Samsung Anticipates Record of Operating Income above $ 14 Billion in 4th Quarter

South Korean telecommunications giant Samsung Electronics on Tuesday forecast earnings of more than $ 14 billion in the fourth quarter.

The company expects its business earnings in the period from October to December, the all-time high for quarterly profits and nearly double the $ 9.2 billion announced a year earlier.

But that figure is below analysts' estimates, which average reaching $ 16.1 billion, according to a survey by Bloomberg.

The company's soaring financial performance boosted demand for memory chips and full-year operating profit projected to reach a record $ 50.4 billion profit.

Samsung must overcome the bribery scandal causing the company's de facto head, Lee Jae-Yong jailed as well as a record that damaged his image last year, due to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7's smart phone battery exploding.

Lee, who was found guilty in August for bribery, perjury and other charges relating to payments made by Samsung to secret Park Geun-Hye's secret creditor at by Choi Soon-Sil, appealed a five-year sentence and said he was innocent.

However, his actions had no impact on the demand for his product. Fourth-quarter sales are projected to jump 23.8 percent year-on-year to $ 66 billion, with full sales estimated at $ 239.6 billion.

The company will release its earnings report by the end of this month. [ps/jm]

Cold Weather Record Selimuti Central and Eastern America

The record-breaking cold temperatures will spread across the Middle East and East Coast on Friday, just a day after the storm hit the Atlantic coast with heavy snow, strong winds and floods of ice.

Very cold wind temperatures in about 25 major cities in the United States is expected to drop to minus 40 degrees Celsius on Friday. Weather conditions like this are not only uncomfortable, but also dangerous.

People looking for a comfortable atmosphere in Florida will be disappointed. Temperatures will reach 10 degrees Celsius until the weekend in moderate temperate cities like Tampa and Orlando.

Residents in Miami are shocked to see an iguana animal falling from a tree Thursday. Biologists say the reptiles are not used to low temperatures and fall asleep during the cold. Experts warn people not to disturb animals that fall from the tree, because they do not die and will bite when they wake up.

The coastal storm on Thursday, called a "bombing storm" due to sudden drops in air pressure, resulting in storms along the Atlantic Coast, from Carolina to Canada.

Millions of people are warned about snowstorms and emergencies. Schools and offices were closed, thousands of flights were canceled, and emergency workers rushed to save the stranded riders. Tens of thousands of homes have no electricity.

High winds push ice-water into coastal roads in Massachusetts and Maine, including tidal waves one meter high along the historic pier in downtown Boston.

At least 14 people have died from this extreme weather.

But weather officers say next week's temperatures will return to normal and even above freezing in most parts of the Eastern United States. [sp/ii]

Violence with Firearms in the US Reaches Highest Record of 2017

Violence with firearms in America reached a record high in 2017, where according to an NGO tracking firearms violence, there were over 60,000 incidents that killed more than 15,000 people. Mariama Diallo reviews several years with the worst level of firearms violence in America.

The Las Vegas Massacre of 1 October 2017 was one of the mass shootings by a single offender and claimed the most casualties in American history.

The gunner identified as Stephen Paddock attacked his hotel room against 22,000 concert visitors, killing nearly 60 people and injuring hundreds more. Law enforcement officials say Paddock has no connection with international terror groups and has no criminal record in the police.

"We have reviewed all federal, state and local archives; and this individual does not have any criminal records, "said Clark County Sheriff in Nevada, Joe Lombardo.

A month later, precisely on November 6, a gunman entered a church on the outskirts of Texas with assault rifles, killing 26 people and wounding 20 who was in Sunday Mass.

Law enforcement officials said the gunmen clearly intend to kill as many people as possible.

"I can tell you that the location of the incident was terrible, there are no words to describe it," the official said FBI Christopher Combs.

This is reinforced by the Public Security Department official at Texas Freeman Martin. "I think he came here with a single purpose and mission," he said.

Rosanne Solis who suffered a gunshot wound on his arm survived the incident and still remember very clearly when the shooter fired a seven-minute shooting shot. "I saw bodies and blood on everywhere, that's all I see because I do not want to get out of the place where I'm hiding, "he explained.

A 911 tape, reported the shooting at a concert in Little Rock, Arkansas on July 1 that injured 28 people.

On June 14, Congressman Steve Scalise and three others were shot while doing a baseball practice on the outskirts of Washington DC. Members of the Republican faction of the state of Louisiana were shot in the hip and made him in critical condition. Last September he recovered and returned to Capitol Hill.

"God bless everybody and everybody. God bless America, "Scalise said.

The Archives of Arms Violence ( the Gun Violence Archive ) defines mass firing as a single incident in which four or more persons, other than the gunman, were shot or killed. Throughout 2017, things like this happen more than 340 times in America. [em/jm]

Japan's Birth Rate Reaches the Lowest Record in 2017

 The year 2017 will end in a matter of days. Japan's Health Ministry noted that the birth rate in Japan in 2017 is the lowest in the last century. [ReportedbyJapanTodaySunday(12/24/2010)thereare941000babiesbornduring2017Thisfigureis4%lowerthanin2016ago

The birthrate in 2017 is the lowest since the Japanese Ministry of Health began collecting birth data in 1899 ago.

"What lies behind this is the number of women of childbearing age between 25-39 who continue to decline," a Ministry official said.

When birth does not touch 1 million, the number of deaths is estimated to reach 1.34 million by the end of the year. This figure is the highest since World War II ended.

These figures exclude foreigners living in Japan which account for about 1% of the total population. If no strangers, the population of Japan is mentioned about 125 million inhabitants.

The Japanese government annually keeps pushing for one family to have more children. But what happens is the population that continues to shrink and aging.

People aged 65 or over accounted for 27.2 percent of the total population, the highest ratio in records. According to data released last July, those aged 14 or younger fell to a record low of 12.7 percent.

(rna / ibh)

China prints record of Global Patent Application Year 2016

Global patent applications reached record highs last year, where China leads with more apps than the United States, Japan, South Korea and the European Union combined, the United Nations said Wednesday (6/12).

About 3, 1 million patent applications filed worldwide last year, rising for the seventh year in a row and marking a 8.3 percent increase from 2015, according to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

"This figure is truly beyond "said WIPO chief Francis Gurry told reporters in Geneva.

China received about 236,600 from nearly 240,600 additional patents, which accounted for 98 percent growth, the UN agency said.

" The latest figures that record an increase in demand for rights intellectual property confirms the trend of a decade, where developments in China are increasingly prominent in total worldwide, "said Gurry.

" China is increasingly leading the way in innovation and branding bales. "

Overall, the State Intellectual Property Office of China received 1.3 million patent applications last year.

In second place, the US Patent and Trademark Office is lagging far behind, receiving 605,571 applications, followed by Japan with 318,381. [as]