Proposed US Steel Import Restrictions Violate Free Trade

Japan's steel industry said the proposed United States Department of Commerce to President Donald Trump to restrict steel imports violates the principles of free trade, Reuters reported Monday (19/2). They asked Washington to make a cautious decision.

The US Commerce Department recommended on Friday (16/2) to Trump to restrict imports of steel and aluminum from China and other countries by applying various import tariffs, (19659002) "The recommendations violate the principles of free trade which are the foundation for the development and prosperity of the global economy," said Kosei Shindo, Chairman of the Federation of Iron and Steel Japan, in a statement. [19659002] "We believe Trump will make a careful and appropriate consideration," said Shindo, who is also the leader of Japan's largest steel producer, Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corp.

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Yasuji Komiyama, director of the metal industry division of the Ministry of Economy, Perdaga and Industr on Monday refused to respond to the proposed US Department of Commerce. He said there was no final verdict yet.

"But Japan believes imports of steel and aluminum from Japan by Americans do not threaten America's national security," he said.

Japan exports about 2 million steel products of various types each year to America or around 5 percent of total steel exports to the rest of the world, but the country is concerned about American trade policy. [fw]

Trump's proposed Military Parade Will Cost Up to $ 30 Million

Director of the United States government budget, Mick Mulvaney estimates that the military parade wanted by Donald Trump will cost taxpayers up to 30 million dollars.

"I've seen estimates of costs between 10 and 30 million dollars depending on the size of the parade," Mulvaney said. The Budget Committee of the House of Representatives on Wednesday (14/2).

The US government is reportedly considering a parade on Veterans Day.

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Mulvaney told lawmakers the event fund was not included in the 2019 budget that Trump had proposed because the parade plan had just been delivered recently. Mulvaney said the Trump administration should cooperate with Congress "if we decide to carry out" the parade.

Last week, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis told reporters the Pentagon is still in the early stages of planning and is still considering options. Trump proposed holding a parade in Washington after seeing a military march on Bastille Day warning in Paris last July.

There was a bipartisan opposition to the proposal in Congress, most of the MPs saying such a parade would be regarded by the whole world as a symbol of dictatorship .

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham says it will approve a parade that honors members of the armed forces, but a "Soviet-style" parade featuring large military weapons will be a sign of "weakness."

Senator John Kennedy, also Republican, reporters said last week, "I think an unconfident person will be out loud." Kennedy added: "America is the most powerful country in human history, and we do not have to show it off." [my/ii]

Proposed US Budget 2019 Includes Wall Frontier Fund

President Donald Trump proposed a $ 4.4 trillion state budget to Congress, which included the cost of building a border wall with Mexico and increasing military strength. But the proposed budget is expected to lead to a federal deficit of more than $ 1 trillion.

When announced Monday (12/2), White House officials acknowledged the likelihood of the proposed budget would pass into law. Only Congress is authorized to set a federal government budget. But the White House insisted the proposed budget sent an important message on President Trump's priority.

The budget proposal contained major cuts to domestic programs such as Medicare, Medicaid and Food Stamps. But it still does not balance the federal budget, partly because of reduced state revenues due to last year's tax reduction.

The Democrats generally reject the proposal. The chairman of the minority fraction in the House, Nancy Pelosi called the proposal "a collection of false promises and exceptional brutal pruning."

In a meeting on infrastructure at the White House on Monday, Trump President said he hopes to spend more on country rather than abroad. [as]

5 States Calls for US Proposed Israeli-Palestinian Peace Treaty

Britain, France, Germany, Sweden and Italy on Friday called on the United States to propose a detailed proposal for peace between Israel and the Palestinians, saying that President Donald Trump's decision recognizes Jerusalem as the Israeli capital hampers the peace process. 19659002] Trump's decision on Wednesday (6/12), which reversed a decade-long US policy, sparked a 'day of rage' in Palestine on Friday. Thousands of Palestinians rallied, dozens of people injured, and at least one person killed in clashes with Israeli troops.

In the midst of anger in the Arab world and concern among Western allied nations, the UN Security Council convened on Friday at the request of eight of the 15 member states of the Security Council.

In a joint statement after the trial, Britain, France, Germany, Sweden and Italy said the American decision, which included the transfer of embassies from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, did not help the prospect of peace in region.

They also urged the United States to put forward a detailed proposal for Israeli-Palestinian peace. [ds]