Arca LOVE Back to Philadelphia Park

The statue of "LOVE" will be back in Philadelphia, just on Valentine's Day.

The statue of Robert Indiana in 1976 is back where it came from Tuesday (13/2) – and will stop at a number of venues in a parade (19659002) The statue was moved temporarily near City Hall in 2016 when its original location in the park downtown, is being renovated.

The statue is not visible for a year as it requires repair before the park it is reopened to the public.

Love statues that annually become a tourist attraction that will look somewhat different when repatriated to the place of origin. The statue has been repainted according to the original color of red, green and purple which was originally used by the sculptor. At some point after decades, the purple color has been repainted in blue.

The basic design of the rectangular statue is also new, in order to match the manner in which Robert Indiana's works are exhibited. [mg/is]

Former President of South Korea Park Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison

Choi Soon-sil, whose friendship with former South Korean President Park Geun-hye sparked a massive corruption scandal and caused Park's fall from power, has been sentenced to 20 years in jail.

Choi was sentenced on Tuesday / 2) in court in Seoul on charges of abuse of power, bribery and interference in state affairs. The court also charged a fine of nearly 17 million dollars against Choi.

The 62-year-old woman is accused of not only affecting but also controlling Park, even though she has no official post in government, and has used private relationships with the former president to co- large corporations to donate more than $ 68 million, which he subsequently stamped and channeled to the two nonprofits that he controlled.

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The court also sentenced two-and-a-half years to Shin Dong-bin, the leader of the Lotte Group, one of South Korea's main conglomerates, on bribery charges. He was accused of donating more than $ 6 million to a foundation supported by Choi in exchange for government permission to open excise and other privileged treatments.

In a third related case, Ahn Jong-beom, former senior staffer of former president Park, was sentenced six years in prison for abuse of office. [uh]

Park Police Officers Have to Follow Horseback Riding

US Park Police or Park Police of America is one of the first law enforcement apparatus in America. Formed in 1791 by George Washington, this unit is in charge of overseeing all parks or land belonging to the federal government. But now only a few officers are still carrying out their duties on horseback, as mandated by the first American president, George Washington.

The graduation day of the American Park Police officers took place after ten weeks of horseback riding. But as with other inauguration ceremonies, the graduation begins with hours of classroom lessons. One of his curriculum was to become familiar with the four-legged partners.

One of the Park Police Officers – Fallon Higgins – said, "These ten weeks are very much a task I do. Clean the cages and horses, learn new things and work together in a team. It is very useful and educational. "

Officer Fallon Higgins graduated with the highest grade in class for classroom lessons, inspection and horseback riding; accompanied by the praise of his commander, Lieutenant Denise Maradiaga.

"The competition is very tight and the difference in numbers they earn is very small, but Fallon really deserves that high rating. I am very proud of him, "he praised.

Before the graduation ceremony, the horses – generally retired and a donation from the racetrack – were ridden for several rounds.

This preparation was performed before they performed some police tactics from the equestrian police unit, a skill that they train for months.

In the real world, these officers and horses are assigned to control the times, but on this occasion they must demonstrate these skills in the presence of the Minister of Home Affairs Ryan Zinke

"Need special skills for horseback riding, having to go through training and participate in the assignment of the equestrian police unit, they are an important element of our law enforcement," said Ryan Zinke.

The Park Police graduates are also an exclusive member of a police school alumni club because this special graduation ceremony takes place only two years. [em/jm]