Florida Students will Hold Protest Parade Related to Arms Control

Florida capital officials on Wednesday prepared for hundreds of students to hold a protest march calling for the state legislators to pass arms control measures following the deadly shooting tragedy at a high school in southern Florida.

19-year-old youth accused of mass murder

The shooting action by a man at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland last week, which killed 17 people, was one of the worst school shooting incidents in US. The students at the school and other schools in Florida responded to the tragedy by demanding that local and national leaders take steps that would prevent similar attacks.

Over 100 students of Stoneman Douglas took a bus to Tallahassee to participate in the parade and to meet the legislative leaders.

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"We, the students, are the ones most involved in this tragedy," said a student named Ariana Ortega to VOA before boarding the bus "We are the people who experience this tragic experience and we will be the future leaders of America."

Tuesday (20/2), a number of students visited the Florida Parliament office only to witness the results of the polling the vote rejected the Democrat's proposal to consider a bill that would ban the sale of attack weapons.The Republican faction accused the Democrats of forcing the issue with the gan took advantage of the shooting incident that was done Nikolas Cruz in Stoneman Douglas High School. Cruz performs the action with AR-15, one type of attack weapon. [ab/lt]

Lunar Tradition Continues in America with Annual Parade

Many countries in Asia celebrate the Lunar New Year, or in China known as the Spring Festival, or by many people also called the Chinese New Year. In many Asian countries, this is a national holiday for several days. Although not a holiday in America, Asian communities celebrate this special day in their own way.

In Los Angeles, one of the largest Asian cities in America, several festivals are held over the weekend. In Chinatown – Los Angeles, people thronged the 119th Annual Golden Dragon Annual Parade to watch the lion and dragon dances, and giant balloon-shaped and lion-shaped and countless school bands.

"It's important for us to celebrates the Chinese New Year as it is our heritage, "said Lily Hui of Hong Kong.

This parade became an annual tradition for many Los Angeles residents, including Henry Khou, who has watched the parade since 1980. Henry from Cambodia Chinese descent says in America, he still follows his ancestral land tradition.

Many families watch this parade, hoping their children will continue to appreciate this annual cultural festival and continue the tradition despite being tens of thousands of kilometers from their place of origin . [em/ii]

Trump's proposed Military Parade Will Cost Up to $ 30 Million

Director of the United States government budget, Mick Mulvaney estimates that the military parade wanted by Donald Trump will cost taxpayers up to 30 million dollars.

"I've seen estimates of costs between 10 and 30 million dollars depending on the size of the parade," Mulvaney said. The Budget Committee of the House of Representatives on Wednesday (14/2).

The US government is reportedly considering a parade on Veterans Day.

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Mulvaney told lawmakers the event fund was not included in the 2019 budget that Trump had proposed because the parade plan had just been delivered recently. Mulvaney said the Trump administration should cooperate with Congress "if we decide to carry out" the parade.

Last week, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis told reporters the Pentagon is still in the early stages of planning and is still considering options. Trump proposed holding a parade in Washington after seeing a military march on Bastille Day warning in Paris last July.

There was a bipartisan opposition to the proposal in Congress, most of the MPs saying such a parade would be regarded by the whole world as a symbol of dictatorship .

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham says it will approve a parade that honors members of the armed forces, but a "Soviet-style" parade featuring large military weapons will be a sign of "weakness."

Senator John Kennedy, also Republican, reporters said last week, "I think an unconfident person will be out loud." Kennedy added: "America is the most powerful country in human history, and we do not have to show it off." [my/ii]

North Korea holds a Military Parade ahead of the opening of the Winter Olympics in South Korea

North Korea hosts a military parade in Pyongyang on Thursday (8/2), one day before the opening of the Winter Olympics in South Korea.

Government sources in Seoul say tens of thousands of people participated or attended the parade and gathered in Kim Il-sung Square to commemorate 70 years of military in the isolated country.

North Korea usually commemorates April 25 as the day of the first revolutionary army in the country by the regime's founder Kim Il Sung, who is also the leader's grandfather. right now, Kim Jong-un. But the government last month announced that it was due to advance on February 8, apparently in an effort to attract international attention before turning to the Olympic opening ceremony in the city of Pyeongchang on Friday.

North Korean military rallies usually feature a line of troops and a new line of weapons in their arsenal , but it is unclear whether the weapon will also be part of this Thursday's parade.

Kim Jong-un sent a large delegation to South Korea to take part in the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, including his sister, a senior member of the Workers Party ruled in North Korea, as well as 22 athletes who will march alongside their South Korean counterparts under common banner. Kim's surprise bid to send a delegate in his New Year speech was greeted vigorously by South Korean President Moon Jae-in. [uh]

Trump wants to hold a military parade in Washington

American President Donald Trump wants a military parade in Washington to rival what he witnessed on the last Bastille Day in France and ordered Pentagon leaders to plan to showcase military power in the American capital.

No date has been set for the parade yet The Department of Defense said "in the process of determining specific details."

Possible choices of that date include three American public holidays – Memorial Day dated May 28 which traditionally respects the soldiers killed in the American War, Independence Day, July 4, there was a firework show at the National Mall in Washington or Veterans' Day on November 11, which this year also coincided with the 100th anniversary of the final World War I victory.

The military reportedly preferred November to separate the aura of the parade by its symbolism as an American military force of the controversial American political scene, because the parade will then fall a few days after the November 6 congressional elections.

White House spokesman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said, "The Trump President strongly supports the devotion of American military members who risk their lives daily safeguard state security. He asked the Department of Defense to explore a celebration in which all Americans can show their appreciation. "

Trump often remarks about his desire for a rival American military parade he witnessed on July 14 in Paris on Bastille Day with first lady Melania Trump, as guest of French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife, Brigitte. [my/jm]