NDDL: "the lines have not moved", says a delegation of opponents

"No line has moved" on the file of regularizations in Notre-Dame-des Landes, said Wednesday in Nantes a delegation of opponents, after a long meeting with the prefect of the Netherlands. de la Loire, Nicole Klein, chaired by the Minister for Ecological Transition Nicolas Hulot

"No line has moved, it is clear that the lines have not moved at all", the "requirements "the government remains the same, said at the exit of the prefecture Marcel Thébault, one of the four historic farmers NDDL and a member of the delegation.

According to him, the government has not proposed of "delay delay or anything".

"We had the idea to come see how things were moving to have grit to grind and seek serenity," he observed with regret.

Three months after the abandonment of the airport project, this crucial meeting, proposed by Ms. Klein and quickly accepted by the occupiers of the ZAD, was aimed at finding a way out of the conflict, on the tenth day of operations. gendarmerie on the site of 1,650 hectares, marked by clashes between opponents and police

The meeting lasted more than two hours. The delegation was composed of eight opponents of the former airport project, including three representatives of the ZAD.

The arrival of Nicolas Hulot was announced in the morning.

In the National Assembly, the Prime Minister Minister Édouard Philippe repeated Wednesday that "illegal occupants" who will not quickly regularize their situation "will leave the place" in Notre-Dame-des-Landes because "force must remain in the law."

NDDL: "The set of" evacuation "objectives that we had set ourselves was reached"

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, on a surprise visit to Notre-Dame-des-Landes, declared Friday that "the set of objectives" of evacuation of the site that the government had set itself "has been reached", warning that "the State will not accept the reoccupation of the evacuated sites."

"Our hand remains tense" to the zadists who agree to enter "the process of regularization" and who have "ten days" for to do so, said the Prime Minister, who "thanked the gendarmerie forces" who participated in the evacuation operations since Monday.

"The set of objectives we had set ourselves was reached." 29 squats were As the President of the Republic said yesterday, everything that was evacuated was evacuated, "said Philippe, who went to the gendarmerie command post accompanied by the minister of the Interior Gerard Collomb.

 Occupants of the ZAD of Notre-Dame-des-Landes bring construction equipment, April 13, 2018 (AFP - Damien MEYER)

Occupants of the ZAD of Notre-Dame-des-Landes bring construction equipment, April 13, 2018 (AFP – Damien MEYER)

"From now on, we must proceed with the clearing operations, which will take some time after the evictions but they will be carried out seriously and in accordance with the timetable that was envisaged "

" In parallel to these operations, our hand remains tense in the direction of those who are ready to enter the process of regularization that we mentioned in January, "he said.

"In areas far away from RD281, particularly in the west where some occupants may consider a legal installation in accordance with the laws and regulations of our country, we have indicated from the outset that we are open to discussion ", Mr. Philippe P.

– "Eradicate this zone of lawlessness" –

"I also want to say very clearly that all those who (…) would not want to engage in this regularization and in this legal framework should draw all the consequences. They have about ten days to do it. At the end of this period, they will have to draw the consequences of their lack of will of regularization. They will, of course, be prosecuted for ending illegal occupations. "

" The state will not accept rebuilding or reoccupying the sites that evacuated. Those who engage in such abuses (…) exclude themselves from any possibility of regularization, "he warned.

" We indicated in January what would be the meaning of our decisions and the timetable in which we would implement them. We are today April 13 in the calendar and exactly in the sense that we had announced, "he said.

Messrs Philippe and Collomb were welcomed on the spot by the director general of the gendarmerie, General Richard Lizurey, and the prefect of Loire-Atlantique Nicole Klein

On January 17, when he had ended the airport project at Notre-Dame-des-Landes, Édouard Philippe had committed to eradicate this "no law zone."

The expulsion operation of the occupants of the ZAD considered illegal began Monday, with 2,500 gendarmes, bailiffs and construction equipment, and 29 squats were destroyed in three days. On Friday, the zadistes were called to regularize their situation before April 23, a few hours after the launch of a punch operation aimed at clearing a departmental road.

  (AFP -)

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In the meantime, the gendarmes will stay three weeks to a month with a triple objective: clearing the plots, ensuring free movement on the D281 and D81 and preventing any illegal reoccupation, according to Ms. Klein.

The device will remain "the time it will take, with the forces that will be needed. On the other hand, there will be no expulsion, "General Lizurey assured in the morning.

Thailand: access to the bay made famous by the movie "The Beach" restricted

In Thailand and more precisely on the island of Koh Phi Phi Ley, the bay made famous by the film The Beach with Leonardo DiCaprio and the two French actors Virginie Ledoyen and Guillaume Canet, will be completely closed to tourists for four months during the summer and then access will be restricted thereafter, announced the authorities on March 28, 2018.

