Argentine Police Discover 389 Kg of Cocaine at the Russian Embassy

Buenos Aires
 A 389-kilogram cocaine drug was discovered and seized from the Russian Embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina. A number of drug dealer gangs have been arrested over the findings of this cocaine.

Spoken by Argentine Security Minister Patricia Bullrich at a press conference as reported by AFP and Reuters Friday (2/23/2010), that the drug was found in the annex section of the embassy building Russia. Estimated drugs found to have a market value of about US $ 62 million (Rp 834.9 billion).

"Gangs of narcotic criminals attempt to utilize a diplomatic courier service at the Russian Embassy," said Bullrich. The drugs reportedly will be brought on board to Europe.

Bullrich said the Police of Argentina and Russia decided to conduct a joint operation after the Russian ambassador provided information on the findings of 16 drug packages at the embassy in December 2016. This year-long operation aims to capture the perpetrator.

It is known that the drug package will be shipped via diplomatic flights to Russia. Therefore, the team deliberately swapped the contents of the 16 drug packages with flour and attached the tracking device to trap the perpetrator.

"The tracking device is placed in a suitcase that will be shipped via ship to Russia, which is the goal," Bullrich told reporters.

The tracker led to the arrest of five suspects, two in Argentina and three in Russia. One of those arrested in Argentina was a local police officer. One leader of this syndicate, called Bullrich, is still hunted.

In addition to being targeted to Russia, the drug is also suspected to be sent to Germany, where the dwarf resident of this drug syndicate. "We believe the German police will catch the fugitive," Bullrich said.

Drugs found in the Russian Embassy are believed to have originated from Colombia or Peru.

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Gratification scandal, Netanyahu's close man arrested by Israeli police

Tel Aviv
 The issue faced by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is deepening with the arrest of a number of his close associates regarding the growing gratification investigation. One of those arrested was a former spokesman for Netanyahu's family.

The arrest was made less than a week since the Israeli police claimed they had enough evidence to indict Netanyahu over allegations of fraud, bribery and breach of trust. As reported by CNN Tuesday (20/2/2018), Israeli police have revealed that they have arrested seven people over allegations of impeding investigation, fraud, breach of trust and a number of other indictments.

Those arrested, referred to as believers or people close to Netanyahu. Two of them are Nir Hefetz who is a former spokesperson for the Netanyahu family and Shaul Elovitch who is a multi-millionaire owner of an Israeli media company considered a close associate of Netanyahu.

The arrest was made on Sunday (18 / 2) local time, after a joint investigation between the police and the Israeli Security Authority (ISA), which conducted its own investigation last year. In court documents filed with the Tel Aviv Tribunal, the judge, who in his decision detained one of the suspects, said there was a "major development" in the investigation. But the judge did not explain the progress in question.

Netanyahu has not been named a suspect in a recent investigation, which the local public calls the '4000 case' or 'Bezeq case'. Bezeq is an Israeli telecommunications company in the center of the investigation.

In this case, the charges focus on the practice of conspiring senior Bezeq officials with the Israeli Ministry of Communications to benefit Bezeq. One of them fabricated a total receipt of 170 million shekels to benefit Elovitch. Instead, Netanyahu and his family got positive reviews from Elovitch's online media, named Walla! News.

The arrest of seven Netanyahu-linked men is seen increasingly bringing police to Netanyahu, who has repeatedly denied any violation of the law. Hefetz was arrested on charges of obstructing investigations and accepting bribes. Hefetz through his lawyer has denied this accusation.

While Elovitch is charged with fraud, bribery, money laundering, breach of corporate trust and several other charges. Like Hefetz, Elovicth also denied the charges through his lawyer. Elovitch is known to own the cable company 'Yes' and control the shareholders of Bezeq.

In addition to the two names, the five others arrested were Elovitch's wife and boys, Iris and Or, Elovitch's right hand, Amikam Shorer, then CEO of Bezeq Stella Handler and Former Director General of the Ministry of Communications of Israel Shlomo Filber. It is known that Netanyahu has served as Israel's Communications Minister. Filber served under Netanyahu.

