Thai Police Investigated for Receiving Free Massage

A number of Thai police personnel reportedly received a free massage from a massage parlor under investigation for alleged trafficking and underage prostitution. As a result, the police are now under investigation by the Thai Anti-Corruption Commission.

Reported by Thai local media, Bangkok Post as reported by Channel News Asia Monday (15/1/2018), Thailand Public Sector Anti-Corruption Commission has begun an investigation into the police , after checking the documents of a massage parlor named ' Victoria: The Secret Forever '.

The document was obtained from a raid into the massage parlor on 12 January. Mentioned in the documents, free food and beverages and free massage services were given to a number of police officers visiting the massage parlor, during the investigation.

Bangkok Post mentions, the authorities are authorized to consider these foods, beverages and free massage services as a bribe. It is known that the massage parlor is the focus of investigation into alleged trafficking and prostitution of women under the age of 18.

It is not known exactly the number of police being investigated regarding this alleged bribery. However, it was mentioned that officials from Wang Thonglang Police Station were also involved, including the Head of Police Station, Criminal Reduction Division, Metropolitan Police Bureau, Tax Department, Department of Human Trafficking and Immigration Department at the police station.

The Thai Anti-Corruption Commission did not mention more continued since when officials and police personnel Wang Thonglang received a bribe from a massage parlor under investigation for a number of crimes.

Added Bangkok Post Chief Superintendent of the massage beach named Boonsap Amornratanasiri (55) aka Pa Kob has been arrested in raids and is now in detention.

More than 100 women have been rescued in raids by a number of Thai law enforcement agencies, including the Anti-Corruption Commission. Most of the rescued women were from Myanmar, Thailand and Laos.

(nvc / ita)