2,000 tourists allowed per day

" We will close Maya Bay for four months between June and September to allow the ecosystem to regenerate ," Songtham Suksawang, director of national parks, told AFP. " The boats will be able to approach the bay but will not be able to dock and no one will be allowed to enter ," he added. And from October 2018, the beginning of the high tourist season, " we will only allow 2,000 tourists to come by day ," said Thon Thamrongnawasat, a scientist who is part of the group taking part in discussions.

Location of Maya Bay © Google Maps

The Behavior of Tourists Pointed Out

Currently, some 4,000 tourists visit this small bay every day, an overpopulation that damages coral reefs. to the environment. Thailand welcomes more than 35 million holidaymakers each year, a higher figure every year, especially because of the boom in Chinese visitors. Foreigners are fascinated to watch tropical fish with a simple mask and snorkel, but at the same time the country is facing an advanced degradation of its coral reefs. In addition to global warming, the behavior of these tourists, who do not hesitate to walk on the corals, but also the superabundance of tour operators offering dive trips to the day on these islands supposed to be protected by their status of national parks.

Thailand permanently restricts access to the bay from the movie "The Beach"

In Thailand, the bay made famous by the movie "The Beach" with Leonardo DiCaprio will be completely closed to tourists for four months during the summer and then access will be restricted thereafter, authorities announced Wednesday.

"We are going to close Maya Beach for four months between June and September to allow the ecosystem to regenerate," Songtham Suksawang, director of national parks, told AFP.

"The boats will be able to approach the bay but can not dock and no one will be allowed to enter the bay, "he added.

And from October, beginning of the high tourist season," we will only allow 2,000 tourists coming by day, "said Thon Thamrongnawasat, a scientist who is part of the group taking part in the talks.

Currently, some 4,000 tourists visit this small bay daily, an overpopulation x and the environment.

Thailand, which welcomes more than 35 million vacationers every year, fascinated to watch tropical fish with a simple mask and snorkel, is facing an advanced degradation of its coral reefs.

In addition to global warming, the behavior of tourists, who do not hesitate to walk on the corals, but also the superabundance of tour operators offering dive trips to the day on these islands supposedly protected by their status as national parks.

Each year, Thailand breaks its record of the number of tourists entering its territory, especially because of the boom of Chinese visitors, which poses more and more problems of overpopulation on some islands and in certain parks.

"The Most Dishonest and Corrupt Media Awards of the Year," Autocritics or Pressure to the Media?

Donald Trump: "I am not anti-media, I am not anti-press, I do not mind a bad report about me if it is true, but I am opposed to the media or the liar press." I am against those who fabricate false reports and sources They must not be allowed to call information from a particular source unless they name their name.Sebut the name of your resource person. "

Since he was sworn in as president of the United States in January 2017, President Trump has repeatedly expressed his displeasure with the media he says is often spreading misinformation to the public. The nickname of "fake news" is often delivered on numerous occasions, including addressing the CPAC Conservative Political Action Conference in National Harbor, Maryland, on February 24, 2017.

The relationship between President Trump and the media has not improved, both because of the public issues surrounding the leadership of Trump as alleged involvement of the president's close people in the investigation of Russian interference in the American presidential election of 2016, as well as Trump's controversial statements regarding an event. You still remember the extent of media criticism when Trump in August 2017 did not condemn the actions of white supremacists crashing into demonstrators in Charlottesville, Virginia, killing one person and wounding 19 others. In his statement Trump did condemn the incident, but also blamed all those who he said encouraged the incident.

"We condemn the harshest of hateful violence and bigotry on many fronts, this has been a long time in our country. in the Donald Trump era, not the era of Barack Obama.This has been happening for a long time, "said Trump.

The sharp criticism of the media and various circles made President Trump change his statement 48 hours later.

In addition there are many oral statements as well the cruities on Twitter that often sparked widespread criticism, among other things about Syrian refugees that he said "potentially have affiliation with ISIS," or about the badness of the visa lottery program for "picking the worst people and bringing them to America," or the latest about "s *** hole. "

The disharmony of presidential and media relations seems to be at its peak with Trump's plan to confer" Th e Most Dishonest and Corrupt Media Awards of the Year "to the media which he said most often conveyed incorrect information.

Interestingly, instead of worrying about this unusual grace, the media actually flocked to campaign to win it.

: Trump Prevents Exacerbations in Media Relations

Mass communication expert at the University of Indonesia Firman Kurniawan thinks this phenomenon actually exacerbates the relationship between the president and the media.

