Tara: a turbine to remind the importance of research on the ocean

Faced with the difficulties it encounters to finance its scientific expeditions, the Tara Foundation has placed a turbine that generates electricity at the bottom of the water, off Brittany in the Morbihan, where the current is strong, explains Romain Troublé, director general of the Tara Expéditions Foundation in a video

A drop of water

The turbine powers a computer capable of securing transactions in bitcoin . Each recorded transaction generates money, reinvested in research on the ocean . " The environment represents less than 3% of donations made to charities ", says the private foundation that studies the impact of global warming on the ocean. She had the idea, with FF Creative Community Los Angeles, " to use the energy of the sea to raise money " with its installation "Ocean miner". In one month, the facility has raised 200 euros, " a drop of water in the ocean ," says the Foundation. " This installation will not under any circumstances cover the needs of scientific research ", explains Romain Troublé in a statement but that " can recall that only the mobilization of all will fund research to study, understand and better preserve the ocean tomorrow ". For 15 years, the foundation has sought to better understand the impact of climate change on the ocean and thus better preserve it.

His schooner has already traveled the Arctic to study the pack ice, sailing in all the seas of the globe discover plankton or crisscross the Mediterranean to measure the impact of plastic pollution. She is currently crossing the Pacific to study coral reefs threatened by climate change and human activities.