UN Security Council slams US for calling for protests in Iran

The UN Security Council meeting held Friday to discuss protests in Iran turned into a scene of condemnation of the US government that called for the meeting to discuss what other members of the Security Council called "the internal Iranian problem .

The French ambassador to the United Nations said the protests did not threaten international peace and security

"We must look to efforts to exploit this crisis for personal gain, which will yield very little results contrary to what is expected, "said Ambassador Francois Delattre.

" Regardless of the events that have occurred in recent days in Iran, those incidents do not pose a threat to international peace and security, "Delatorre added.

Iran for the UN Gholamali Khoshroo told the Security Council that his government has "strong evidence" that acts the protest in Iran was "very clearly regulated from abroad."

Khoshroo also said the United States has abused its power as a permanent member of the BoC to request a hearing on the protests.

Russian Ambassador Vasilly Sebenza says the US abuses the DK taking advantage of the situation in Iran to undermine the international nuclear deal with Iran.

Chinese Ambassador to the UN Wu Haito said, "Discussing the domestic situation in the Security Council will not help solve the problem." [ii]

Pro-Government rally rages protests in Iran

Iranian state television, on Wednesday (3/1), aired numerous pro-government demonstrations in various parts of the country, after days of protests against the government and economic problems.

In the show, the crowd was seen waving an Iranian flag and calling for shouts in support of the Supreme Leader of Iran Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Khamenei himself blamed other governments for the rise of anti-government protests, which began last week and has so far resulted in 21

In a televised statement, Khamenei said, in recent days, Iranian enemies used money, weapons, politics and intelligence tools to create problems in the country. Khamenei also said he would address the protests at the right time.

Ali Shamkhani, Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council accused the United States, Britain and Saudi Arabia of orchestrating the protests.

United States President Donald Trump uses some of his curiities on Twitter that support those who protest the Iranian government. "The Iranian people are finally acting against the corrupt and brutal Iranian regime," said a cuitannya, Tuesday (2/1).

Another cuitan said, "All funds that foolishly given President Obama to Iran used for terrorism and went into their pockets. People do not get enough food, big inflation and no human rights. The United States is monitoring. "

The United States calls on the UN Security Council to hold an emergency session to discuss protests in Iran. United Nations Ambassador to the UN Niki Halley said the Iranian people have voiced their desire to achieve freedom. [ab/ uh].