NDDL: Operation of the gendarmerie to clear the roads

A fist operation to clear the roads combined with a judicial police operation in connection with the "exactions" of previous days began Friday at 06:00 on the ZAD of Notre-Dame-des-Landes, has The operation concentrates on the D81, one of the two main roads crossing the ZAD, where an ambush took place Thursday, according to the gendarmes, causing 10 wounded in their ranks. [19659002] "No expulsion is planned today," said the gendarmerie, but "a maneuver clearance axes on the area and a judicial police operation" in the context of "violence against the forces of the order. "

According to a source close to the file, Thursday some 500 opponents, zadistes and their supporters from France and Europe, were present on the ZAD where the airport project was abandoned in January by the government who had promised, however, to expel er the illegal occupants.

The expulsion operation of those who have not submitted any individual agricultural project to the prefecture since January began on Monday, with 2,500 gendarmes, bailiffs and construction equipment, and 29 squats were destroyed in three days

On Thursday, the clearing operations continued under the protection of the gendarmes. But the opponents, irritated to see destroying places of life but also others where they had agricultural projects, call all their support to mobilize since Tuesday evening.

The roads on banks in Paris remain pedestrian, at least for the moment

The river lanes in the heart of Paris remain pedestrian, at least for the moment. Anne Hidalgo announced Thursday that she signed a new decree banning road traffic on the right bank, which will host Saturday a rally to say "no cars return."

"I made a new order taking into account this what has the court said, "announced the mayor of the capital on France Inter by mentioning the cancellation, on February 21 by the administrative court, of this very controversial pedestrianization for months. The mayor had immediately indicated to appeal.

Signed Wednesday, posted in the town halls of boroughs and published in the official municipal bulletin Friday, this new decree "was taken in consultation with the State and the prefect of police, to be able to maintain the pedestrian banks, "Hidalgo added.

It relies on new legal bases, related to the heritage and tourism interest of this site, while the measure was reluctant by the court for "inaccuracies" in an impact study and inadequate references to certain articles of code.

The mayor of Paris persists and signs thus in his will, to fight against the pollution of the air, to transform these banks into park for pedestrians and cyclists, which will not be thus "at "Reopened to cars," she said.

"We will see what are the subsequent decisions of the court," said Hidalgo, without denying that the banks can one day return to traffic. "Yes, it is true, it must be said clearly enough," she conceded.

The mayor of Paris was also pleased with the support of a majority of Parisians. According to an Ipsos survey commissioned by its city hall, 55% of Parisians are in favor of pedestrianization and 66% approve of its policy of reducing the car. "It goes in the direction of history," she said.

– An event with fanfare and strollers –

Hundreds of them should also be mobilized by his side Saturday after -midi on the banks for an "apolitical gathering, friendly, with fanfare, strollers, bicycles, to say + No return of cars +", told AFP Olivier Blond, president of the association Respire and organizer of a Collective of a dozen associations

In the name particularly of the children, very affected by the pollution, "we want a solution to be found, in the respect of the procedures. the most beautiful terrace of Paris ", added the initiator of a petition which collected Thursday afternoon 31.000 signatures.

While this pedestrianization is the subject for months of an endless controversy on the caps , noise or polluted air, between Paris, the suburbs, the motorists, ecologists, politicians, etc., the fight continues with the Ile-de-France Region, a stakeholder in the judicial appeal.

The president LR Valérie Pécresse recently reached out to the mayor of Paris, with the alternative proposal for a lane dedicated to the circulation of cars at low speed, before total pedestrianization in 2021.

The "plan proposed by Mrs. Pécresse, it is to put cars on the tracks on banks," retorted the mayor of Paris criticizing a proposal "inoperative and unrealistic."

Mrs. Pécresse "is not mayor of Paris", she added, "she directs the Region and in this is responsible for public transport. That each one takes care of what for which it is mandated and that of course one works together, it is my will. "

Between Parisian and regional executive, the Parisian opposition does not want a return of the cars and "finds the proposal of Valerie Pécresse a way dedicated to cars, difficult to apply," says an elected.

For UDI-Modem, pedestrianization is a "reality that can not be put into play" , wrote its president Eric Azière.

The LR group is "very favorable to the pedestrianization", for its part indicated to the AFP its president Florence Berthout, which nonetheless claims a "large consultation", new studies and the rapid application of regional car park-relay or intelligent intersection proposals

Snow: Thousands still stranded on roads in the South

The snow has fallen abundantly since Wednesday in the region of Montpellier, where 2,000 "shipwrecked by the road" were rescued and at least 2,000 others were still blocked Thursday morning on the roads and highways of Herault.

