NDDL: seven days before the end of a new deadline, zadistes remain inflexible

"It's not a hand, it's a stick that is handed to us": one week before the expiry of the new deadline given to the occupants of the ZAD of Notre-Dame-des-Landes for to regularize, the Zadists remained inflexible, always favoring the collective way.

The week promises decisive yet: the illegal occupants of this territory of 1.650 hectares must declare their agricultural projects by next Monday and thus to initiate a process of regularization ".

Otherwise," at the end of this time all that needs to be evacuated will be evacuated, "head of state Emmanuel Macron assailed Sunday evening.

" Time is running out ", said the prefect of the Pays de la Loire, Nicole Klein. She told AFP that she had suggested to the delegation of the opponents of the former airport project to "come to see her" in the week, an invitation that had remained unanswered.

A meeting was held going on in the afternoon on the ZAD to try to clear a common position to this request for appointments, according to several occupants.

"We are discussing it on the territory, but in any case the context does not lend itself to it," explains one of them, using the generic name "Camille".

Presented by the authorities as a "tense hand", this additional delay is perceived on the site as "a stick", while gendarmerie operations continued for the eighth day in a row.

"With this ultimatum in the police presence, we are still not in a situation of negotiation, but in an injunction position," laments Marcel Thébault, a "historic" farmer, installed since 1999 in the west of the ZAD.

– "Exit Door" –

"You can not decently negotiate with a weapon on the temple, with a military occupation.This is not a framework for negotiations," insists Camille.

"I wake up every morning with grenades around the caravan and we are in a climate that is not at all serene to find an exit door that would be suitable for both parties," adds Lucas, installed as a brewer at the locality "Les Fosses noires", at the heart of the clashes with the police for a week.

On the ZAD, the young man is an exception: he is one of the few zadistes to have declared his agricultural activity to the agricultural social mutuality (MSA), before the abandonment of the airport project. However, he rejects the requests for individual adjustments.

It is not a matter of declaring an individual precarious lease, according to the prefect Nicole Klein, but of filling out a simplified form proving "the good will to enter into the rules of law". This declaration of intent must include the identity of the project leader, an address, a telephone number, any diplomas or professional experience, as well as a brief presentation of the project and the parcels concerned, according to a copy received by the AFP.

"We remain open to negotiations, but what the prefect is proposing is just a re-make-up of proposals already made: we have not done it, we have done it, by sending a proposal for a collective agreement, but she swept it away with the back of her hand ", regrets Lucas.

"All the activities here are interdependent, which is why we are asking for a collective project and if this request is not received it is a complete incomprehension on the part of the State of this what is this territory ", abounds" Camille ".

For the Cédpa, a group of politicians opposed to the former airport project, who "withdrew" from the inter-component delegation, the authorities' additional delay is "a reasonable outcome" to " the gear of violence put in place for a week. "

" By April 23, some are able to sign a piece of paper saying my name is + Machin +.It's very simple. doing so would be a waste, "said Françoise Verchère, co-chair of the Cédpa.

The Acipa, a historical association of opponents of the airport, judges for its part this additional delay "too short, in the current climate" and invites a return of the dialogue between the prefecture and the occupants.

Boracay, the "septic tank" of the Philippines will remain closed for six months

The popular island of Boracay, in Philippines will be banned from tourists for 6 months. According to President Rodrigo Duterte, the shoreline of this island has turned into a "septic tank" because of the neglect of bars and hotels. This ban will apply from April 26, 2018, according to an announcement on the Twitter account of the spokesman of the President, Harry Roque. The latter did not give more details.

This decision could jeopardize the jobs of thousands of people working on what is one of the archipelago's tourist jewels. The island is home to about two million tourists every year and generates $ 1 billion for the Philippine economy. As early as February 2018, Rodrigo Duterte had accused the hotels and bars of the central island of the archipelago of dumping their sewage directly into the sea. The Ministry of Environment had meanwhile , specified that 195 businesses and 4.000 private individuals of the island were not connected to the sewer networks.

The crystalline waters of this tiny island ultra frequented and its beaches of white sand turned into " pit septic who smells shit ", announced the Philippine president, known for his propensity not to mince words.

Professionals worried

The consequences of this closure are already felt since airlines announced Thursday, April 5, that they would reduce the number of flights to the island. Some professionals in Boracay did not hide their concerns about this announcement. " We will not have any revenue but we will still have to pay the bills, I do not know how I will survive ", told AFP Manuel Raagas, manager of a cheap hotel in littoral. The island already home to more than 500 hotels employs 17,000 people, not counting the 11,000 construction workers working on new projects.

