Pakistan Plans Rombak Madrasah System

In an effort to overcome militancy and alleged abuse of madrasah by some militant groups, the Pakistani government recently announced plans to place all madrasah under an official educational structure.

Home minister Ahsan Iqbal reportedly said in a seminar last month, the government has already allocated funds to start the education sector reform and this includes the modernization of the education curriculum and incorporating traditional religious schools into the official governmental education structure.

The new move is part of efforts to prevent abuse of religious schools by militant groups. 19659002] Of the four provinces in the country, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province seems the most miserable of the others in madrasah problems abused by militant groups.

According to the Madrasah Council of Pakistan, today there are approximately 2.5 million students studying in more of the 35,000 registered madrassas . And there are still thousands of unregistered madrassas. Some madrassas are accused of having links to terror groups and spreading hate speech and intolerance. [as]

President Trump Announces Infrastructure Plans

Improving America's aging infrastructure is one of President Donald Trump's main campaign promises. On Monday he announced a plan he said would spur the biggest and boldest investment in infrastructure in American history.

"This framework will result in unprecedented investment in infrastructure in America, 1.5 to 1.7 trillion dollars. We will have a great deal of cooperation on public-private projects and with the way projects will be completed on time and within budget. This will speed the approval process from 10 years to two years or maybe a year, "said Trump President.

Some analysts call Trump's blueprint unrealistic." If we ask any economic experts or if we ask anyone who has a background in mathematical knowledge, then the plan is purely a fantasy, "said Ryan Collins, an analyst at the Center for American Progress policy research institute.

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Ryan Collins says that Trump's infrastructure plan is particularly apprehensive especially since his tax reforms include drastic cuts on infrastructure projects and he says private investors will only invest in projects that have high levels of high return on investment

"So what we see is the increase in the number of nets n toll and rising costs of its users, all of which will be needed to pay off debts to investors who have spent so much money to close the gap in funds from state budgets that do not reach the required targets, "he said.

Ryan Collins said that privatization highways in some states have resulted in high toll rates so people can not afford them. If the states were forced to pay for infrastructure costs, the states would eventually raise taxes on their respective residents.

Democrats in Congress also rejected the proposal, which they said would enrich large companies at the expense of taxpayers. They advocate a public infrastructure budget of $ 1 trillion, which means that it will add to America's already large debt.

Trump's infrastructure plan is part of a $ 4.4 trillion budget proposal that is also expected to boost the US deficit. [lt/ab]

Trump Praises Border Patrol Officers for Supporting Immigration Plans

President Donald Trump on Saturday praised the National Frontier Patrol Board for supporting the White House immigration reform proposal in a television interview.

As chairman of the Board, Brandon Judd represents about 18,000 agents and support staff of Border Patrol . In the television interview, Judd explains why he supports Trump's plan to build a wall along the border with Mexico.

Historically, he said, where there is a physical barrier, where illegal immigrants infiltrate sharply.

The Trump Plan will raise 25 billion dollars to build a border wall, which is the promise of the Trump campaign. The funds will also be used for other points of entry and strengthen the northern border with Canada.

In addition to funding the construction of the border wall, the plan also removes programs that allow immigrants to sponsor other family members to come to America.

immigration reform also proposes an end to the lottery sweep of immigrant visas for certain countries. For the 1.8 million young immigrants brought into the United States illegally while still a child, there will be a long track accompanied by conditions for citizenship status. [ds/sp]

North Korea plans military event ahead of Pyeongchang Olympics

North Korea is preparing for a grand event to mark the 70th anniversary of the country's military establishment on February 8, just one day before the opening ceremony of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in South Korea. Officials refused to confirm exactly what was planned for the event.

A massive show of military power can infuriate South Korea, hoping the Olympics will be a symbol of peace and stability. Seoul has approved the proposal of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un about sending delegates to the Olympics and making South Korean athletes parade with North Korean teams under the blue and white "unification" flag.

Pyongyang residents have gathered daily under the temperature about minus 15 degrees Celsius to practice doing what is expected to be a massive gathering of civilians in Kim Il Sung Square. Meanwhile, satellite images obtained by foreign analysts show military units performing exercises at an airfield on the outskirts of the city, possibly for a military parade.

Over the past few days, the area around Kim Il-sung's field itself has been sporadically closed for traffic.

Activities in Pyongyang like that are common before parades or large-scale meetings. It took months to organize activities that could involve thousands of troops and tens of thousands of civilians gathered in the square with their flags, plastic bouquets and colorful cards that they drafted in a compact way to create gigantic slogans visible from the stage (19659002) For security reasons, North Korean officials usually do not release any previous details on such activities. The massive military parade is usually attended by Kim Jong-un and other high-ranking officials. [uh]

UN Security Council Plans to Votise Reject US Recognition of Jerusalem

The UN Security Council on Monday (18/12) plans to vote on a draft resolution that denies US recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. As a permanent member of the UN Security Council, the US is likely to veto the Egyptian-sponsored text.

The Reuters news agency said the resolution did not name America or President Donald Trump. But the draft reveals "deep regret over the recent decision on the status of Jerusalem." The draft also called on all UN members to refrain from establishing an embassy in Jerusalem.

There has been no response so far from America, but the answer may appear as a veto on Monday.

President Trump said his decision last week recognized Jerusalem and eventually moving the American embassy there was a "reality recognition," saying it was not only a historic capital for Jews but also the capital of modern Israel.

Many European countries and other countries judged Trump's decision wrong and said no plans to move the embassy they are to Jerusalem.

Israel says Jerusalem has so far become its undivided eternal capital. But the Palestinians want east Jerusalem as the future capital of the country, and claim the American announcement is canceling the peace talks.

The United States states the physical location of its embassy is not related to talks on a two-state solution in the Middle East. [ka]