Can the President of Trump be subject to impeachment articles?

Toward the end of his first year as President of the United States, the voices and demands that the House begin the process of impeachment of Donald Trump are becoming stronger.

Earlier this month, the House rejected the demands of 58 Democrats to do so, but a petition for impeachment launched by wealthy businessman Tom Steyer has collected more than 3.5 million signatures:

Constitutional law expert John Bonifaz says the attempted impeachment is not necessarily due to dissatisfaction with presidential policies.

"This concerns the Constitution and the basic principles of the state, that no one is above the law, nor the President of America."

John Bonifaz said to radio and TV democracy now, two articles that were violated by the president and could be used as reasons for impeachment is:

"The first chapter that prohibits the president gets any financial payments or gains from the government intang alien. The second says, the president should not receive any financial or payment benefits from any federal or state government, other than the salary paid by the government. "

John Bonifaz said again, the president had more than 100 companies or business interests across the board the world, and many of them bringing illegal profits from abroad, and from foreign governments through their companies, the Trump Organization.

Trump also has many properties in America that benefit from the states. The most striking example is the post office building of the federal government in the City of Washington DC, which is rented out to Trump for a luxury hotel in the heart of the capital.

"We see a longer list of offenses that could serve as a basis for launching an investigation in Congress, whether sufficient material for impeachment or impeachment, along with the investigation being undertaken by special investigator Robert Mueller. "

The investigation led by the former director of the Federal Inquiry Service or the FBI was centered on whether there was any Russian intervention in last year's presidential election and whether there are secret contacts between Trump's official team officials and Russia.

Bonifaz said, the two investigations have nothing to do and can be done at the same time.

"That's called impeachment, or abuse of power, and abuse confidence of the people. "

In addition, kat a Bonifaz, the President of Trump has also threatened to wage a nuclear war against North Korea and provide support to neo-Nazi groups and white supremacist groups.

"All that is worth investigating by the House of Representatives to see if it can be used to run the impeachment process" Bonifaz added. [ii]

Philippine President Visits Philippines Mall Burned Locations in Davao

The mayor of Davao city of southern Philippines said firefighters on Sunday found a corpse from a fire at a mall and ensured that there was no possibility of 36 people trapped inside the call center on the fourth floor survivor of the blaze.

Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio says the missing workers' families are told the possibility of survival for their loved ones is zero.

The fire that raged on Saturday was seized on Sunday but smoke continued to rise from the building

Davao firefighter Honeyfritz Alagano told the French news agency that the blaze might start in a third-floor furniture store. Late Saturday night, the mayor who is also the daughter of President Rodrigo Duterte, accompanied his father and Roman Catholic officials to the mall to entertain the families of employees trapped in the mall's call center. [my/al]

President Trump is proud of the achievement of the Tax Reform Bill

American President Donald Trump, on Wednesday (21/12) boasted of his legislative achievement, a major overhaul of American taxation which he called the fulfillment of campaign pledges. Trump spoke shortly after the US Congress approved a tax-escalation bill passed in the Republican-dominated House of Representatives.

Democratic Faction in Congress criticized the bill, which they say benefits a great deal to the richest people in America and includes a gap which allowed the company to avoid taxes.

President Donald Trump is very happy to address a group of audiences outside the White House on Wednesday with the backdrop of Republican congressmen who greet him with a loud noise

This is the biggest tax cut and I always say the most massive in our country's history and tax reform is really something special, "said Trump President.

President Trump said the tax reform would provide relief to middle-class Americans and would helping farmers who are struggling to maintain farming and farming areas and businesses them. He also said tax reform would encourage companies to invest in the United States.

"This means the company will return to America, and I am campaigning for the fact that we will not lose our company again. Companies will survive in our country. They will live in our country, and we have seen what has happened so far, "Trump explained.

But the Democrats object to how the bill was passed in Congress in a hurry without public hearings and the latest addition to the latest amendments. They say that the bill contains a loophole that will be used by companies to avoid paying taxes.

"Corporations are doused with cash now, the stock market is booming, but there is no job creation See all companies that have said they will use the money from tax breaks to buying stocks, for dividends that do not affect the average American, "said Chuck Schumer, chairman of the Senate Minority faction.

Chuck Schumer said that the tax breaks granted to ordinary Americans would be erased by an increase health insurance premiums they have to pay.

House Democrats Nancy Pelosi, the Democrats' House of Representatives, said the bill grants more than 80 percent of the benefits to the top one percentage of wealthy Americans, while 86 million working families will rise tax

"The crumbs of contempt they gave to kel Working families are few and only temporary. The tax cuts for companies are huge and permanent, "added Nancy Pelosi.

In the near future, under the tax laws the majority of taxpayers will receive lower tax bills, but the various types of deductions will expire in 2025. Invite the tax-reforms are projected to add more than $ 1 trillion in American debt in the next decade, which is currently close to $ 20 trillion. [lt/ab]

US Vice President Mike Pence will visit Egypt and Israel

US Vice President Mike Pence will visit Egypt and Israel next week, regardless of controversy and cancellation of the meeting as a result of the American government's recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Vice Presidential Assistant said Pence will travel to Cairo and Jerusalem Tuesday, amid demonstrations and diplomatic tensions about dramatic changes in US policy.

The administration of President Donald Trump sparked criticism earlier this month, formally recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, effectively disregarding Palestinian claims over the city.

The status of the city of Jerusalem has finally been seen as a central element in reaching a peace treaty.

Palestinian leaders say Pence is not welcome and openly rejects a request for a meeting with the US vice president.

Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas abandons plans to meet with Pence in Ramallah and warned that the United States no longer plays a role in the peace process.

A high official in the Pence office accused the Palestinians of "refusing again an opportunity to discuss the future of the region."

The Pence journey has also been established to center on the role of religious leaders in the Middle East, but the plan also failed.

The Egyptian Coptic Pope, Chronicle II also canceled a meeting with Pence, saying that Trump's announcement had failed to account for the "millions" of Arabs.

The United States will address the Israeli Knesset (Parliament) meeting with Israeli and Egyptian leaders Benjamin Netanyahu and Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in the five-day trip. [ps/al]

President Putin rejects Russian accusations over US election

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday rejected allegations of Russian interference in last year's US presidential election and said President Donald Trump's opponents spread the allegations to undermine his legitimacy.

Speaking at the annual marathon press conference at Moscow, Putin expressed hope that American-Russian relations will return to normal.

American intelligence agencies have concluded Putin ordered a campaign to influence American voters to support Trump, to defeat former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Trump has declared his campaign team not in collusion with Russia.

Putin on Thursday declared that Russia is worried the United States will come out of a deal on arms control, while its country will continue to abide by the treaty. He also said the Russian military would develop weapons as needed, without the need to engage in an arms race with the United States.

Regarding North Korea, Putin said the use of violence by the United States would only have devastating consequences. He said Russia could not accept North Korea's nuclear status and blamed the United States for provoking North Korea to develop its nuclear program.

A week after the International Olympic Committee decided that Russian athletes could not compete under the banner of their country at the upcoming Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang , South Korea, Putin said the ban was politically motivated.

The Russian leader later told reporters that the Russian leader told journalists that Russia should have a more competitive political system and that if he ran for presidential election next year, he will do so as an independent candidate instead of a United Russia party.

Mr Putin has served as Russia's prime minister or president since 1999 and last week announced his plan to run again for a term that ends in 2024. He is widely expected to won.

He said his government needed to focus on health services, education and infrastructure development. Putin also said opposition parties did not have a strong candidate to face him in the election. [uh/ab]