Last month, Under Secretary of the Environment Jonas Leones said to AFP that the implementation of a closure could imply that the ferry stops their rotations to the island, or that the beaches are purely and simply prohibited, with if necessary the deployment of police force. Some experts, however, are surprised at the closure of the 10 km island 2 located 300 kilometers south of Manila, especially since the government has given the go-ahead to the giant Macanese Galaxy Entertainment for Next year's construction of a new $ 500 million casino and resort.

The roads on banks in Paris remain pedestrian, at least for the moment

The river lanes in the heart of Paris remain pedestrian, at least for the moment. Anne Hidalgo announced Thursday that she signed a new decree banning road traffic on the right bank, which will host Saturday a rally to say "no cars return."

"I made a new order taking into account this what has the court said, "announced the mayor of the capital on France Inter by mentioning the cancellation, on February 21 by the administrative court, of this very controversial pedestrianization for months. The mayor had immediately indicated to appeal.

Signed Wednesday, posted in the town halls of boroughs and published in the official municipal bulletin Friday, this new decree "was taken in consultation with the State and the prefect of police, to be able to maintain the pedestrian banks, "Hidalgo added.

It relies on new legal bases, related to the heritage and tourism interest of this site, while the measure was reluctant by the court for "inaccuracies" in an impact study and inadequate references to certain articles of code.

The mayor of Paris persists and signs thus in his will, to fight against the pollution of the air, to transform these banks into park for pedestrians and cyclists, which will not be thus "at "Reopened to cars," she said.

"We will see what are the subsequent decisions of the court," said Hidalgo, without denying that the banks can one day return to traffic. "Yes, it is true, it must be said clearly enough," she conceded.

The mayor of Paris was also pleased with the support of a majority of Parisians. According to an Ipsos survey commissioned by its city hall, 55% of Parisians are in favor of pedestrianization and 66% approve of its policy of reducing the car. "It goes in the direction of history," she said.

– An event with fanfare and strollers –

Hundreds of them should also be mobilized by his side Saturday after -midi on the banks for an "apolitical gathering, friendly, with fanfare, strollers, bicycles, to say + No return of cars +", told AFP Olivier Blond, president of the association Respire and organizer of a Collective of a dozen associations

In the name particularly of the children, very affected by the pollution, "we want a solution to be found, in the respect of the procedures. the most beautiful terrace of Paris ", added the initiator of a petition which collected Thursday afternoon 31.000 signatures.

While this pedestrianization is the subject for months of an endless controversy on the caps , noise or polluted air, between Paris, the suburbs, the motorists, ecologists, politicians, etc., the fight continues with the Ile-de-France Region, a stakeholder in the judicial appeal.

The president LR Valérie Pécresse recently reached out to the mayor of Paris, with the alternative proposal for a lane dedicated to the circulation of cars at low speed, before total pedestrianization in 2021.

The "plan proposed by Mrs. Pécresse, it is to put cars on the tracks on banks," retorted the mayor of Paris criticizing a proposal "inoperative and unrealistic."

Mrs. Pécresse "is not mayor of Paris", she added, "she directs the Region and in this is responsible for public transport. That each one takes care of what for which it is mandated and that of course one works together, it is my will. "

Between Parisian and regional executive, the Parisian opposition does not want a return of the cars and "finds the proposal of Valerie Pécresse a way dedicated to cars, difficult to apply," says an elected.

For UDI-Modem, pedestrianization is a "reality that can not be put into play" , wrote its president Eric Azière.

The LR group is "very favorable to the pedestrianization", for its part indicated to the AFP its president Florence Berthout, which nonetheless claims a "large consultation", new studies and the rapid application of regional car park-relay or intelligent intersection proposals

Trump orders Guantanamo prison to remain open

President Donald Trump issues an executive order or a presidential decree to annul Presidential Decree 2009 on the closure of a prison facility at Guantanamo Bay, in Cuba. The presidential decree of the Guantanamo prison was issued by President Barack Obama.

The White House made the announcement just before the state address on Tuesday (30/1) night. And, the president spoke about it in his speech.

"I keep the other promises, I just signed, before coming here, the order to assign Defense Minister Mattis, who did a good job, to review our military detention policy and to remains open to detention facilities at Guantanamo Bay, "Trump said. "I ask Congress to ensure that in the war against ISIS and al-Qaida, we continue to have all the forces necessary to hold terrorists wherever we fight them, wherever we find them."

Sixteen years after the first prisoners arrived, 41 inmates or prisoners are still languishing at Guantanamo. Among more than 700 inmates have been detained in the prison since 2002, few are prosecuted for crimes and even few are tried.

Trump says in his campaign he wants to keep Guantanamo open and "fill it with the evil prisoner." [19659002] The presidency keeps military prisoners as a counterterrorism tool by keeping prisons open.

President George W. Bush opened Guantanamo after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 to detain and interrogate the enemy suspects. [ps/jm]