China denies Separatist militant contacts in Pakistan

A number of Chinese officials have denied reports that they are in contact with separatist militants in the troubled Pakistani province of Baluchistan to ensure the safety of the tens of billions of planned infrastructure projects planned in the region.

A report from The Financial Times this week said the secret talks between the two sides have lasted five years and Beijing has made direct contact with militants.

However, a top Chinese official who dealt directly with the region said he has not never heard of that gossip. The official himself does not want his name disclosed in the media.

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Sher Muhammad Bugti, representative of the Baluch Republican separatist group , also denied negotiations with China. Nevertheless, a number of other separatist leaders were hesitant to issue a similar denial.

China is planning to build One Belt One Road a development initiative in Pakistan called the China Economic Corridor of Pakistan. The main purpose of the initiative is to build a network of roads and trains that will connect Xinjiang Province in West China and the Indian Ocean through Pakistan. [ab/lt]

Pakistan, the Most Risen Country for Newborns

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) has declared Pakistan the most dangerous country for newborns, arguing that out of every 1,000 babies born in Pakistan, 46 die before reaching the age of one month.

UNICEF issued The findings, Tuesday (20/2) in the framework of a global awareness campaign to demand and achieve solutions on behalf of newborns around the world.

Pregnant women receive far less help when giving birth in Pakistan, where only 14 health workers which is professionally available to every 10,000 people, according to the report.

The report acknowledges the percentage of mothers giving birth at healthcare facilities in Pakistan has increased from 21 percent to 48 percent between 2001 and 2013. The report also suggests the percentage of women who gave birth with the help of midwives in the same period more than doubled from 23 percent to 55 percent.

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"But despite the large increase, partly the result of rapid urbanization and the increasing number of private sector providers who are not under satisfactory supervision, very high infant mortality rate in Pakistan fell by less than 25 percent, from 60 years 2000 to 46 in 2016, "according to UNICEF findings.

Critics have long called for an increase in the health budget in Pakistan, which spends less than 1 percent GDP for health services, while World Health Organization standards must be at least six percent of GDP to ensure the most minimal life-saving services. [gp]

Pakistan Hopes Not to Be List of Terrorist Funding

The United States and its European allies endeavor to incorporate Pakistan into the list of global terrorist financing for failing to comply with anti-terrorist and anti-money laundering regulations.

They filed the case to the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), a global body battling funding terrorism and money laundering, at a meeting that will be closed later this month in Paris.

"I hope the international community does not take actions that hamper our efforts to combat terrorism," Ahsan Iqbal, the Interior Minister of Pakistan, told the media on Monday 19/2).

A published report says Iqbal calls Washington's attempt as an affront to his country's sacrifice in the war on terror.

Pakistan was on the list in 2012-2015. [as/al]

Rapists and Child Killers in Pakistan Sentenced to Death Penalty

An anti-terrorism court in Pakistan has sentenced to death to a man found guilty of raping and killing a six-year-old girl.

The victim, Zainab Fatima, was raped last month in the boy's birthplace, Kasur, in Punjab province . The news of the incident shocked the country, and prompted demands that the killer be punished immediately.

 Imran Ali, rapist and assassin Zainab, was sentenced to death by a Pakistani court on Saturday (17/2).

Imran Ali, rapist and murderer Zainab, was sentenced to death by a Pakistani court on Saturday (17/2).

The massive manhunt in and around the city and DNA testing allowed police to arrest a man named Imran Ali (24 years), who later admitted his crimes. He was tried in a special court in a very safe prison in the provincial capital of Lahore and the media were not allowed to attend the hearing.

Police found Zainab's body in a city dump four days after he was reported missing.

Father of Brutally Killed Child Police Acts Slowly

Ehtisham provincial Attorney General Qadir Shah told reporters out of court on Saturday that Ali was sentenced to death for four counts after being found guilty on charges of rape, murder and terrorism. [gp]

Rapist and Killer of a 7-Year-Old Child in Pakistan Death Sent

The perpetrators of the rape and murder of a Pakistani boy were sentenced to death by a local court. This case had triggered a massive protest to end riot some time ago in Pakistan.

The body of a victim named Zainab Ansari (7) was found in a garbage dump in Kasur district, near the city of Lahore, in mid-January 2018. Four days earlier the victim was reported missing by his family.

Death toll is the 12th similar case that occurred in Mattress over the past year. This has sparked public worries about the existence of rapists and serial killers are free to roam.

As reported by AFP Saturday (17/2/2018), it was revealed in court that the perpetrator named Imran Ali (24) has pleaded guilty to the attack on eight victims , including Zainab. The local police investigator also stated that Ali's DNA also matches DNA samples from eight victims, including Zainab.

"The court handed down the death penalty for four counts and life imprisonment against Imran Ali in the rape and murder of a little girl, Zainab," the prosecutor explained government, Ehtisham Qadir Shah. Qadir Shah said Ali would be put on trial for further deaths of other victims in the future.

In addition to being found guilty of murder and rape of his victims, Ali was also found guilty of terrorism charges. Under the laws of Pakistan, any crime considered to spread terror in the community could be charged with terrorism.

The local court also sentenced a total fine of 3.2 million rupees (Rp 396 million) to Ali for additional charges to conceal the bodies of his victims.

The trial was held at Lot Lakhpat prison, Lahore, for security reasons. Journalists can only approach up to 500 meters from jail and only relatives of victims are allowed to attend the trial. (19459010) "I want him to be hanged in public where he kidnapped Zainab," said the victim's mother, Nusrat Bibi, after hearing the death sentence handed down to the killer of her daughter.

Zainab's killing sparked the show a massive flavor that led to riots in Mattress, a few weeks ago. The demonstrators blame the government for neglecting such cases. Two people were killed during a clash with police in a protest at Mattress. Similar protests also took place in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Quetta and other cities.

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