Partly Closure The US Government Entered the Third Day

The US Senate will vote Monday midday on legislation to reopen the government until February 8, although there is no certainty that legislation will pass.

Senate leaders Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer are still negotiating an agreement to reopen the activities government and initiate legislative discussions on the protection of a number of young immigrants. But Schumer says neither side has reached an agreement.

The closure of some US government activity began on Saturday morning but was only felt on Monday when federal offices across the country, usually open , remains closed.

Mitch McConnell, leader of the Senate Republican majority faction, said, "It makes us shake our heads. Who brought up this idea? "

Meanwhile Senator Jon Tester of the Democratic faction said," This institution can not even agree to pay for our soldiers. "

The fundamental impasse is still concerned with the timing and substance of immigration reform, including the fate of hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants brought to America when they were children.

Senator Mitch McConnell puts it," In the recent survey, the majority of Americans claimed to keep government open higher priority than closing the government with regard to the issue of illegal immigration. "

Meanwhile, Democrat minority faction leader Senator Chuck Schumer said," The Republican leader wants to make you believe that we, Democrats, are forcing the closure. He forgot that some of his own party members are opposed to budget legislation. Do they make the government hostage over illegal immigration issues? No, it does not seem that way. "

President Donald Trump increases the pressure through Twitter on Twitter. He wrote that "Democrats only want illegal immigrants to flow into America without control."

Meanwhile, a new ad approved by Trump was launched with the aim of uniting the core supporters of the president and attacking the Democrats with a very harsh statement. "The President of Trump is right: Build a border wall Deportation of criminals Stop illegal immigration now Democrats who stand in our way will be involved in every murder committed by illegal immigrants."

Democratic faction says it will not be provoked by attacks of false statements, adding that Democratic leaders in the Senate agreed to fund the construction of a border wall in direct negotiations with Trump last week, but the White House rejected the deal.

Democratic Sen Dur Dickbin, on ABC This Week television show, "The leader of the minority faction Chuck Schumer went there in good faith and made what I consider a significant concession to the president for his strange efforts to build a wall on our border with Mexico, and despite that effort, a few hours later the president's staff called back and said it was over. "

Only the basic services of the government ah that is still being done during this closure, and many federal employees are not working. The 16-day closure of government activities in 2013 has cost about $ 24 billion to the American economy. [uh/lt]

Partly Closure The US Government Continues, Voting is Scheduled Monday

Republican Senate Faction Chairman Mitch McConnell said Saturday he had scheduled a vote at 1am Monday on a temporary budget bill that would fund government operations until February 8.

"I will invite all my colleagues from both factions to unite and do what is really responsible and appropriate for the people we represent.Reasonably clear here.Let's reopen the government.Let continue the discussion of both parties on defense budget, DACA, government budget and all "

On the first day of closing, the senators back and forth to meet the hope of forging a deal.

But Democratic Senator Tammy Baldwin objected to a series of temporary budget plans that continued continues, for that reason only delays the problem and does not accomplish the mandated task of the people United States.

Democratic Chancellor in the US Senate Chuck Schumer on Saturday again denounced President Donald Trump, "The negotiations with the White House are like negotiating with jelly, almost impossible. "

The White House and Republican factions in Congress blame the Democratic faction for what they call" Schumer Shutdown, "accusing legislators of putting the interests of illegal immigrants rather than people United States legal.

Director of Management and Budget of the White House Mick Mulvaney said, "Schumer should try a little harder and be more honest with the president of the United States if we want to see progress in that field."

night of Washington time, leading to an end to unnecessary governmental functions.

Congressmen are at odds with defense and immigration budget issues, including legislative settlement of nearly 800,000 undocumented young people for their parents illegally to the US when they were still at the age of the children. [as]

Partly Closed The US Government Entered the Second Day

The US government remains partially closed Sunday for the second day, and there is no sign of a possible end to the deadlock between the Democratic and Republican factions on the federal budget and immigration issues.

American President Donald Trump presses Congress to resolve the dispute, and suggest via Twitter that if this continues, the Republican faction should revoke the long-standing rule that requires a large majority vote to pass the main bill in the Senate assembly. He said the Republican fraction should impose a simple or narrow majority could pass a long-term budget draft so that a temporary funding bill would not be needed.

Senate members condemned throughout Saturday over who was guilty of the first government shutdown since 2013 , even while some moderate Senators from both parties counseled to see if they could broker an agreement that would reopen the government in time to start the workday this week on Monday.

The majority leader or Republican fraction in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, has scheduled a vote voice at 1am Monday, possibly earlier, of a new temporary budget draft that will open the government until February 8th. But the Democratic faction still insisted strongly on approval to include protection against deportation for nearly 800,000 young immigrants who years ago were taken to the United States illegally by their parents.

Trump whistles on Sunday, "delighted to see how hard the Republican faction fight for our Military and Salvation in the Borders "with Mexico, where Trump wants funds to build walls that would hamper illegal immigration. "Democratic factions only want illegal immigrants to flood into our country unhindered," said President Trump through his cuitan. [gp]

Partly Closure The American Government Starts Saturday Morning

The closure of some American governments began Saturday morning (20/1) after the funding draft was hampered in the Senate. The funding authority reached the deadline of midnight Friday in Washington, which required the cessation of functions deemed unimportant.

Senators continued debate Saturday afternoon (20/1) regarding the provisional funding plan that will fund the government until the end of February 8. Democratic Senator Tammy Baldwin, however, opposes a continuous round of interim funding plans, saying it only stifles problems and fails to perform duties for the American people. "

On Friday (19/1), several members of the Republican faction joined with almost all members of the Democratic faction opposing the funding plan, requiring 60 percent of the Senate's support to qualify in the 100-member Senate assembly.

The result caused angry talk among Senators inside and outside the Senate assembly, which sought to reach the agreement of both factions at the last minute to restart the flow of federal funds.

The White House responded promptly to failure to reach a financing agreement in the Senate. The White House said in a statement that the Democratic faction is inhibiting its settlement and blamed them for what it called "Schumer Closure" and accused the Democratic faction of putting more importance on illegal immigrants than legitimate Americans. The statement said "when the Democratic faction begins paying for army operations and our first-aid officers will reopen the negotiations on immigration reform."

President Donald Trump, via his twitter account, Saturday morning (20/1), said, "Democrats prefer the illegal immigrants of our great army or salvation on the dangerous southern border, they can easily reach an agreement but instead decide to play the political closing of the government. "

Republican factions in the House of Representatives made similar statements to the White House . [gp]