NDDL: the rally of opponents enameled clashes

The peaceful rally of support for the expelled occupants took place on Sunday in the Zad of Notre-Dame-des-Landes in a relative calm, enamelled of some clashes in the morning, then at the end of the afternoon. 19659002] According to the prefecture of Loire-Atlantique about 4,000 people were present Sunday afternoon throughout the area, at the height of the rally, mostly west of the D81 where it took place in the mud and the good mood. The Zadists have announced "15,000 to 20,000 people," in a statement.

At the farm Bellevue, protesters have picnicked on large logs, in a country atmosphere, dancing to the sound of biniou and Jew's harp. On the "Wardine" side, near the D81, food stalls lined the Suez road, while an improvised "camping" had been set up with several tents.

A 64-year-old man, a regular at the Zad , explained to have come "to show them that we are here and we will be here tomorrow". "The cops are not going to stay for six months, the cabins are going to be rebuilt."

This moment of calm followed a more agitated end of the morning. For two hours, about 300 people, including rockets and Molotov cocktail, have indeed tried to force the barrage of police on the D81, to rebuild the squats destroyed since Monday, at the is from this road.

The gendarmes repulsed them with tear gas grenades and désencclement. At least three protesters were arrested during the day during the clashes, according to the police. Three gendarmes were wounded and one of them, reached by "an improvised explosive device", was taken to the Nantes University Hospital.

– A frame, to rebuild –

If the coordination of the opponents had called At a peaceful rally in support of the expelled, some supporters of the zadists had made a call to come and rebuild the squats destroyed.

"The goal is: no reconstruction", however warned the General Richard Lizurey, Director General of the National Gendarmerie.

Protesters nonetheless symbolically transported a framework across the fields in the late afternoon to rebuild the former "Gourbi", an iconic place of life destroyed by the operations at the beginning of the week.

But arrived on the spot, they were repulsed by the police and continued carrying their framework in the Zad at the end of the day, using distress flares and cocktails Molotov against gendarmes, who responded with their teargas grenades and désencclement. At least two other protesters were arrested during the clashes, an AFP photographer found.

Another structure, originally intended for the Gourbi and destined to become a meeting place, was under construction. in Wardine, outside the area of ​​expulsions.

– "It takes time" –

The State has called on the occupants of the Zad, expelled or not, to regularize their situation before 23 April in declaring their name, their agricultural project and the parcels concerned.

"I have never worked with a pistol on the temple, we have never asked a farmer to set up a project in six or two months, it takes time," he said on Sunday. A press point in Bellevue, Dominique Fresneau, Co-President of Acipa, the historical association of opponents.

Acipa demanded that violence cease "on both sides". "Every day of violence that goes on at NDDL, it's weeks before we can get back around the table," Fresneau said.

The operation to expel illegal occupants from the Zad began Monday and in three days 29 squats were destroyed. 2,500 gendarmes are mobilized. "We will adapt the volume of forces to the needs of the maintenance of order, the objective is to keep the time it will take," said General Lizurey.

Since Thursday, the operations of clearing and maintenance of the order continues, at the rate of clashes with the support of more and more numerous zadists, including black-blocks.

On the 7th day of the operation, the situation seems actually more complex than it does. was in the beginning for law enforcement and, in the short term, no issue is looming on the horizon.

The gendarmes should stay three weeks to one month on the spot, to clear the plots, guarantee the free traffic on D281 (the former "baffling road") and D81 and to prevent any illegal reoccupation.

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NDDL: First clashes on the Zad before the opposition rally

Clashes erupted late Sunday morning on the Zad of Notre-Dame-des-Landes, where a rally to support the occupants expelled during the week by security forces was held at noon. AFP journalists

Major gendarmes roadblocks were installed on the main access roads and entry was only possible after a search of the bags.

A portion of the D81, where a gendarmerie operation is underway to remove barricades installed Saturday by the zadistes, is also prohibited, forcing the demonstrators to take the roundabout routes to go to the site of the gathering, Suez Road, southwest of the

Not far from the meeting place, at the intersection of the Suez road and the D81, the gendarmes pushed back shortly after 11:00 am demonstrators "hostile, see very hostile harassing the police" and try to pass west towards the squats destroyed at the beginning of the week, according to the gendarmerie.

 Clash between police and zadistes in Notre-Dame-des-Landes Sunday, April 15, 2018 (AFP - Damien MEYER)

Clash between police and zadistes in Notre-Dame-des-Landes Sunday, April 15, 2018 (AFP – Damien MEYER)

The stone jets and glass bottles of protesters, gendarmes responded with tear gas, noted a journalist AFP

If the opposition's coordination called for a pacifist rally to support the expellees, Zadists had also called for the rebuilding of the destroyed squats.

Meanwhile the support for the expelled, equipped with rain gear and boots, flocked to the place of the demonstration, found AFP.

