Investigate the Loss of Submarines, Argentine Police Gerebek This Place

Buenos Aires
 Argentina's Federal Police launched a series of raids as part of an investigation to find out what happened to the ARA submarine San Juan, which disappeared since November 15, 2017. Raids were conducted in Mar de Plata, Puerto Belgrano and Buenos Aires.

Federal Judge Olivia Marta Yañez, who led the investigation, ordered the raids at the Submarine Command Base and his armory. Another arsenal at the Puerto Belgrano Navy base was also raided. Similarly, the Directorate General of Naval Supply in Buenos Aires

The judge said as reported by the Turkish news agency, Anadolu Agency, Saturday (27/1/2018), so far no one has been prosecuted in the case the. But various steps have been taken to find out what happened to the 44 people who were on the lost submarine.

Many relatives of the submarine crew have lived for days at the Submarine Command Base, for (19659002) "The minister seems to be open to proposals and incentives we propose, such as the gift offer or the provision of economic aid to sailors' children Now we need concrete action," Marcela Moyano, wife from Hernán Rodriguez, one of the missing submarine crews.
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Vladimir Putin orders terrorist to be shot dead in place

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered terrorists to be shot dead on the spot. This order was delivered by Putin after a bomb explosion shook supermarkets Saint Petersburg to injure 14 people.

Putin called the explosion that occurred on Wednesday (27/12) night this local time as an 'act of terror'. The explosion came from a homemade bomb inserted into a locker at a local supermarket. The explosion triggered panic by local residents.

"As you know, acts of terror took place in Saint Petersburg yesterday (27/12)," Putin said during a ceremony for awarding military personnel involved in operations in Syria, as reported by AFP 29/12/2017).

Putin further calls himself having ordered Russian security services to 'act decisively' and 'exterminate bandits' if armed militants take the fight.

In a separate explanation to journalists, a Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, calling Putin referring to all those 'who plan to commit acts of terror' in Russia.

The explosion incident in Saint Petersburg came after earlier this month, the FSB Security Service said it has managed to prevent a terror attack against an Orthodox Cathedral in Saint Petersburg with the help of the CIA, the US Intelligence Service (US).

On that matter, Putin has expressed his gratitude to US President Donald Trump.

It is known that Russia intervened militarily against the Syrian conflict since 2015 to assist Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's regime. But the Russian involvement made the country a direct target of the group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Director of FSB Security Service Alexander Bortnikov said it remained wary of the return of militants from Syria, the 2018 World Cup and presidential elections in March next year. The city of Saint Petersburg itself will be the location of several World Cup matches including the semi-finals.

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