"From two mutually polarized sides, facing each other this phenomenon arises … when they like each other it wants to identify themselves as" oh my supporters "but when not like it is in a position so far away.So when the media won awards this means he is in a position that is not identical with the president, meaning the media really do not agree with the step or policy of the president. " [VOA:Dengan demikian sebenarnya “the biggest looser” justru Presiden Trump sendiri?] "Yes, because if we return to the function of the media, the media can amplify the president's steps One of the functions of the media is to oversee the president and government agencies, and more profitable if the president's step is supported by mass media. being a third force that does not always support the president, can serve to oversee and simultaneously build a framework about the president, but when hostile, his voice will be negative and continue to form public opinion.In this case if the president away from the media, he will lose.Although Trump likes to use Twitter as an alternative channel, but most people still use the mainstream media as a source of information, "he explained.

Similarly, Ignatius Haryanto, a media observer and lecturer at Communications at the Multimedia Nusantara University of UMN

said" If then [Trump] who just wanted to make some sort of "The Most Fake News Awards," me suppose to increase the length of the problem with the media and will aggravate the situation because each side will bring out mistrust of each other. The President does not believe in the media, the media does not believe in the president, "he explained.

Experts: This is Not Autocritical to the Media

Both communication experts also rejected the award of" The Most Dishonest and Corrupt Media Awards The Year "is as autokritic to media performance.

According to Firman," If it is autocritical, I think the media is on track which is not problematic. Indeed, this American president is different from other American presidents, whose measures are always controversial, unusual and because the media do not accept those steps, he [Trump] becomes harsh with the media, imposing restrictions and causing disharmony. The media did not budge and continued to work, so Trump might end up annoyed. Both parties are equally angry this finally made unusual steps. "

While according to Ignatius," This is not autocritical, here we can see very clearly a president who repeatedly accused the media of preaching "fake news "but in fact he points to himself, and simultaneously shows that he is not in the right capacity to become president of America with all the responsibilities it has, inside and outside the country. The media must have been on the correct track which always puts the public's interest and when they see a government leader like this [media] did not back down and keep it public. Instead we see for ourselves a president who is very hostile to the media and does not care about it because he feels he can attack in his own way. Never have we experienced the character of an American president like this before. "

Media vs President in America Not the First

The disharmony of the relationship between president and the media in America is not the first President Richard Nixon at the beginning the 1970s were also heavily involved in media disputes over issues such as the Vietnam War, the building of a conservative majority and the Watergate scandal.In fact, Nixon's and media relations had worsened since he was sitting in Congress, when he judged the media to play a role in his defeat at the 1960 presidential election and the election of governors in California in 1962. This continued when he won a narrow victory in the presidential elections of 1968 and fought his way to public support in various policies.

However, Dr. Firman Kurniawan assessed the Nixon and media relations crisis strongly different from what Trump is facing right now.

"When Nixon turtles ng familiar with the media, he is not really hostile to the media and keeps trying to improve relationships because he realizes that this relationship is very strategic. While Trump, when his relationship with the media did not improve, he switched to Twitter. He issued a statement and often give an indication of the policy through this media. CPJ issues Five Award categories

Responding to the grace plan of "The Most Dishonest and Corrupt Media Awards of The Year "by President Trump, The Committee to Protect Journalist (CPJ) last week announced the names of some leaders who were considered to have attacked the press and undermined the norms that supported media freedom. "the leader of the most sensitive to criticism," the CPJ elected Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for frequently filing a lawsuit and dropping a verdict against journalists, news agencies and social media users who criticized him.According to the Cumhuriyet newspaper report, the CPJ said during 2016, there were 46,193 cases "insulting the president" or "insulting the Turkish nation, Turkish Republic, parliament, government or judicial institution" in the country u.

Erdogan also "won" the category of "leader of the most used anti-terror laws against the press."

As for the "most stringent leader of the press," the CPJ chose Chinese President Xi Jinping who has been using a combination traditional sensors and internet control over the media. The CPJ records China as one of the country's most imprisoned journalists, with in 2017 at least 41 journalists jailed. In addition to imprisonment, journalists also often face the risk of being laid off, prohibited from traveling abroad or being harassed for their journalistic work.

The CPJ elects Myanmar's de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi as "the leader most turned away from media freedom" or " the biggest backslider in press freedom, "because it was judged to allow the formal structure that limited the press work. The most obvious thing that CPJ criticized was the attitude of the Burmese government that limited media coverage in an issue called the UN as a "Muslim-Rohingya" ethnic massacre operation. Earlier this January Myanmar charged two Reuters reporters under the State Secrets Act, and they were threatened with 14 years in jail if convicted. The United States, Britain, Sweden, Bangladesh and the UN immediately demanded that Myanmar revoke the indictment and release both.

But CPJ named President Trump the overall winner of "Overall Achievement in Understanding Global Press Freedom" because although there was a First Amendment protecting press freedom, judged to have undermined the consistent performance of the press, at least with its verbal statements. [em/al]