"Today, the government is actually trying to prevent by all means that support from everywhere in France and Eu Europe can access the Zad or gather there, "said the zadists in a statement.

Patrick, from Charente-Maritime, came to protest with his wife. "People who have been there for 10 years on the land, you have to give them a chance.When we start talking, we go all the way," he told an AFP journalist. [19659002] The state has called on the Zad occupiers, expelled or not, to regularize their situation before 23 April. "They are simply asked at this stage to declare their name, to declare the agricultural project they wish to develop and to specify the plots on which they wish to implement it so that the State (…) can instruct them. requests, "said Friday the prefers of the Pays de la Loire Nicole Klein.

The expulsion of illegal occupants from the ZAD began on Monday with 2,500 gendarmes, bailiffs and construction equipment, and 29 squats were destroyed in three days.

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American Groundhogs will be Weather Rally

Weather watchers across the United States on Friday (2/2) will find out whether they will experience spring early, or winter for six more weeks.

But the accuracy of this yearly weather forecast is doubtful, as predicted by a groundhoug, a marmot-like rodent.

February 2 is known as Groundhog Day, when usually a Pennsylvania groundhog named "Punxsutawney Phil" emerges from the ground, near the tree stump to which it belongs. According to legend, if he sees his own shadow – meaning that on a sunny day – the North American region will still experience winter weather for another six weeks. Otherwise, spring will soon arrive.

Punxsutawney Phil is the most famous feathered oracle.

During its generations, the groundhog, a type of marmot called woodchuck, has predicted the weather since 1887.

records show Phil more often predicted winter than spring earlier. [uh]

Pro-Government rally rages protests in Iran

Iranian state television, on Wednesday (3/1), aired numerous pro-government demonstrations in various parts of the country, after days of protests against the government and economic problems.

In the show, the crowd was seen waving an Iranian flag and calling for shouts in support of the Supreme Leader of Iran Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Khamenei himself blamed other governments for the rise of anti-government protests, which began last week and has so far resulted in 21

In a televised statement, Khamenei said, in recent days, Iranian enemies used money, weapons, politics and intelligence tools to create problems in the country. Khamenei also said he would address the protests at the right time.

Ali Shamkhani, Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council accused the United States, Britain and Saudi Arabia of orchestrating the protests.

United States President Donald Trump uses some of his curiities on Twitter that support those who protest the Iranian government. "The Iranian people are finally acting against the corrupt and brutal Iranian regime," said a cuitannya, Tuesday (2/1).

Another cuitan said, "All funds that foolishly given President Obama to Iran used for terrorism and went into their pockets. People do not get enough food, big inflation and no human rights. The United States is monitoring. "

The United States calls on the UN Security Council to hold an emergency session to discuss protests in Iran. United Nations Ambassador to the UN Niki Halley said the Iranian people have voiced their desire to achieve freedom. [ab/ uh].

The Anti-Government Rally Prohibition, Iranian Citizens: Life Is Difficult

Massive demonstrations in various cities in Iran were triggered by citizens' complaints about worsening economic conditions. How is the real condition of Iran's economy in the eyes of its citizens?

"Life is very difficult, high prices really make me depressed My husband is a government employee but his salary is not enough for us to meet the necessities of life without having to owe," said Iranian named Farzaneh Mirzaie (42) who is the mother of two children, as reported AFP Tuesday (2/1/2017).

Mirzaie mentions most members of his family working in a carpet factory in Kashan, a city 250 kilometers south of Tehran, but recently they were dismissed.

"Factory owners can no longer afford the purchase thread for carpet production so he fired everyone.How can they survive? "

Mirzaie's story is one of many stories of Iranians, whose country is still trying to recover from international sanctions and poor economic management for years.

On Sunday (31/12) night, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says the people have the right to protest, but should not involve acts of violence. After that statement, most of the protests in Tehran subsided, but similar actions in other cities are still rife.

"I think people actually do not like vandalism and arson, but this is the only way to make their voices heard, "said Nasser Khalaf, 52, who works for an oil company, but he claims to have two unemployed sons.

Most Iranians feel their country is not getting any results after decades of struggling with many difficulties – from the 1979 revolution , then a brutal war with Iraq for eight years in the 1980s, to the face of US sanctions.

"After 40 years, they (the Iranians-reds) just realized that all the difficulties were … in vain. I work in the community but I always feel depressed whether I will be fired tomorrow, "said Arya Rahmani (27) who works as a nurse. [MrRouhanisays'behaveintherightway'butwhatistheproperwayofdoingit?IfIcomeandsay'MrRouhaniIamaneducatedpersonbutIamanunemployedperson'anywayhewillnotcare"headded

Further, Iranians consider the government to fail to maximize Iran's great potential. "Our country is really like gold, whatever you look for, you can find it in Iran, but we do not get the most out of everything we have in our country," said Mirzaie.

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