RI Proposes 3rd State Islamic Scholars Panel for Afghan Peace Settlement

President Joko Widodo on Friday proposed the creation of a committee of Islamic scientists from his country, with Afghanistan and Pakistan to intensify a peaceful settlement of the Afghan conflict.

Joko Widodo submitted the proposal when he embarked on a two-day official visit to Islamabad, along with a large delegation composed from Indonesian ministers and business leaders.

Jokowi told Pakistani President Momnoon Hussain that Indonesia can play a "positive role" in the peace process of Afghanistan, according to an official announcement after the meeting between the two leaders.

President Hussain approved the proposal and the two countries pledged to cooperate on this, and said that peace in Afghanistan is necessary for development and regional progress.

Previously, Jokowi addressed the joint assembly of the Pakistan People's Assembly and underlined the importance of political stability and security for regional economic progress.

"Conflict and war will not benefit anyone. The people, especially women and children, have always been the most affected in the conflict and war, "said Jokowi.

He conveyed it to MPs of a country secretly accused of supporting Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan and allowing insurgents using Pakistan territory to plan cross-border attacks.

Islamabad denies the allegations and insists, peace in Afghanistan is essential for stability in Pakistan. [ps/jm]

White House Proposes Big Fund to Build Wall Frontier

The White House issued a proposed immigration policy on Thursday (25/1).

For 1.8 million young immigrants who enter the US as a child or otherwise known as "Dreamers," will go a long way to acquire citizenship, under various conditions.

For those who are allowed to live under the DACA program, the path to becoming a citizen will take 10 to 12 years and meet the requirements, that is, to have a good job, education and moral character.

Earlier, President Donald Trump told reporters should inform the Dreamers that they need not be troubled.

The Trump Administration unexpectedly released the Immigration and Border Security Reform Framework four days earlier than the planned schedule.

Another element to be observed is the promise of the Trump campaign, $ 25 billion to build a wall along the border with Mexico. But the money could also be used for incoming and outgoing ports, as well as upgrades along the northern border with Canada.

Large family migrations, programs that allow immigrants to sponsor their families, will be eliminated. Only wives and underage children of citizens and green card holders will be allowed. The Trump Administration also called for the cessation of the visa lottery system for certain countries.

The White House hopes the Senate will be able to vote early next month before the Feb. 8 deadline, for congressmen to pass a budget bill allowing the government to continue operating. [19659003] Many members of Congress from the Democratic Party, as well as some Republican members opposed the vote on the draft budget law without any agreement on immigration.

If no law was passed on the issue of young immigrants on March 5, officials authorities warned on Thursday that they would be considered illegal immigrants and that when dealing with immigration officials would be immediately processed for deportation. [ps/jm]

Special Investigator Mueller Proposes Date of Manafort Trial May 14

Special investigator Robert Mueller proposed May 14 as the judicial date of former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and his colleague Richard Gates on charges of money laundering, tax evasion and the failure to register as a foreign agent for the Ukrainian government.

was named in a letter to the judiciary handed out Friday by Mueller's team, which is investigating allegations of relations between Russia and Donald Trump's campaign.

Previously, the team said it had found more than 590,000 relevant items in its investigations including notes finance, supplier records mentioned in allegations against Manafort and Gates, email, and business records. They have classified 2,200 documents as important.

Manafort and Gates both neither plead guilty to 12 points of allegations launched by the government in October. Both are subject to house arrest because they are considered risky escape. The bail is set so that Manafort is not held in a prison worth $ 10 million, while for Gates is worth $ 5 million.

Both are subject to charges after an investigation by Mueller team obtains evidence Manafort serves as a lobbyist for a party sympathetic to Russia in Ukraine. [ps/jm]

The White House Proposes $ 18 Billion of Borderland Construction Fund

The Trump Administration proposes an 18-billion dollar fund over the next 10 years to be used to build the first phase of the American border wall with Mexico.

The fund will fund the creation of a new 505-kilometer wall and strengthen another 651km long wall. The figures are contained in the detailed financial plan given to US senators on Friday by the US Customs and Border Protection Agency.

Overall, the document proposes a total budget proposal for a new border of 33 billion dollars, including 5, 7 billion dollars for technology, one billion dollars for road construction and maintenance, and 8.5 billion dollars for new personnel, including 5,000 new border patrol agents and 2,500 border inspectors.

Trump made the border wall as one of the main issues during the campaign to serve as president, promising his followers a "beautiful big wall" in the south bordering Mexico. The government is requesting a $ 1.6 billion Congress this year to replace the 118 kilometer fence in California and Texas, and officials say it will ask for another 1.6 billion next year. [ka]