Case 4000 is the fourth case that dragged Netanyahu and those close to him. The other three cases are 1000 cases, 2000 cases and 3000 cases. Netanyahu has been named as a suspect in the first two cases. A third case investigation or 3000 case is still continuing. The case involved the purchase of German assault vessels and submarines for millions of dollars.

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Chief Thai Police Chief Admits Borrowing Money from Brothel Owners

Former Chief of Police of Thailand, Somyot Poompanmoung, claimed to have received a loan from a brothel owner who is now a fugitive over sex trade cases. The loan was called to reach the amount of US $ 9.5 million (Rp 126.9 billion).

As reported by AFP Thursday (15/2/2018), in the interrogation held today, Somyot reported has admitted to receiving large amounts of money loan at Bangkok's 'Victoria Secret' brothel owner, who is now the focus of a sex trade probe.

The place has permission as a massage place, but in practice it becomes a brothel. The brothel was raided by police last month, with about 100 sex workers secured. There are at least 13 sex trafficking victims among the sex workers, some of whom are underage and known to have originated from Myanmar.

But to journalists, Somyot is reluctant to disclose his testimony during interrogation by the Special Investigation Department DSI) to the Thai Police. He was asked about his relationship with Kampol Wirathepsuporn, owner of 'Victoria Secret' who is now a fugitive. "I am here as a witness to give information, I can not talk about the details," said Somyot who now runs the Thai Football Association.

This place is one of the 'massage parlors' in Bangkok that offer sex services in dozens of booths private bathub equipped. Prostitution is technically a violation of the law in Thailand. But the prostitution industry is growing rapidly due to the culture of bribery and protection money from local authorities. The raid of a plus-plus massage parlor like this is only done when there is an alleged involvement of minors.

In the raid of 'Victoria Secret' some time ago, found a big book mentioning 20 names of officials allegedly receiving free food, free liquor and even free massage from illegal business.

At least seven pimps and related agencies' Victoria Secret 'has been detained on trafficking charges. But Kampol and his wife are still at large. The Thai authorities are still investigating officials suspected of 'protecting' the brothel.

In a separate statement, the Director of the Bureau of Trafficking in DSI Supat Thamthanarug confirmed that no criminal charges were charged to Somyot in this case.

Last week , Somyot had called Kampol an old friend who helped him financially when needed. Somyot said the loans from Kampol were granted according to the legal corridor and reported to the Anti-Corruption Agency by 2015. It was clear that Somyot was still Chief of the National Police of Thailand

"Borrowing is borrowing, helping is helpful and afterwards the money returned, "said Somyot who tried to brush off allegations of lawlessness against him. He also declared himself not asking where the borrowed money came from.

The relationship between the high-ranking police officer and the brothel owner still provokes the Thai public's attention. Some time ago, Thai Deputy Prime Minister General Prawit Wongsuwan was pushed back because of the dozens of luxury watches he wore in recent years.

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Hassle The Police While Chasing 'Sam' Si Angsa on the Streets

 Instead of catching criminals, a policeman in the UK was even overwhelmed while catching a goose. He chased the goose to be caught and then put on a police jacket.

The Jamie Payne police initially found a goose on a street near a building in Reading, England.

When it gets captured, the goose goes even further into the crowded streets. The chase was done by running. (19659003) Fuck The Police Is On The Run 'Sam' The Swans on the Street “/> Fuss This Police While Chasing 'Sam' The Swan on the Street Photo: Twitter Reading Police

After running in the middle of the street, Payne managed to capture swan and took it to safety.

By Payne, the goose was then put on her police jacket to warm. Not to forget, both also had a picture taken together near the police car.

The swan was also named by him. The selected name is 'Sam'. Payne then took Sam to a local animal charity.

Local police say that Payne is actually referred to as a 'goose cap specialist'. In April 2017, Payne also managed to save a single goose into the street.
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