Former Pakistani Prime Minister Sharif has been declared unfit to lead his party

Pakistan's highest court has ordered deposed prime minister Nawaz Sharif of the ruling PML-N party to be dismissed as party leader.

The Supreme Court ruling on Wednesday (21/2) also annulled all decisions made by Sharif disqualified as a member of the National Assembly last year.

"As a result of the above statement, all steps taken, orders issued, directives given and documents issued by the Respondent No. 4 as Party Chairman after disqualification on 28 July 2017 "

Sharif was removed from his post as prime minister in a widely publicized case and called the Panama Papers scandal, for not announcing his salary from his son's company as part of his assets in his candidacy documents.

Sharif m claiming the decision was part of an influential military conspiracy in Pakistan to remove it from the political world.

The decision was seen as a major blow to Sharif and his party for potentially affecting the upcoming Senate election as well as the parliamentary elections won by Sharif's party. [19659002] As party leader, Sharif signed a candidate's candidacy bid. A senior journalist, Suhail Waraich argues, the election commission may be compromised by the ruling party. [my/jm]

Pakistani politicians denounce China talks with Separatist Baluchistan

There is no talks between China and separatist groups in Baluchistan province, in Pakistan on the protection of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), a senator from the province told VOA.

After reported by The Financial Times, several newspapers in Pakistan say that China has secretly held talks with Baluch militants (Baluchistan natives) for more than five years in an effort to protect infrastructure projects worth $ 60 billion.

CPEC is a project which is funded by China. Once completed, the 3,000-km project will connect China with Pakistan via railways, highways and fiber-optic networks. Through CPEC, China will have access to the Arabian Sea.

Pakistan's Baluchistan province is at the heart of CPEC as it extends between China's Xinjiang region and Pakistan's Gawadar port, located in Baluchistan Province. [as/al]

Pakistani Taliban Deputy Leader Killed by US Drone

The prohibited Pakistani Taliban confirmed Monday (12/2) its deputy leader was among several militants killed in a recent American drone attack near the disastrous Pakistani border with Afghanistan.

In announcing the death of Khan Said Sajna, a spokesman for Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, TTP, said the drone attack before dawn occurred on February 8 in Gorwek, North Waziristan.

Although American officials rarely respond to drone anti-terrorism operations in Pakistan, the isolated tribes there and the Pakistani intelligence officials at that time confirmed Sajna and his troops were returning from the nearby Khost province of Afghanistan when missiles fired by unmanned drones about their vehicles.

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The slain commander is believed to have taken refuge in Khost da n has links to the Haqqani network accused of launching a broad-based terrorist attack against local troops and US-led forces in Afghanistan. His assassination, analysts say, is a big blow to the TTP.

Sajna is wanted by Washington for his role in terrorist attacks against Americans. Pakistani authorities have also searched for plans for a major terrorist attack in the country and masterminded a 2012 jail prison in the northwestern town of Bannu that frees 400 inmates including prominent militants. [gp]

Suicide Explosion Kills 3 Pakistani Army Officials

A suicide blast at a former militant base in northwest Pakistan killed at least three army officers and wounded seven others.

The attack took place Saturday night in a scenic Swat Valley area where military officers engage in sports activities , the official statement said. The statement did not give further details.

Sources told VOA, army officials were playing volleyball when the bomb exploded.

A spokesman for the outlawed Pakistani Taliban immediately claimed responsibility, saying the attack (19659002) Formerly, Swat had been the strong base of the Pakistani Taliban until 2009 when the army launched a massive counter-insurgency attack and drove out militants from the valley.

Since then, peace has returned to the area that is popular among domestic and foreign tourists and militant attacks are very rare in the valley that is touted as Switzerland Pakistan. [gp]

Pakistani Women Activists Reject Accusations of Religious Casting

Women activist Pakistan, Gulalai Ismail, records history by suing people who accuse her of violating the blasphemy laws.

Gulalai, founder of Pakistan-based Sadar NGO Sadar, is accused of insulting Islam. He denied the allegations.

Hamza Khan, 23, a student from the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province launched a social media campaign accusing Gulalai of insulting Islam and Pashtun culture. It seems that Khan is not happy with Gulalai's role as an activist.

Khan, who proclaimed himself as chairman of the Mardan Youth Parliament, uploaded a 12-minute video on his Facebook account page on November 20, 2017. In the video, he called for people to gang up Gulalai (19659003) Concerned about his safety, Gulalai filed a lawsuit against Khan on November 21, which resulted in Khan being detained this week after a Peshawar court declared Khan worthy of trial.

Pakistani authorities intervened and uprooted a video where Khan sounded said that Gulalai must be "finished off" to safeguard Islam.

The judge rejected Khan's request to be released on bail. [ds/sp]