At 9:30 Thursday, nearly 2,000 cars and their passengers were still blocked on the A 9 motorway near Montpellier and A 75 (Clermont-Ferrand-Beziers), after spending the night. "The head of the cork is being resorbed slowly", it was assured to the prefecture of Hérault which gave, as the day before, any precision on the number of people concerned.

On the networks Thursday morning, motorists were said exasperated by the situation: "Is it normal and that the only people who come to take news and offer food are motorists? We are stuck in the same place since 15H30! You realize?", tweeted at 9:00 a driver stuck with his children.

Some 2,000 other people were accommodated Wednesday afternoon and overnight in the 35 points of reception of Herault and were still in the morning in the unable to recover their abandoned vehicles on the highway.

Montpellier, placed on red alert all night, woke up under a thick layer of snow Thursday, 10 to 20 centimeters in the center and 30 centimeters in the north of the agglomeration. Thursday morning, it was not snowing anymore but heavy rains were expected.

The city was paralyzed: no tram or bus was circulating and all the establishments receiving the public were closed during this period of school holidays: nurseries, stops day-care centers, leisure centers, swimming pools, media libraries, halls and markets … Air traffic has been interrupted since Wednesday noon

Montpellier Mayor Philippe Saurel (DVG) explained that he froze and snowed only the turnouts are damaged, which derailed two tramway trains ". Adding that trees had fallen on catenaries, he assured BFMTV "try to get a line running as quickly as possible."

450 people found refuge in buildings made available by the town hall, including the Zenith and in a TGV requisitioned by the prefect in Montpellier station. The Hérault firefighters handled 3,219 emergency calls and hired 650 firefighters and 293 vehicles for relief, assistance, reconnaissance and refueling actions.

The snow gradually gained most of the country on Wednesday evening and fifty-three departments were on orange alert Thursday late in the morning mainly for snow-ice.

It was still snowing on the north of the Hérault and west Gard, south-east of Lozere, on the north and east of the Alpes de Haute-Provence, the Hautes-Alpes and in the interior of the Alpes-Maritimes. In Provence, the wind has formed drifts and icy patches, particularly in the interior of the Var.

Some 5,000 subscribers are without electricity in the sector of Alès (Gard).

The motorway A8, between Aix-en-Provence and Saint-Maximin, where in the evening thirteen snow plows had unlocked all stuck vehicles, was completely reopened around 10:00.

– light snowpack in the North-

Elsewhere in France, from the center-west to the south of the Hauts-de-France, the Grand Est and the Alps, the snow is announced and will be followed by "an episode of freezing rain," forecasts Météo-France.

 View of the Place de la Bourse in Paris on March 1, 2018 under a thin layer of snow (AFP - Olivier MORIN)

View of the Place de la Bourse in Paris on March 1, 2018 under a thin layer of snow (AFP – Olivier MORIN)

In Burgundy, the A6 was cut in the middle of the night in the direction Lyon to Paris, up to Auxerre, said the motorway company APRR. The A47 Lyon-Saint-Etienne has also been closed Thursday since 9:00 in both directions at the height of Tartaras (Loire) following the accident of a tanker truck, through the central guard rails, causing a several kilometers

In the Drôme, around 02:00 am, a motorist was seriously injured after hitting a snow plow on the A7. An accident with a snowplow also occurred in the Ain, where a school bus ended up in the ditch by crossing a snowplow, without making any injuries.

In Ile-de-France, where the soil is covered Thursday morning with one to three centimeters of snow, the prefect of police activated the plan snow-ice and "strongly advises travel by car" until 14H00. The heavy goods vehicles traffic is forbidden on the N118 in the Yvelines.

Despite this snow, the Ile-de-France transports were little disturbed on Thursday morning, except for the buses in the departments of Val-de-Marne and Hauts-de -Seine

According to the SNCF, "no big delays or big disturbances" on the French network Thursday morning, but the speed of TGV was limited to 200 km / h by precaution on the axes Paris-Lyon-Marseille / Montpellier and to the Atlantic. In Montpellier station, the trains were between 30 minutes and two hours late.

In the South and the Rhone Valley, the redoux began slowly Thursday, as well as in New Aquitaine where all the areas Mandatory parking of trucks was being evacuated.

In the north of France, temperatures will also rise Thursday but will remain around 1 to 2 ° C in the afternoon in Lille, Strasbourg , Mulhouse, temperatures much lower than normal in the season.