Thailand: access to the bay made famous by the movie "The Beach" restricted

In Thailand and more precisely on the island of Koh Phi Phi Ley, the bay made famous by the film The Beach with Leonardo DiCaprio and the two French actors Virginie Ledoyen and Guillaume Canet, will be completely closed to tourists for four months during the summer and then access will be restricted thereafter, announced the authorities on March 28, 2018.

2,000 tourists allowed per day

" We will close Maya Bay for four months between June and September to allow the ecosystem to regenerate ," Songtham Suksawang, director of national parks, told AFP. " The boats will be able to approach the bay but will not be able to dock and no one will be allowed to enter ," he added. And from October 2018, the beginning of the high tourist season, " we will only allow 2,000 tourists to come by day ," said Thon Thamrongnawasat, a scientist who is part of the group taking part in discussions.

Location of Maya Bay © Google Maps

The Behavior of Tourists Pointed Out

Currently, some 4,000 tourists visit this small bay every day, an overpopulation that damages coral reefs. to the environment. Thailand welcomes more than 35 million holidaymakers each year, a higher figure every year, especially because of the boom in Chinese visitors. Foreigners are fascinated to watch tropical fish with a simple mask and snorkel, but at the same time the country is facing an advanced degradation of its coral reefs. In addition to global warming, the behavior of these tourists, who do not hesitate to walk on the corals, but also the superabundance of tour operators offering dive trips to the day on these islands supposed to be protected by their status of national parks.

China Consider Reduce US Bond Purchases, but Restricted Options

Chinese officials who value the country's massive foreign exchange reserves have recommended a slowdown or halt of US government bond purchases amid declining market interest and rising trade tensions between the US and China, Bloomberg News reported Wednesday (10/1) .

The report makes US bond yields rise to the highest in 10 months and the dollar value is lower. But economists warn that China can not make major changes to the composition of its foreign exchange reserves, as it is needed for the management of the renminbi's exchange rate.

China has the world's largest reserves of currencies, about $ 3 trillion, and holds the largest US debt holders, with worth $ 1.19 trillion as of October 2017, according to data from the US Treasury Department.

The Bloomberg report cited sources as saying that the US government bond market is becoming less attractive compared to other assets. They also cited trade tensions with the United States as an excuse to slow the purchase of US securities, the report said.

Bloomberg said Chinese officials did not explain why trade tensions caused a decline in the purchase of the securities. [as/ii]

Everyone Should Be Restricted to Relieve Tensions on the Korean Peninsula

Russia and China on Monday (25/12) raised hopes of a peaceful settlement of tensions covering North Korea's nuclear and ballistic missile activities.

Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov has told state media no one wants to saw the war breaking on the Korean peninsula. He said he hoped the US would not plan a military approach to resolve the situation there.

Meanwhile, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying said in a statement Monday that all countries should be able to curb themselves and be proactive and constructive to ease tensions on the peninsula.

China also states that new UN sanctions against North Korea should not have a devastating effect on North Korean civilians or affect normal economic relations and cooperation.

UN Security Council on Friday unanimously approved a resolution limiting the amount of gasoline and diesel that may be imported by North Korea and tighten inspections of all suspected vessels carrying illegal goods from and to North Korea

The resolution also calls on all UN members to within two years repatriate all North Korean workers working abroad – which aims to break the source income for the Kim Jong Un government that routinely takes up most of the worker's income.

The Americans estimate there are as many as 80,000 North Korean workers in China and at least 30,000 in Russia.

North Korea rejects the new sanctions and branded them as' "

The statement issued by the North Korean official news agency said," If America wants to live safely, America must abandon its hostile policies and learn to coexist with a nuclear-armed country. "

It is also said that all countries that support the resolution will bear the weight.

Previous UN sanctions against North Korea failed to prevent the country from testing missiles and making nuclear weapons.

The Americans reject North Korea's willingness to freeze its nuclear program if America halts military training on or near the Korean peninsula. [al]