Rare! Photos of South Korean President Appear in Korean Official Media

  Moon Jae -in appeared in North Korea's official media (North Korea) today, with four photographs on Rodong Sinmun , the official mouthpiece of the ruling North Korean party. This is a rare thing to happen.

As usual, the headlines on the front page of the newspaper are filled with the activities of the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un – in this edition, Kim gets a gift from the Air Force commander Zimbabwe who visited.

But the front page of the newspaper also posted seven photos of the departure and arrival of the North Korean diplomatic delegation to the South Korean Olympic Games, led by the head of the ceremonial state Kim Yong Nam and sister Kim Jong Un, Kim Yo Jong

Inside, the media displayed other photographs of their encounter with Moon and the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics – four photographs of which featured Moon who was named president.

As reported by news agency AFP Saturday (10/2/2018), it is very unusual for the North Korean media to post a photo of a South Korean leader. It is also rare for the North Korean media to name the South Korean leader as president – as long as this North Korean media calls him chief executive or another term.

The official North Korean news agency Korean Central News Agency ( KCNA ) this time also mentions Moon as president. Nam Yong Nam Yo Jong is the first names mentioned KCNA in his report on the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in South Korea. Moon just appeared in the fifth paragraph: "Also present Moon Jae In and South Korean political and social figures."

But the media did not mention who sat in the same area as Moon and as well Kim Yong Nam and Kim Yo Jong. "The audience cheered and applauded when North and South Korean athletes entered the arena together behind a unification flag," wrote Kronna . ] <! –


This Short Eskalator Photos Make Netizen Wonder

Viral photos of an escalator in a shopping center in Chongqing, China. Therefore, the escalator is only a short distance and does not work anymore.

The photo was widely spread on social media and became a conversation. Its location at the doorstep loby shopping center. Reported by the South China Morning Post, Saturday (23/12/2017), the short escalator is now no longer functioning.

Meanwhile, next to the escalator there are stairs that can be used for visitors.

"The escalator did not operate for several years, and it was time for people to use it for fun," said a sanitation officer at the mall.

A visitor said the escalator was just a decoration. Because it can not be used.

"The escalator is not working and no one is wearing it, it's like an ornament," said one visitor.

Previously, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, the world's shortest escalator is in Kawasaki, Japan. The escalator has only five steps.

(nkn / rna)

Viral Police Photos Discover a 5 Meter Piton Snake While Night Patrol

A picture of a policeman who was on the night's picket was being viral on social media. In the photo seen the police found a python whose length is about 5 meters.

The incident took place in Queensland, Australia. The Queensland Police Service's Facebook account uploads a picture of the brave police officer.

"Boss, we need a higher ladder, while the night patrol near Wujul Wujul The officer is waiting for the snake to leave," wrote the Facebook account.

At that moment, fellow police officer got out of the car and took a photo. The snake then moves from the path.

Meanwhile, when interviewed by the BBC, the police who discovered the snake revealed there was no suspicion of any reptile animals.

"The size of a snake is about 5 meters You will never know what You face in a shift, "the policeman said.

As of Friday (15/12/2017), the photo post has got 32 thousand responses and 19,808 times shared.

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