China investigates possible UN offenses related to North Korea sanctions

China is deeply concerned about reports that a country ship is transferring goods to a North Korean ship on the high seas, a move that violates UN sanctions on North Korea. China's Foreign Ministry said on Thursday that the country's authorities are conducting an investigation.

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Geng Shuang said his country would seriously handle individuals or Chinese companies that are known to be involved in the incident reported Japan earlier this week.

He further said the punishment of those involved would be imposed on the basis of strong evidence and in accordance with Chinese laws and regulations.

The Japanese Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday (20/2) a maritime watchdog and a escort ship found a North Korean flagship tanker, identified as Yu Jong 2, was next to a small ship last Friday some 250 kilometers from Shanghai in the East China Sea.

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The country of origin of the ship was unknown, but the cementer ian says, the words "Min Ning De You 078" in Chinese are written on the ship's bow, which means oil ship from Ningde city, Fujian province, China.

The ministry has reported the suspicious transfers to the UN Security Council. This is the third such incident reported by Tokyo this year. [ab/lt]

Florida Students will Hold Protest Parade Related to Arms Control

Florida capital officials on Wednesday prepared for hundreds of students to hold a protest march calling for the state legislators to pass arms control measures following the deadly shooting tragedy at a high school in southern Florida.

19-year-old youth accused of mass murder

The shooting action by a man at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland last week, which killed 17 people, was one of the worst school shooting incidents in US. The students at the school and other schools in Florida responded to the tragedy by demanding that local and national leaders take steps that would prevent similar attacks.

Over 100 students of Stoneman Douglas took a bus to Tallahassee to participate in the parade and to meet the legislative leaders.

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"We, the students, are the ones most involved in this tragedy," said a student named Ariana Ortega to VOA before boarding the bus "We are the people who experience this tragic experience and we will be the future leaders of America."

Tuesday (20/2), a number of students visited the Florida Parliament office only to witness the results of the polling the vote rejected the Democrat's proposal to consider a bill that would ban the sale of attack weapons.The Republican faction accused the Democrats of forcing the issue with the gan took advantage of the shooting incident that was done Nikolas Cruz in Stoneman Douglas High School. Cruz performs the action with AR-15, one type of attack weapon. [ab/lt]

A Massive Fraud in India Related Celebrity Jewelry Makers

The disclosure of one of the biggest scams in Indian state-owned banks has rocked the country's financial sector and highlighted Nirav Modi's jewelery billionaire, whose subscriptions include Hollywood stars.

The nearly $ 1.8 billion fraud reported in the largest government bank the second in India is a blow to government efforts to revive the sovereign debt-ridden banking sector.

Nirav Modi, whose jewelry boutiques are in Hong Kong, London to New York and whose diamonds have been worn by Hollywood stars including Dakota Johnson and Kate Winslet is being investigated for making a fraudulent transaction. Its brand ambassador is Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra, who is also well known in the United States.

The scam, which officials say has taken place from a branch of the Punjab National Bank in Mumbai, was undetectable since 2011. Called it "cancer," the bank's chief executive Sunil Mehta said at a press conference earlier this week that the fraud had been eradicated. "We will handle it and we will honor all our commitments." [as/al]

Allegedly Related to the Mix of US Elections, 13 Russians are Indicted

A federal court jury charged 13 Russian nationals, including 12 employees of the Internet Research Agency, a company headquartered in the city of Saint Petersburg, Russia and carried out operations affecting cyberspace for the sake of Moscow. [19659002] The lawsuit states that the Internet Research Agency is a Kremlin propaganda network, and is involved "in operations to intervene in electoral and political processes" in the 2016 presidential election.

According to the indictment, 12 employees of the company were accused of " intervention of the target America "since 2014 until now. The aim is "to encourage disputes in America to undermine public confidence in democracy," Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said. He added, "We must not let them succeed."

The Office of Special Investigator Robert Mueller announced the indictments on Friday afternoon (16/2) local time.

Mueller's investigation into Russian interference in American elections has made a lawsuit law to former President Trump-Paul Manafort campaign team and his partner Rick Gates

Former national security advisor Michael Flynn and Trump's former foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulous pleaded guilty to the FBI about the contacts they made with some Russian officials during the campaign and transitional period of government. [em/nm]