NDDL: resumption of eviction operations under gas and grenades

The gendarmes resumed on Wednesday the expulsion of the occupants of the ZAD of Notre-Dame-des-Landes, considered illegal, replicating with tear gas grenades and disencumberment to the projectiles of determined zadistes, noted a journalist AFP.

The gendarmes arrived around 06H30 in the area where Tuesday concentrated the clashes, not far from the D281, the so-called "chicanes" road, between the "Black Fosses" and the "Real Reds".

Clashes erupted twenty minutes later on the road of the Black Fosses which adjoins the place, perpendicular to the D281. The gendarmes responded to the projectiles fired by a group of some 70 Zadists with tear gas grenades and de-encroachment.

The Zadists positioned themselves behind one of the barricades of 2 to 3 meters high consisting of pallets, clogs and wood debris, which appeared in the night on this road. They then set fire to a barricade. A small ditch was also dug. A helicopter flies over the area while a convoy of about twenty gendarmerie vans positioned on the D281.

"We reached our objectives Monday and Tuesday and today we attack the continuation", indicated to AFP a source close to the file.

On the third day of the expulsion operation on the ZAD, tensions increase on the ground in the face of the scale of the destruction, leading historical opponents to beat the recall of their support and fears of a hardening of clashes.

On January 17, by ending the Notre-Dame-des-Landes airport project, Prime Minister Édouard Philippe promised to eradicate the "no-go zone."

The operation The evacuation started on Monday is the first of magnitude since the "Operation César" in autumn 2012, which had turned into a fiasco despite the mobilization of more than a thousand gendarmes and police.

NDDL: resumption of work to repair the former "chicane route"

The rehabilitation work of the old "road chicanes" crossing the ZAD of Notre-Dame-des-Landes, suspended after damage, resumed Monday morning under protection of the gendarmerie, do we have learned from the departmental council of Loire-Atlantique.

"Work resumed this morning as planned, under escort of gendarmes.They must end tomorrow (Tuesday) at the end of the day," said the department.

The departmental council had announced on March 15 the suspension of the repair works of this road, after degradations made on the bitumen. A complaint had been filed and a judicial inquiry is underway.

 Living in the ZAD of Notre-Dame-des-Landes, 21 March 2018 (AFP / Archives - JEAN-SEBASTIEN EVRARD)

Living in the ZAD of Notre-Dame-des-Landes, 21 March 2018 (AFP / Archives – JEAN-SEBASTIEN EVRARD)

This departmental 281, which had been obstructed for more than five years by obstacles of all kinds, was erected by the government as a symbol of "the return to the rule of law "on the former ZAD after the abandonment of the airport project in Notre-Dame-des-Landes.

Secretary of State for the Ecological Transition Sébastien Lecornu borrowed this ex-"route des chicanes" last Wednesday, assuring that "the rule of law (was) back" and calling for the resumption of circulation on this axis at the end of the work.

The chairman (PS) of the Loire-Atlantique departmental council, Philippe Grosvalet, announced, after having met with the secretary of state in Nantes, that he would not lift his ban on driving, taken in November 2012, only on the condition that the safety of users is ensured.