Widespread Demonstration, Florida Students will Hold a Protest of Arms Control

Hundreds of students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida on Wednesday (21/2) gathered at the Florida Parliament building in Tallahassee to urge DPRD members to pass a tighter weapons control law a week after the deadliest shootings at school United States.

A teenage gunman killed 17 people in Parkland High School, Florida, sparked a wave of student protests in Tallahassee and other places in America.

Florida state teachers and representatives Sean Shaw and students rallied

"We have a chance to do something but we do not do it," said a member of the Democratic Florida House of Representatives on a party vote in the state's parliament that decided not to discuss the banning ban lawsuit.

" That is why we are here We demand action You do not fulfill duty, and this is in your hands. "

P the mass shootings also sparked waves of demonstrations elsewhere in Florida and in other states in an effort to force local and national leaders to act to prevent such attacks.

Mothers from the Georgian state gathered in the capital Atlanta on Wednesday to attend a demonstration the advocacy group of the Mothers. The purpose of the grand meeting was to advocate for responsible weapons ownership and not to prohibit firearms.

More than 200 students at Montgomery Blair High School in the suburbs of Washington, Silver Spring, Maryland took to the streets Wednesday to attend a demonstration to demand arms control at the American Congress Building. The protest organizers said students from two other Maryland high schools, Richard Montgomery and Bethesda-Chevy Chase, also participated in the demonstration. [my/jm]

Florida Students will Hold Protest Parade Related to Arms Control

Florida capital officials on Wednesday prepared for hundreds of students to hold a protest march calling for the state legislators to pass arms control measures following the deadly shooting tragedy at a high school in southern Florida.

19-year-old youth accused of mass murder

The shooting action by a man at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland last week, which killed 17 people, was one of the worst school shooting incidents in US. The students at the school and other schools in Florida responded to the tragedy by demanding that local and national leaders take steps that would prevent similar attacks.

Over 100 students of Stoneman Douglas took a bus to Tallahassee to participate in the parade and to meet the legislative leaders.

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"We, the students, are the ones most involved in this tragedy," said a student named Ariana Ortega to VOA before boarding the bus "We are the people who experience this tragic experience and we will be the future leaders of America."

Tuesday (20/2), a number of students visited the Florida Parliament office only to witness the results of the polling the vote rejected the Democrat's proposal to consider a bill that would ban the sale of attack weapons.The Republican faction accused the Democrats of forcing the issue with the gan took advantage of the shooting incident that was done Nikolas Cruz in Stoneman Douglas High School. Cruz performs the action with AR-15, one type of attack weapon. [ab/lt]

US Students Will Held Violent Firearms Protest

High school students – who survived the mass shootings in Florida last week, will march to Washington and other major cities in the United States next month to urge real action to prevent shootings at other schools.

"We will march together as students, begging for our lives to be saved, "high school student Cameron Kasey told ABC TV on Sunday. "It has happened before and there has been no change, now it's time."

Kasey said one of the aims of the parade was to discredit any politician who receives money from the National Firearms Association (NRA), saying the NRA encourages a culture of weapons that leads to (19659002) The White House said President Donald Trump would hold a hearing session with high school students and teachers Wednesday (21/2), but gave no details. [vm/ii]

Restaurants in Singapore Use Escobar Name, Colombia Protest Hard

The Colombian government delivered a letter of protest to the Singapore government regarding a restaurant named Escobar in the country. This is because for the citizens of Colombia, the Escobar whose full name is Pablo Escobar is a drug cartel leader who has killed thousands of people.

In a letter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Singapore, the Colombian Embassy expressed grave concern by naming the restaurant means respecting " history of Colombia. "

" The Embassy of the Republic of Colombia wants to share some information to recall the horrors of this criminal in Colombia … not to mention the drug addiction it promotes and the war it does, "the three-page letter reads as reported by the office

The Protest of Trump About Jerusalem, The Twins 3 It's Given a Unique Name

The various reactions and ways shown by the Palestinians and the world condemned the statement of US President, Donald Trump about Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. As did the following couples.

The Nidal and Islam al-Saiqli couples of Khan Yunis, the Gaza Strip give names to their newborn 3 newborn babies with a unique name.

They named the baby Jerusalem, Capital and Palestine. Not without the intent and meaning of the naming,

Nidal and Islam gave a name to protest against Trump's decision to claim Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

"Alhamdulillah, I gave birth to triplets so we can name them to protest Trump's decision," said Islam, as quoted by AFP on Saturday (3/2/2018).

"Trump's decision is of no value. our eternal capital, "Nidal said.

(nkn / nkn)

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