Malaysian and Japanese Maritime Patrol Boats Hold Joint Exercise

Malaysian maritime bodies and coast guards have been conducting joint exercises for a week, mainly exercises of resistance to piracy at sea and search and rescue operations or SAR.

Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency says Japan Coast Guard sent his patrol boat Tsugaru and over 50 crew for training at Kuantan Harbor, northeastern Malaysia. The agency said KM Pekan, one of two patrol boats supplied to Malaysia by Japan, would participate in the exercise.

The Malaysian maritime agency said in a statement Monday that this is the third such exercise five years to help increase capacity because "maritime piracy and cross-border maritime crime remain a significant threat" in Malaysia's maritime zone. [gp]

Trump Praises Border Patrol Officers for Supporting Immigration Plans

President Donald Trump on Saturday praised the National Frontier Patrol Board for supporting the White House immigration reform proposal in a television interview.

As chairman of the Board, Brandon Judd represents about 18,000 agents and support staff of Border Patrol . In the television interview, Judd explains why he supports Trump's plan to build a wall along the border with Mexico.

Historically, he said, where there is a physical barrier, where illegal immigrants infiltrate sharply.

The Trump Plan will raise 25 billion dollars to build a border wall, which is the promise of the Trump campaign. The funds will also be used for other points of entry and strengthen the northern border with Canada.

In addition to funding the construction of the border wall, the plan also removes programs that allow immigrants to sponsor other family members to come to America.

immigration reform also proposes an end to the lottery sweep of immigrant visas for certain countries. For the 1.8 million young immigrants brought into the United States illegally while still a child, there will be a long track accompanied by conditions for citizenship status. [ds/sp]

Viral Police Photos Discover a 5 Meter Piton Snake While Night Patrol

A picture of a policeman who was on the night's picket was being viral on social media. In the photo seen the police found a python whose length is about 5 meters.

The incident took place in Queensland, Australia. The Queensland Police Service's Facebook account uploads a picture of the brave police officer.

"Boss, we need a higher ladder, while the night patrol near Wujul Wujul The officer is waiting for the snake to leave," wrote the Facebook account.

At that moment, fellow police officer got out of the car and took a photo. The snake then moves from the path.

Meanwhile, when interviewed by the BBC, the police who discovered the snake revealed there was no suspicion of any reptile animals.

"The size of a snake is about 5 meters You will never know what You face in a shift, "the policeman said.

As of Friday (15/12/2017), the photo post has got 32 thousand responses and 19,808 times shared.

(nkn / ita)

Militants Attack Patrol, Killed 2 Soldiers

The Pakistani military said on Tuesday that militants opened fire on armed vehicles patrolling the mountainous Afghan region of Afghanistan on the border with Afghanistan, killing two soldiers.

The statement said military vehicles were attacked in the North Waziristan tribal region. No one has claimed responsibility for the attack, but Islamist militants have long been operating in the area.

The military has conducted massive operations in the region, but militants easily cross the unprotected Afghan-Pakistan border to take shelter in the other side of the border. They can also carry out attacks across the border.

The Pakistani military has built a fence on a winding border in a remote and difficult mountainous region, to withstand militant movements.

Afghanistan objected to the construction of the fence. [lt]