Myanmar declares ready to return Rohingya refugees

A Myanmar minister told the president of Bangladesh that Myanmar is ready to repatriate the Rohingya Muslims who have fled the violence, although Bangladesh says it wants hundreds of thousands of refugees to have a safe and dignified repatriation opportunity.

Myanmar Interior Minister Kyaw Swe, in a three-day visit to Bangladesh, told President Abdul Hamid that Myanmar is ready to pick up Rohingya refugees according to an agreement signed late last year. So says presidential spokesman Joynal Abedin on Friday.

UN: Myanmar fails to create safer conditions for return of Rohingya refugees

Abedin also quotes Kyaw Swe as saying that Myanmar will implement the recommendation with a commission headed by former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan. The spokesman said Hamid expressed his concern for Rohingya and wanted their repatriation safely and with dignity as agreed.

Kyaw Swe is scheduled to meet with Bangladesh's Minister of Home Affairs to discuss the return of refugees further. [lt]

Myanmar Failed to Create Safe Conditions for Return of Rohingya Refugees

UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi said on Monday that Myanmar had failed to create a safe condition for the return of 688,000 Muslims-Rohingyas who fled from military crackdown six months ago.

Refugees taking shelter in emergency camps in Bangladesh despite an agreement between Myanmar and Bangladesh that allowed their return to the state of Rakhine.

"Typically, this condition for the voluntary repatriation of Rohingya refugees is still not conducive," said Grandi, speaking through videoconferences at the council meeting.

"The thing that caused them to evacuate has not been addressed, and we still have not seen any substantive progress in addressing the issue of exceptions and denial of the rights of the deceased Muslims-Rohingyas, rooted in their citizenship , "He added.

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Myanmar considers Muslim-Rohingyas as immigrants from Bangladesh and refuses to grant citizenship, even though this group has been in Myanmar for generations.

An advisory panel led by former UN secretary-general Kofi Annan has called on Myanmar to grant citizenship to Muslim-Rohingyas and allow them back.

The United Nations has accused Myanmar forces of expelling the Rohingyas in an ethnic cleansing campaign.

China, former supporters "The Muslim-Spirit Crisis can not be completed in one night," said Chinese Ambassador Ma Zhaoxu.

He added that, steps should be adopted by Myanmar "to address the root causes of poverty through pemba ngunan "in Rakhine state. [em/jm]

UK Foreign Secretary Asks UN to Watch for Return of Rohingya Refugees

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson says the UN should oversee the return of Rohingya refugees to Myanmar because many are afraid to go home on their own.

Johnson spoke to reporters on Sunday after meeting Aung San Suu Kyi, facto Myanmar.

"I see there are real concerns both in the camps in Bangladesh and among the remaining villagers," Johnson said.

"The Myanmar authorities must work hard with international agencies to address real concerns which is felt by the people who will return to Myanmar, "he said.

The military oppression of the Rohingya Muslim minority in Myanmar caused hundreds of thousands of people to flee to refugee camps in Bangladesh Those who persisted in their villages destroyed, living with fear. [vm/ii]

Israeli jet fighters return to Gaza Hamas base in Gaza

Gaza City
Israeli fighter jets again launch an offensive to Hamas headquarters in the Gaza Strip. "In response to a projectile fired into southern Israel … a number of fighter jets stormed Hamas headquarters consisting of two military structures," the Israeli military statement said, as reported by the Israeli military. "Separately, a Palestinian security source called the Israeli onslaught on Saturday (3/2) local time it was about a facility belonging to the military wing of Hamas in Rafah , Southern Gaza.

"Did not cause any injuries," added the Palestinian security source.

Meanwhile, Israeli military radio reported no casualties as a result of rocket fire from Gaza on Friday (2/2) night time local. The rocket from Gaza crashed in an open field in southern Israel.

Rocket attacks from Gaza and Israeli strikes in retaliation are the second battle of the past 24 hours. Earlier on Friday (2/2), Israel stormed Hamas positions near Beit Hanoun, northern Gaza, after rocket strikes struck.

It is known that sometimes rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip are not fired by Hamas but by other militant groups . But Israel has always insisted Hamas is responsible for any attacks launched from Gaza. Hamas has power over Gaza.

Since 2008, Israel and Hamas have been involved in three major wars.

(nvc / fjp)

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Myanmar Advisory Council Supports Return of Rohingya Refugees

New Advisory Council created to advise Myanmar in the ongoing Rohingya humanitarian crisis supports the government's plan to accept Rohingya refugees returning to Myanmar. They were brought to brief review of shelters after the abrupt resignation of former US ambassador to the United States Bill Richardson.

Richardson, speaking to VOA by telephone from the United States, said he supported the UN statement that the refugees' return too without access to refugee bodies and independent observers, who can assess local circumstances and enable refugees in Bangladesh to make their home choice based on correct information.

Former governor of New Mexico, USA and supporter since Myanmar's pro-democracy movement Wednesday resigned from a panel set up by State Aung San Suu Kyi to help implement the recommendations of the previous commission, led by former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, for a long-term settlement for kriris Rohingya.

Immediately after the recommendation was preached in August, the Rohingya militant attack caused the army to carry out a scorched earth act called by the United Nations and Western countries of ethnic cleansing. More than 680,000 Rohingyas have since fled to Bangladesh, joining more than 85,000 people who took refuge in military action the previous year.

A spokesman for the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Adrian Edwards said Tuesday "the necessary safeguards for refugees go home is not there, "with the help of restrictions on aid and access to the media and refugees who continue to flock to Bangladesh. [gp]