the extension of government funding, if the bill does not include corrections on the DACA, and I am sure my other Democrats in the House of Representatives have the same opinion, "House member Judy Chu, a Democrat, told reporters after a Hispanic caucus meeting with White House Chief John Kelly. [ps/jm]